Joseph Bismark a Man of Spirituality and Business


I recently came across an article on the blog Bring on the Random about a businessman named Joseph Bismark. Joseph Bismark is a businessman who has found success in his business career through spirituality, which I find quite remarkable. And he has been able to prove that spirituality is beneficial to corporations through his contributions as a board member at Qnet. He was able to gain his spirituality when he became a monk in the Philippines. He then took what he had learned as a monk and applied it to the word of business earning him great success, which I find clearly shows that he is a remarkable spiritual intellect and businessman. I found that much of his skill is seen in how he helped shape and grow the QI group, infusing business practices with spirituality is what has helped the QI group continue to prosper.
Joseph Bismark is a prime example of a person who leads by unorthodox methods. Even though he had obtained a luxurious lifestyle, he was not content. So he became a monk, this is where he gained the knowledge to help himself as well as others in finding happiness and obtaining success, which is one of the reasons I feel that he is a leader with a fresh perspective on business and life. I feel that he realizes that the workplace is not operated by robots, but real people with real emotions and problems which is what makes the blending of his spirituality so effective in enhancing teamwork and overall success.
But Joseph Bismark is so much more than just a leader; he is an author, a motivational speaker, a businessman, and a person devout to spirituality. And he is, at least to me, an overall inspiring figure. I really find the story and methods of Joseph Bismark to be a breath of fresh air. I find it noble how he left his comfortable life of luxury to become a monk to improve not just his life but also those around him. Overall, I have come to find Joseph Bismark to be and inspiring man.