Ace Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Talks About The Importance Of Compromise At The Workplace

Building up the economic and social foundations of a corporation may not be easy, and corporates tend to face a number of challenges when encountering them. Jeremy Goldstein, a well known corporate lawyer has witnessed several companies go through these challenges which often leads to hostility at the workplace. Having worked as a litigator to some of the biggest names in New York, he has seen the ups and downs of corporate life. Whether it is regarding the work hours or the incentives that an employee gains, there is always a concern for clashes and other kinds of harsh occurrences. Having seen a wide array of corporates face the same problems, he has consistently offered them advice that would help them resolve the problems that they face in a better manner.



One of the resolutions that Goldstein claims do work is EPS, which refers to an employee per share. This system works to provide employees with a set value of the incentives that they can earn. It helps them understand how much they stand to get from the company, which can prevent hostility between the employee and employer. Moreover, this gives companies a definitive structure that can improve the way employees earn, and the expectations that they have.



While EPS may seem like a good resolution for employee-based incentive programs, it is by no means the final resolution. It can determine the amount that an employee can earn as an incentive or the benefits that they enjoy, but offering that incentive is still left up to the discretion of the employer. It is rare for companies to lay down set parameters for incentives at the company since these factors can sometimes be hard to define. A lack of these parameters can, however, lead to things like favoritism in the workplace and a number of unwanted occurrences. Since it is also based on the number of shares, it can lead the corporate to give the employees less than what they actually deserve while working for the company.



More and more corporates are going down the path of implementing EPS to improve their relationship with their employees working for them. Corporates that have implemented this have also seen a positive growth in terms of investors who buy shares of their companies. The corporates working to this effect have seen a positive growth, which has not necessarily improved the problems faced in the workplace. Learn more:



One of the other solutions that Goldstein prescribes is for companies to reach a compromise between them and their employees. This starts out by listening to the employee needs and then offering them the employer’s opinion on how the incentives might work. This can be applied in all facets of this relationship, since resolving issues is key here, not creating more of them.