The Political Journey of Fransisco Domenech

The name Fransisco Domenech is popular in the political scenery in the United States, and especially in Puerto Rico. He graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He is known to be an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party. According to him, the principles that have always guided him in the political field are honesty and transparency

Political Roles Played

In 2003, Fransisco Domenech founded the Puerto Rico Young Democrats whose primary role was to promote the activities of the youth in Puerto Rico, and to encourage them to get involved in the United States Democratic Party.

He also serves as the managing partner of a law firm that specializes in government affairs known as Politank. The firm is well known for coming up with strategies that present the needs of the private citizens before government agencies.

In the presidential campaigns of both 2008 and 2016, he served as Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager. In 2008, Clinton was able to beat Obama in the primary polls in Puerto Rico, where she got 68% of the votes while Obama got 32% as a result of Domenech’s campaigning efforts. In 2016, Domenech raised nearly $200, 000 to help Clinton carry out her campaigns.

He acted as the campaign manager for Jeniffer Gonzalez in the year 2016, and she ended up becoming the first woman to serve as the Resident Commissioner representing Puerto Rico in Washington. He also served as legal counsel to the Senate President Kenneth McClintock at a time when Puerto Rico was suffering from financial crisis. His duties included providing legal advice, and representing the Senate in court hearings. Read more about Domenech at

Awards and Recognition

The 40 under 40 is an event held in Puerto Rico where 40 young, outstanding entrepreneurs are nominated, and the people get to vote. Due to the economic challenges that have been facing Puerto Rico, this event is considered to be essential, since it provides hope for the economy. It is also an opportunity to appreciate these entrepreneurs for remaining strong and making great achievements despite the economic challenges. In the year 2016, the business editor of the Caribbean Business executive, that is responsible for organizing the event, revealed that Fransisco Domenech was among the people who received a lot of votes from the readers.



Francisco Domenech journey in politics

Francisco Domenech is a national of Puerto Rico. He is a lawyer and the director of bipartisan government affairs firm in Puerto Rico. He held a position in Puerto Rico in the Office of Legislative Services as one of the Directors from the year 2005 to 2008. In 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Francisco was a delegate to Democratic National Convention. In 2003, he was the President of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats where he served for seven years and two years as the vice president. He has also been actively involved in politics for instance in 2016 he was the campaign manager of Jennifer Gonzalez who held the position of Resident Commissioner in Washington D.C. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at

Francisco obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1999 and 2003 a Juris Doctor degree in University of Puerto School of Law. In 2016 the 40 under40 annual events held in Puerto Rico for young professionals and entrepreneurs nominees were voted online. The nominees ranged from agriculture, human resource, architecture, engineering, information technology, and advertising to health care. Domenech Francisco received the most votes as revealed by Schoene.

As part of his political life, In 2007 Francisco Domenech was appointed by Hillary Clinton to be part of his chief campaigners and currently head of her Finance Committee. Being the campaign spokesman, he organized fundraisers in Puerto Rico for the super PAC. He has been a co-chair of Hillblazers, which is an outcome of young professionals inspired by Hillary. In 2016 Francisco gave his all to support Clinton in her candidacy as he believed that she was in a position to bring back the country to its position. Clinton believed that with the help of Domenech in his campaigns, America needs would be addressed.

Additionally, Francisco Domenech has supported Republican for Congress. Reports show that he not only help in the campaigns but also has he funded the processes through donations. He led a fourteen-month campaign in Washington DC that contributed to Jennifer Gonzalez elected as the youngest woman to represent Puerto Rico in the U.S Congress.

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Francisco Domenech: Venturing into Political Circles

Being a Superdelegate sounds fun, as a non-elected delegate, one can vote for whomever he or she pleases at the Democratic national convention. For Francisco Domenech, this has happened twice in 2008 and 2012. And if that is not enough, he also served as a Hillblazer for Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, appointed by Mrs. Clinton herself, while occupying a seat in her Finance Committee.

Francisco Domenech was born on the 29th of April 1978 in San Jose, which is the largest city in Puerto Rico. He is a two time graduate from the University of Puerto Rico, first in 1999 with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree and then later in 2003 with a Juris Doctor degree from the university’s Law School.

As a man vast with the knowledge of the law, his run-in with political figures began two years after his graduation when he was jointly appointed by Kenneth McClintock, who is the president of the Puerto Rico Senate, and Jose Aponte, the speaker as Director in the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico which he held for a couple of years from 2005 to 2008, where he had a staff of 130 employees, and an annual budget of $11 Million. His success as the Director propelled him to be able to meet and work with other political figures such as Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. Visit to learn more

In 2016, Francisco Domenech surprised a number of people when he supported a fellow Puerto Rican by the name of Jenniffer González who was running on a Republican party for Congress. However, it shed light on how politics are run in Puerto Rico, which even though is a United States territory, has its own mode of running campaign processes.

Francisco Domenech runs a lobbying firm of his own, which goes by the name Politank, which he has been able to participate actively in, in Philanthropy. Through Politank, he has supported endeavors such as the Clinton Foundation, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation among many more.

In 2016, Francisco Domenech was an awardee in an annual event in Puerto Rico, named 40 under 40 that seeks to appreciate young professionals and entrepreneurs who set an example to the society in what they do. Visit:


Jeremy Goldstein Shares His Business, Law and Career Ideologies

Jeremy Goldstein is a commendable lawyer and business expert. He has made a name for himself in the law circles as one of the partners at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He has built his law firm and career of offering executive compensation and corporate advice to CEOs and businesses. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

His expertise in this field gave him the American Bar Association Business Section’s Mergers and Acquisitions Sub-committee Chairmanship. He has facilitated the closing of nearly all the major corporate deals during the last ten years. He is an alumnus of New York University, Cornel University and the University of Chicago where he attained his J.D., B.A., and M.A. respectively.

Recently, Mr. Goldstein shared his business, law and career ideologies during an interview. Here is what he covered.

The birth of JLG Associates

Nearly a decade ago, it hit Jeremy Goldstein that he could start a law firm that addressed the market gap surrounding executive compensation. This was after a rather famous office talk with colleagues, about the then challenges and conflicts surrounding executive compensation. He noted that he went straight ahead and started this law firm.

When asked about how he bring other ideas to life especially in his current practice, Jeremy said that his 20 years’ experience in this field comes in handy at such times.

Pushing productivity

Jeremy believes that productivity is at the core of working. For this reason, he tries to make his workdays as productive as possible. Keeping in mind that his services are always almost needed 24 hours, Jeremy tries to stick on a regular working schedule.

For this reason, he only takes a limited number of tasks. Jeremy Goldstein says that this always translates into good results as each task he does, he does it well instead of rushing through it.

The current executive compensation trends

In Jeremy’s perspective, the current executive compensation trends are very stable. Having been refined for years, and numerous modifications made in to the process, one can surely say that it is perfect. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

He added that at this point of executive compensation, companies save a lot of time that would have been wasted by the old system.

On the business front

JLG Associates as a business was grown through excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. He says that good customer relations are vital to the business’s growth. It is perhaps even more important than anything else. When asked to offer his best business idea at the moment, he pointed out Knockout options.

Ace Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Talks About The Importance Of Compromise At The Workplace

Building up the economic and social foundations of a corporation may not be easy, and corporates tend to face a number of challenges when encountering them. Jeremy Goldstein, a well known corporate lawyer has witnessed several companies go through these challenges which often leads to hostility at the workplace. Having worked as a litigator to some of the biggest names in New York, he has seen the ups and downs of corporate life. Whether it is regarding the work hours or the incentives that an employee gains, there is always a concern for clashes and other kinds of harsh occurrences. Having seen a wide array of corporates face the same problems, he has consistently offered them advice that would help them resolve the problems that they face in a better manner.



One of the resolutions that Goldstein claims do work is EPS, which refers to an employee per share. This system works to provide employees with a set value of the incentives that they can earn. It helps them understand how much they stand to get from the company, which can prevent hostility between the employee and employer. Moreover, this gives companies a definitive structure that can improve the way employees earn, and the expectations that they have.



While EPS may seem like a good resolution for employee-based incentive programs, it is by no means the final resolution. It can determine the amount that an employee can earn as an incentive or the benefits that they enjoy, but offering that incentive is still left up to the discretion of the employer. It is rare for companies to lay down set parameters for incentives at the company since these factors can sometimes be hard to define. A lack of these parameters can, however, lead to things like favoritism in the workplace and a number of unwanted occurrences. Since it is also based on the number of shares, it can lead the corporate to give the employees less than what they actually deserve while working for the company.



More and more corporates are going down the path of implementing EPS to improve their relationship with their employees working for them. Corporates that have implemented this have also seen a positive growth in terms of investors who buy shares of their companies. The corporates working to this effect have seen a positive growth, which has not necessarily improved the problems faced in the workplace. Learn more:



One of the other solutions that Goldstein prescribes is for companies to reach a compromise between them and their employees. This starts out by listening to the employee needs and then offering them the employer’s opinion on how the incentives might work. This can be applied in all facets of this relationship, since resolving issues is key here, not creating more of them.