Mr. Cone Addresses the Issue of New Zealand Trust and Trustee Policy

Cone Marshall limited is a New Zealand based law firm. The law firm works with families across the globe and acts as their advisors on matters relating to wealth protection. The law firm establishes trusts, partnership companies, and provide wealth planning advice to individuals. The company is also responsible for providing services to attorneys, family advisors, trustees and international based institutions and assists them in providing better services to their clients. Cone Marshall Limited also offers New Zealand tax, trust, and succession advice to anyone requiring those services. For a long time now, the company has also been known to provide administrative services. The firm also guarantees the full confidentiality of all inquiries made. It also ensures that they are protected by the legal client-provider privilege.


Karen Marshall is an executive at cone Marshall limited. She pursued a degree in law from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Before Karen joined Marshall limited, she worked as a commercial litigator in a large law firm in the city of London. She got the opportunity to work with Cone Marshall limited in 2005 and by the year 2006, she became a Principal Executive. Her role in the company is to act as an advisor to the trustees and charitable trusts. At the company, her roles extend to director of a trust company as a trustee.


Responding to a recent article published in the social media that described New Zealand as a tax haven, Mr. Cone discredited the sources. He said that the nation is a member of the Gold Standard Transparency. He stated that the exponential growth in trusts in the country was as a result of a secure, stable, and reliable environment with good laws. The judiciary system and the supportable laws with a specialized structure in New Zealand also played a significant part in the growth of trustees. The country also has a reputation of favorable legislation that makes foreign investors feel safe and consequently, trust their assets to the country’s firms.


Additionally, he said that the government has over 39 double tax agreements. These agreements are designed to ease the burden of tax in international trade. They are also used to reduce the cases of fraud.


The country has an additional 20 tax information exchange agreements with other nations. The agreements ensure that there is an exchange of information between authorities upon request. He also said that trusts in New Zealand are purposely for asset protection and succession planning and not for tax evasion.

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