Charges Dropped Against Man Who Broke Window To Save Dog

The temperatures are soaring this time of year. Some places are already experiencing record breaking highs. When one man, in Atlanta, decided to help a dog left in a car, he found himself in serious trouble. He was shopping at a local store when he saw a dog left trapped in a hot car. His wife was in a wheelchair and he did the only thing he knew to do, he used the leg of the wheelchair to smash in a window. He rescued the dog who was obviously suffering in the extreme heat.

Though most would have hailed him as a hero, the woman whose car window he busted filed charges against him for breaking the window. She didn’t care that he saved her dog, she wanted her window paid for. The state of Georgia has laws that protect infants in hot cars, you can save them without issue, but don’t break a window for a dog. Well, the man had his day in court and all charges were thrown out. Daniel Amen was thankful the judge did the right thing. If this man hadn’t been there when he was, the little ball of fur would have died. The woman should have had charges placed against her and not the other way around. What a crock that she should turn the tables on the one who saved her beloved furry friend. If she really loved that dog, she wouldn’t have left it in the hot car to begin with.