We’re all busy and looking to stay informed in a way that is efficient and sophisticated. Wessex Journals is the way to keep informed on the industry’s latest and most relevant aspects.

Whether your field is science or safety, computers or engineering, Wessex has an international journal for you. Covering a wide array of topics, each journal gives the reader insight into the industry’s needs and direction. With five different journals currently in print and two more coming soon, you’ll have a direct resource for research and a quick reference guide that you can recommend to colleagues. This can help in connecting employees and streamlining how business is done. The journals also help keep everyone in touch with your industry’s impact on society .

For over 30 years, Wessex Journals have been a go-to guide for industry wide knowledge and excellence. Whether in print or electronically, stay engaged with the latest and be on top of your game with Wessex.

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