Jeb Bush Joins the Race

Jeb Bush, apart of the Bush dynasty has announced that he will be running in the 2016 presidential campaign. His running for office has been motivated by one question which has been “can I do it joyfully”. The launching of his campaign has started in Miami and is perceived as being a ordeal that will not be so joyful in his eyes.

His joylessness demeanor has everyone questioning him as to why he decided to run in the first place. His frequent complaints about hunger are easily attributed to his Paleo diet, that although leaves him trimmer, must be effecting his overall well being. Bush has even been told that in order to win the campaign, he needs to make the effort to smile more.

The Republican candidate seems to be showing less and less smiles these days says Marcio Alaor BMG on his facebook page. Although the candidacy is not usually described as a joyous affair, it is obvious that Bush has no light to his flame on for his battle to become the next Republican President. Though Bush does not exhibit much happiness in the campaign, there has been, as of lately a small flame lighting to his candle as he replaced his campaign manager. Who knows, maybe that what the issue all along. Bush’s new message has brought an upbeat message to Americans all around that “this will be the most extraordinary time to be alive”. Who knows, maybe we have underestimated Jeb.