Brazilian Investment Star Igor Cornelsen Has Three Tips For Investors Looking At Brazil

Brazil is the king of South America. The country may not be part of Spanish-speaking Latin America, but it is a huge part of Latin America’s economy. Brazil was riding high when China was buying everything under the sun in Brazil. But when China hit an economic wall due to a slowdown in manufacturing, Brazil went into an economic nose dive. The country is just pulling out of that nose dive. For the last four years, foreign investors didn’t want to talk about Brazil. The political turmoil along with high inflation and unemployment put a “closed sign” on the doors of Brazil’s business community.

But Brazil is coming back, and investment managers are pushing Brazilian assets again. One of those managers is Igor Cornelsen, the former bank executive, and current investment genius who knows how to make money in his country. His Florida company, Bainbridge Investments, helps foreign investors navigate the political and economic channels in Brazil. He usually shares three tips with potential Brazilian investors, according to The three tips are simple ways to turn a profit in a startup market that has a lot of potential.

The first thing Igor Cornelsen likes to say is get acquainted with the locals if you want to make money in Brazil. Brazilian love to share information, and they are social media junkies. If investors find a reputable contact in Brazil, and they do their own research, part of a profitable investment equation is in place. The next thing Igor Cornelsen likes to say is expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to red tape. The Brazilian government is famous for unnecessary red tape when it comes to regulations, taxes, and investments. But the third Cornelsen tip is also important. Investors should know how the currency exchange market works in Brazil. The Central Bank can change the commercial exchange rate at will. But there is also a regular exchange rate and a black market rate.

Chris Burch Sees A Future For Wearable Tech

What He Wants To Do Now

Chris Burch has been a fashion guy for quite some time. From his college days onward he has done everything to keep up with the fashion industry and to make himself a leader in fashion. Now, he has a bold prediction for the future of fashion. He believes that fashion industry is headed towards a future where technology and fashion merge in the form of wearable tech. He cites numerous examples of fashion already in play, but he thinks the future holds even more. Chris Burch has a tendency to know what’s about to happen and it doesn’t look like he’s wrong.


Looking Into The Past

The past is filled with examples of people using technology as a fashion statement. We all remember what the 70s and 80s did for music devices and we can see how mobile devices have evolved as a natural extension of that. Fashion entrepreneurs who want to make a name for themselves can capitalize on this and use it to their full advantage. They obviously have many fans who want to be known for being hip and trendy. Giving them something with the latest technology available is a surefire way to endear them to the timeless bond between fashion and technology.


Where Is Everything Headed?

Technology is rapidly changing our lives and it is becoming an inherent part of everyday life. We see new mobile devices dropped everyday giving us access to the latest features. There is a clearly a need and a love for it and fashion can take advantage of that. Technology is already fashionable, but making that technology even more fashionable is a great goal to have in mind. When people finally look at their watches, their hats, and the clothes on their back as technology things will change.


About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an investor and entrepreneur with a strong focus on the fashion industry. Indeed, he has managed to make a fortune of $1 billion using investments in the fashion industry. Although he started out in the fashion industry and this is where the majority of his investments lie, he has also made a prominent name for himself in other industries. He has served as an executive producer in film and he has made a name for himself in finance as well for his sound investment advice.