Fortress Investment Group Tires the Railroad Business with Brightline

Wes Edens became one of three founding members of Fortress Investment Group back in 1998. Today the firm controls $70.2 billion dollars in private equity, hedge funds, and alternative assets. Its investors provide funding for a multitude of ventures, some of which are quite cutting edge. The group is a forward thinker, and always focuses on investments with future. They do not miss opportunities despite risk, and it has paid off.

One such opportunity is the development of a private-owned commuter rail line. It is called Brightline and services the neighboring Florida cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Across the U.S. there are neighboring cities that lie a short distance from each other. Anywhere between thirty minutes to a couple of hours. Because of this they experience an influx of commuters who travel between the two for work and pleasure. Obviously in Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s case it has to do with work. People can live in one city, and work in the other. The only problem is that so many do this the thirty minute commute becomes an hours long traffic jam. Enter Brightline which offers fast, luxurious, seamless travel from point A to point B. Brightline makes the trek in thirty minutes, offers passage several times throughout the day, and contains on board pleasantries. There is free Wi-fi energy sockets for portable devices, comfy seats, and even a food service for those who need to eat on the go. Fortress Investment Group has banked on the quality of convenience and won. So far Brightline is not just successful, it is also beneficial to the economy around it.

Wes Edens plans on pushing Fortress Investment Groups success even further. He wants to establish several rail lines in adjoining states, connecting sister cities. The system could revolutionize public transportation and that creates endless possibilities. Fortress Investment Group is all about possibilities, that is why it is labeled an alternative asset firm. Fortress Investment Group embraces the future and banks on its investments to become a rooted part of it.

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Fortress Investment Group And Its History Are Uncovered Right Here – You WON’T BELIEVE What You See!

Not that many people are familiar with Fortress Investment Group, a relatively new alternative portfolio and investment management firm located in the one and only New York City – the Big Apple – in the great state of New York. Fortress Investment Group was created by three people who, believe it or not, all came from genuinely unique backgrounds: Wes Edens, best known as being involved in the ownership of the NBA’s – professional basketball – very own Milwaukee Bucks franchise, a relatively small electronic sports team that doesn’t make anywhere near as much as the Milwaukee Bucks, and for founding other companies mostly related to finance; Randal Nardone, another one of the three original founders of Fortress Investment Group, who is still a principal of the investment firm today; lastly, Rob Kauffman was the third stooge to found Fortress Investment Group some 20 years ago, though he retired as the only other principal outside of the aforementioned two principals and co-founders in 2012.

To kick off Fortress Investment Group’s assets under trained management with $400 million was nothing short of remarkable for an entirely new business that hadn’t at all been established at the time.

Later on – no more than just five full calendar years down the proverbial road – Fortress Investment Group was in control of just less than $4 billion of assets under control – rather, it was just $100 million short of $4 billion – $3.9 billion.

Fortress has always been private equity, but not any longer

Private equity investment firms purchase 100 percent of businesses that such investment firms’ managerial staff think are solid choices to succeed in general. Venture capital firms are different than private equity entirely, because they never buy out the whole 100 percent; rather they’ll buy out between a few percentage points and 50 percent, for example.

Fortress is slated to raise $2 billion so it can start lending money and make a lot of cash money in return. After SoftBank Group Corp. – often shortened to SoftBank – the firm desires the ability to lend very strongly.

Reserve breaks new ground in health drinks

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global in 2009, they wanted to create a company that would serve as a capstone to a life spent building companies in the direct-selling industry. The couple had made enough money to retire by the time they had reached their early 30s. Yet, Ray and Lewis had pressed on, continuing to create and grow some of the top businesses in the North American direct-selling industry.

Now, the industrious couple wanted to give back. No longer were Ray and Lewis interested in further accumulation of wealth. They already had more money than they could reasonably spend in multiple lifetimes. Instead, the couple wanted to create groundbreaking products that would leave a lasting positive legacy on the world while also spreading genuine economic opportunity across the globe. This was the vision behind the formation of Jeunesse Global.

And this vision continues to be reflected in the company’s products to this day. One example of the innovation and rigor with which Ray and Lewis approach their trade can be seen in the company’s Reserve health drink. Made with the most potent molecule in red wine, resveratrol, Reserve delivers all of the benefits of regular red wine consumption without the risk of severe side effects of alcohol consumption.

Reserve also contains a number of what Jeunesse refers to as superfruits. These include concord grape, pomegranate, blueberries and acai. What all of these superfruits have in common is a powerful capacity to protect against oxidative stress, one of the leading causes of coronary artery disease. This effect has been clinically shown to protect against heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease. In fact, the risk factors for these illnesses can be lowered to an extent that corresponds to a roughly five-year increase in life expectancy. And with Reserve, this can be had with absolutely no side effect.

What’s more, Reserve is one of the best-tasting health drinks on the market. With no artificial flavoring, the 100 percent natural fruit flavor of Reserve makes it easy to not only consume the drink regularly, but to become addicted to the fantastic and thirst-quenching heart-protective beverage.

Getting Investment Help from Laidlaw & Company

When you are making investments, you need to know that there is a professional by your side who can help every step of the way. For a lot of people, Laidlaw & Company is a wonderful option for them and can easily benefit them in many ways. When you begin to use Laidlaw & Company, you will get some of the best investment advice that is out there. Many people find that when they are using a great company like this, they can save time and still get the help that they need.

Instead of trying to do all of your investments on your own, it might be a good idea for you to think about contacting Matthew Eitner of Laidlaw & Company. These experts have been in the investment banking industry for years and have helped thousands of people just like you. They have helped both individuals as well as business owners who are looking to help with this type of thing. You can then hire them if you feel it is time to get the help that you require in a short amount of time.

There are a lot of people who have been using Laidlaw & Company and have had great success with it as well. This is the time for you to think about hiring Laidlaw & Company and seeing what they are able to do for you. Once you begin using a company like this, it saves you the time and hassle from doing all of the investments yourself. This is a wonderful option for all types of people and can be a great way to invest in a better opportunity for yourself instead of always worrying that you are losing money just because of the investments that you have been putting money into yourself.

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Madison Street Capital Hedge Fund Analysis

The 4th edition of Madison Street Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A summary was recently released. The summary covers transactions and M&A opportunities within the hedge fund industry. Madison Street Capital is a leading worldwide banking firm. The company provides services in the financial investment sector.

Concerning the M&A summary, in 2015 the number of hedge fund deals was significant. The number surpassed the total hedge fund deals that happened in 2014. Entering 2016, the hedge fund outlook appears to be very optimistic. This is due in part to a strong 4th quarter 2015 showing regarding hedge fund activity.

Hedge fund assets are doing very well even though the results for most hedge fund plans were below average in 2015. Despite the poor results displayed last year, many investors are making more investments in different asset management sectors. The main reason for these actions is because the investors want to achieve better returns to offset higher expenses.

In general hedge funds managers are trying to manage greater business costs and successfully handle fund fee cost questions. These challenges are making many fund managers reconsider their hedge fund plans.

The structural playing field for hedge funds appears to be open going into 2016. This is because the deals environment for the hedge fund industry was good in 2015 and going forward looks even better for 2016. As a group, the industry will most likely have numerous consolation efforts throughout 2016. These consolation efforts are intended to help cure some of the industry’s fragmentation.
The way that Madison Capital covers the hedge fund industry gives a great view of the industry. The company provides a broad view of the industry but still gives specific information. This provides a concise message to the people who read the company’s hedge fund summaries.

Madison Street Capital is a full-service investment-banking firm. The company gives recommendations to Hedge Fund and other Asset Managers on Capital Opening, M&A Recommendation, Financial Reorganization, Portfolio Assessment, and Financial Sponsor Reporting. The company’s approach gives clients around the globe both strategy and financial advice.

Services offered by Madison Street Capital include financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise, valuation services, and corporate financial advisory services. In addition, the company is an international investment-banking firm that is dedicated to providing frankness, direction, value, and help regarding the services that are offered to both publicly and privately held companies.

What is The Financial Opinions | Madison Street Capital About

The “Financial Opinions” video, that is on youtube, discusses the fact that some types of transactions that have to do with business will need an extra pinch of care and diligence that can be based off of independence, complexity or some other types of things that can be factored in to it.

If the transaction that is currently at play will cause there to be changes in terms of control or will cause there to be a change that happens within the company’s capital structure, it would be a smart decision for the people who are put in the position of fiduciary responsibility, to look for further assurance in terms of preventive measures that can be put into place as far as the terms of the deal are concerned.

Madison Street Capital can offer help to businesses that need opinions in terms of financial fairness. These businesses can be any type of business, they could be corporations that have just started out or they could be emerging growth firms, no matter who it is, Madison Street Capital can help them.

Madison Street Capital

Having been founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital is a company that is very understanding when it comes to their clients needs, they know that each individual comes with their own set of unique demands, and that all of those demands should be met with careful consideration, analysis and very strict recommendations that should be followed directly. Madison Street Capital is a type of banking firm that has to do with middle market investments. They are able to offer their clients a wide variety of different financial services, such as business valuation, corporate advisory, financial opinions and valuations that have to do with financial reporting.

The main goal of Madison Street Capital is to give their clients the best advisory services that they can give them in terms of mergers and acquisitions. They want to make sure that everyone knows the true value of a company and what it takes to make it in this world and still be a good, trusted business. It can be very challenging to find a place that will provide good advice for businesses that is trustworthy, that is why at Madison Street Capital they work hard at making sure that all of their advice is 100% accurate and they also make sure that all of the members of their team are highly-experienced and have knowledge in the field.

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Madison Street Capital Leads Corporations Through Today’s Transparency And Confidentiality

Karl d’Kuna, spokesperson of Madison Street Capital, gives the following explanation of how MSC stands above the rest of the financial world gurus in advising corporations on their portfolios:
“We serve each of our clients, while other advisors may serve all of their clients, and that is a big difference.” Clearly, he is explaining more than semantics. He is extolling the virtue of attending to each customer or client individually as though that client was your only corporation receiving guidance from you.

Wall Street Change in Transparency
Wall Street itself is changing radically and for some companies, it is a frightening change. Madison Street Capital notes that even large well established companies are having to struggle to acquire funding today. Transparency was hard to come by in the financial sector, and it is still somewhat rare. Confidentiality has to be the motivating force behind corporate relationships today.

Madison Street Capital advisors have the following guideposts along their paths to advise corporations:

1. Really investigate and know your client’s business,
2. Always give the best advice even if unpleasant,
3. Never forget a Business is more important than any one person’s ego.

Madison Street Capital – No Qualms

Operating Strategy:
The think tank at Madison Street Capital does not deliver any advice to corporations while quivering with qualms. If you are hiring MSC to give your company the best advice to conduct main stream business today and now, you should not want them to hedge anything but to deliver blunt truth in all ways, goals and appreciations. That is exactly the way the officers at MSC believe each client will benefit most from MSC financial guidance. They know that the best advice given may be advice the client did not want to hear. Nonetheless, that is what their expertise provides in order to fully prepare the client in case of various scenarios.

Success Awards:
Madison Street Capital is once again Finalist for the coveted and highly respected Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Madison Street Capital received nomination for their Cross-Border Deal of the Year.

How BMG Has Established Itself As A Leader In The Financial World

BMG is one of the leading privately owned financial institutions in Brazil. It is under the control of the Pentagna Guimarães family, which had been operating in the local finance industry since 1930. BMG had started out as a provider of consumer and wholesale financing solutions and has established itself as one of the top sources of financing for light and heavy vehicles by the 1980’s. In 1998, a decision was made for the bank to shift its focus to payroll loans. BMG has since stood out as a market leader in this industry sector as well.

One thing that allows BMG to stand out from the crowd is their positive track record of solid results year after year. The bank has been managed by the same family for over 80 years now and has grown through the years to become one of the most respected and stable financial institutions in Brazil. It offers a diverse range of financial services to both individuals and businesses. Their portfolio of products include issuing payroll credit cards, financing used vehicles, providing home equity loans, payroll loans and lending to medium and large companies around the nation. The bank has been able to succeed all throughout its history as a result of their good management and ability to foresee changes in global financial markets.

Under the leadership of its President and CEO, Ricardo Guimarães, BMG has found ways to remain profitable while keeping exposure to risk to a minimum. The bank adheres strictly to a conservative credit policy, which they revise from time to time in order to adapt to changing conditions in the financial markets. That way, they can limit potential losses and maintain a credit portfolio that is profitable in the long term, which has allowed them to perform solidly even as the state of the local economy has changed over the decades.

Ricardo Guimarães, who is currently serving as the bank’s President and CEO, brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the organization. Appointed to his position in 2008, he has continued the bank’s tradition of excellence and encouraged an entrepreneurial culture within the organization. BMG has not only the flexibility to adjust rapidly to any changes in market conditions as they come, but also to develop new products that allow it to offer the top financial services to Brazilian companies and individuals.

Madison Street Capital Maintains A Variety Of Great Financial Offerings

Prominent international investment banking firm Madison Street Capital
believes that offering effective business solutions is essential to
succeeding in the competitive global marketplace. Operated by Chief
Executive Officer Charles Botchway, this renowned company’s mission is
to deliver proprietary financial advisory services to high profile
individuals and major corporations around the world. With offices in
four locations including Ghana, Haryana, West Bengal, and Illinois,
this well-respected firm strives to present an extensive selection of
strategies related to corporate advisory, financial opinions, business
valuation, and asset management. Moreover, as a ten year old firm,
Madison Street Capital consistently surpasses their competitors by
customizing their investment solutions to adhere to the needs and
expectations of their clients. Most prominently, this extremely
lucrative corporation strives to maintain exceptional customer service
in all strategic business practices.

Since 2005, Madison Street Capital is recognized as the
best global investment firm that specializes in propelling middle
market public and private companies. Moreover, the company’s
uniqueness lies in their customer service oriented business model,
which promotes their mission through proprietary investment vehicles.
Essentially, the firm’s primary goal is to assist clients in
implementing their customized financial advisory offerings that
successfully capitalizes on unique growth opportunities. Moreover, as
the leading international banking corporation, Madison Street Capital
is skilled in partnering with many industry verticals and niche
markets to generate the most rewarding results through a variety of

Madison Street Capital’s extremely knowledgeable and highly qualified
team of research analysts, transaction professionals, and investment
experts have greatly influenced the firm’s rapid growth and expansion.
Because the company successfully works alongside their clients, the
advisors are well-equipped to identify and implement the best
financial solutions that surpass their clients’ needs. Remarkably,
Botchway and his group of talented employees proudly focus on super
communication skills, advance quantitative analysis, and well-proven
strategies, all of which is the foundation to unprecedented

Today, Botchway is most commended for maintaining expert teams of
success driven professionals who are skilled in implementing
customized advisory services to greatly enhance the overall
productivity of private and public organizations. With offices around
the world, the firm strives to offer a variety of relevant growth
opportunities to their well-respected clients. Remarkably, by
thoroughly understanding business areas such as corporate governance
and independence, Madison Street Capital remains the leader in
delivering unprecedented financial advisory services to middle market
corporations in Asia, North America, and Africa.