George Soros And The Tragedy Of The European Union.

The European Union has apparently been facing the toughest years of its existence in the last five years. These problems have consistently revealed themselves since the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008.
However, an observation from seasoned investor and socio-political activist George Soros highlights the lack of leadership and purpose. The regional bloc has been criticized for losing sight of the fundamental principles that led to its formation. He condemns the ruling elite for lacking solutions.
George Soros uses the Russian domestic and foreign policy to demonstrate his assertions. Russia has scaled its use of force and aggression both domestically and along its border. The latest conflict with Ukraine has threatened to escalate into a fully-fledged war leaving millions of people vulnerable.
European citizens are losing faith in the system. The recent regional parliamentary elections saw opposition parties scoop a third of the electoral seats. This outcome reveals the resentment and apathy among the member states. According to Soros, the truth stands for itself, the actions of states like Russia undermine the spirit of the union.
The choice to violate treaty obligations by Russia discredits the autonomy of the regional bloc. The situation gets worse with the reluctance of countries to confront Russia. In other parts of the continent, refugees have been seeking asylum from the war-torn Eurasia region. As the refugees trickle in, constant threats of terrorism have affected the continent.
The regional bloc has been condemned for lacking a comprehensive refugee policy. The manageable humanitarian crisis looks set to spill over into a political war. George Soros highlights the selfishness and tendency to guard national interests and neglect the humanitarian principles. The refugees face hostility from their European hosts who continue to shut down their borders.
The Syrian humanitarian crisis must receive the rapid response from the entire region. George Soros asserts that basic humanitarian principles forego all other interests. Also, we must open up our minds to diversity and learn to respect diversity. This way, we learn together and make the journey of life an enjoyable experience.
George Soros walks his talk. His philosophical ideas have been published and inform the body of knowledge in the social sector. He has earned the title of a change maker and global influencer. His efforts to support human rights, democracy, and economic empowerment form the basis of the Open Society organizations and other civil organizations around the world.
George Soros philanthropy networks have contributed to the development of a better Ukraine society. He observes a culture of good governance and the political involvement of the citizenry. These strengths promote his open society ideas. Other countries he has intervened in included South Africa during the Apartheid a few decades ago.
In Europe, he gave support to the movement against communism. He built schools and institutions of higher learning to support intellectual development in Germany. The Central European University is an example of such systems. Critical thinkers were nurtured here. George Soros has expressed his obligation and that of all human beings to look after fellow men.

Bismark Welcomes Hingis To The QI Group Family

Martina Hingis, tennis superstar, is the newest brand ambassador for top direct sales company QNET. The official announcement came from QI Group’s Managing Director Joseph Bismark on September 18th during the V-UAE at the Hamdan Sports Arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hingis’ intent to partner with the company was announced in front of a crowd of over 10,000 attendees.

V-Con is an annual convention held by The-V. Yearly, independent representatives of QNET gather with the intent to “celebrate, learn, and grow as a community,” according to the article originally posted on Business Wire. The 2015 V-UAE was also a huge celebration of QNET’s 17th birthday. Executives in attendance, such as Mr. Bismark, felt the best way to make this year’s convention memorable was by adding a new member to the QNET family.

Martina Hingis is a globally known tennis star and a five time Grand Slam Winner. She is also the Global Ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Ms. Hingis received her title as Brand Ambassador from Mr. Bismark with pride. She said, “It’s a great honour to be associated with a global brand like QNET whose presence in more than 100 countries speaks volumes of its strength and popularity.” QNET has a long history of sports sponsorships, with Martina being the latest addition to their impressive lineup; Marussia Formula 1 team and the Manchester City Football Club are a few of the company’s past ambassadors.

Martina Hingis will also be representing the QNET brand while in India. She plans to participate in an assortment of QNET sponsored events while competing for the Champions Tennis League. In her role of Brand Ambassador, Hingis will focus on growing the QNET brand across the globe. She will be wearing QNET apparel as she competes as well as be promoting a number of other QNET products.

About QI Group Managing Director Joseph Bismark
Joseph Bismark is a founding director of the QI Group and in December 2008, he became the Group Managing Director. He is known both personally and professionally as being a multi-faceted, versatile, and dynamic individual. He leads his employees with one thought in the forefront of his mind: everyone is capable of achieving greatness.

Bismark has a thirst for knowledge that he is constantly quenching. He has done extensive training and studying in vedic philosophy, yoga, bonsai and martial arts. Bismark sees himself first and foremost as a follower and devotee of truth.

Source: Business Wire

Dr. Daniel Amen: Dealing With Health Issues Through Brain Health and Knowledge

Dr. Daniel Amen is a world famous brain specialist and psychiatrist who has made a dramatic impact on health through his research on the brain. Amen is a two- board certified psychiatrist whose resume includes achievements in writing more than sixty scholarly journal articles, appearing in several films dealing with brain and personality issues. His repertoire includes regular tv appearances including Dr. Oz who has been quoted as saying “Dr. Amen is is one of the most gifted minds in science”.

Dr. Amen specializes in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry and nuclear brain imaging. His research into damages suffered by professional football players resulted in a consciousness-raising movement and in curative and preventative measures. He has been influential in philanthropic efforts such as the Saddleback Church’s “Daniel Plan” which works with religious organizations to promote health.

His scientific articles have been published in Molecular Psychiatry, Nature’s Transcendental Psychiatry, the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and many others.He has been termed by Sharecare the “web’s number one most influential mental health expert and advocate”. His online following is huge.

Dr. Amen operates a multi-site clinic and online support page for those seeking better all around health through understanding brain function. Preventative medicine is the best way and the site offers information on how to get comprehensive brain scans, SPECT imaging (Single-Proton-Emission-Computed Tomography), brain healthy habit support, lifestyle and supplement pages.

Dr. Amen’s teaching of proactive brain care and research into brain scan technology and applications to curative and preventative measures have made a significant impact on the lives of many.Anaylzing brain patterns and searching for means to deal with the variety of ADD are another contribution to quality of life for many more.

Dr. Amen’s achievements are matched by his dedication to better health for all and his compassion for others. He represents the best role model for a physician imagineable.

For more information on Daniel Amen’s contributions to the medical field, check out his Huffington Post bio.

Wikipedia Writing: Writing An Article

Writing a Wikipedia entry is quite simple. First, decide if you are adding to an entry, editing an entry, or creating a new Wikipedia entry entirely. To add to an entry click on the edict tab in the corner of the page. If the page is protect then there will be a source view tab instead. Anyone can edit or add to unprotected pages. Make sure that you include sources for the information that you add to the entry.

Editing an entry is a little different. When editing an entry it is ideal to include why you are editing that entry and include citations especially for major edits. Minor editing do not have to be bolder but it is necessary to bold major edits. Any information without citations will be deleted.

To make an entirely new entry make sure theta s page doesn’t exist on the topic. Once it is established that there is not an article on the entry you planning on writing then you can create a new entry. Making a new entry requires that you have an account with a username and password. Sign into the account and make an article with citations and resources. After you finish the entry make sure the entry is grammar and spelling free. Once the entry is submitted the entire world can see and enjoy the entry.

Tragedy in Vietnam

One of the favorite pass times of children the world over is flying kites. The thrill of seeing the festive kites soar on the wind is enough to bring a smile to the young and the young at heart. However, Christian Broda has heard that a recent occurrence in the Asian country of Vietnam was anything but heart warming as a young child lost his life in a horrific accident.

Anyone who loves to fly kites should continue to do so, because this was no ordinary kite that lifted five year old Van Minh Dat more than sixty feet into the air. This terrible tragedy took place at the annual Ho Chi Minh kite festival when a Kite bearing the image of the Vietnamese flag lifted the young boy into the air. Sting from the kite wrapped around the tots leg as it whisked past him. Before anyone could react, the string snapped and the child plummeted to his untimely death. Children are usually kept clear of the launching kites at the festival, but Dat as helping his mother at her drink stand when the terrible accident took place.

Holy Super-Centenarians! There Are 6.5 Million 112-Year-Olds According To The SSA

Social Security Administration’s Inspector General Says Recent Audit Shows A Bunch Of Super-Centenarians

The Social Security Administration is not the most reliable arm of the government. But when that group is compared to other government agencies, we might say it functions normally. That is, normal in the usual defunct government way. Social Security says there are 6.5 million people in the U.S. that are 112 years old. The Gerontology Research Group says only 35 people in the world have ever lived that long.

The difference lies in the paperwork. Death dates were not entered into the SSA electronic file, and that error created a bunch of old-timers. The Social Security electronic file is called Numident, and that system was not equipped to record death information properly. 

Researchers at Amen Clinics say not only are humans living longer but in a few decades there might be thousands of people that live well past 100, but that’s not the real issues. The issue is the government’s inability to channel funds into programs that mean something to citizens. The retiring baby boomers and the generations behind them now know that the SSA is in a state of disrepair. Years of poor decision-making has put this country and the programs that socially mean something in jeopardy. What happens to these programs next is anyone’s guess especially when you ask members of Congress.

Jared Haftel: An Investment Banking Guru

Some have called Jared Haftel an average Joe, but those who really have followed this man will understand he is so much more than that. He has made a name for himself in his chosen field of investment banking. While this field is something that is a bit of a niche, he certainly is helping others to also find their way. Other banking officials follow him, as his knowledge is definitely something worth listening too.

Many are drawn to the writings and lectures of Jared Haftel. He has been on CNN giving tips for resume writing, which really increased his following dramatically. He uses a very different approach to helping people find jobs, more of a common sense tactic. He uses a method called the street cred. To help improve his approach, many are testifying that his methods are working and have helped them land the job of their dreams, in banking.

To back up his claims to fame, he has an MBA from Stanford University. Its from the school of business division and this helps to further his knowledge regarding the matters. He also has a Bachelors degree from Duke University. Well, he has 3 actually. They are in Science, Math and Economics. This gives Haftel an impressive education foundation that he can build and use to bring himself to superior heights in the business world.

During his years at Duke University, he started his writing career with The Chronicle. It was a newspaper that has a daily publication at the college. He mainly focused on expressions of his other various interests during that time. He is also a huge music fan with reviews on songs and albums. Though he still maintains his interest in the music world today, his main focus has shifted to investment banking and how it works. With behind the scene knowledge, it makes him a specialist that people not only want to hear from, but value the advice he gives.

With three undergrad degrees under his belt, Haftel jumped head first into the investment banking field. It was his career of choice. At the inception of his career, he worked for the Merrill Lynch Company. During his first career, he was in charge of tracking commodities. After a short time there, he moved on to Vector Capitol. This move was quite prestigious, as they currently have more than $2 million in equality and a slew of investors. While his resume is quite impressive, he put a great deal of effort into the groundwork to get there. He got the education and the work history to make him a viable candidate for any banking job.

Something education is the key, but work experience is the thing that helps people to land them the right job. Employers really dont care about what you did in college or even high school 10 years ago; they want to know what is going on right now. Having all the degrees in the world wont buy experience either. Great jobs don’t just happen, they come to those who due their due-diligence and have the education and experience behind them. Haftel’s blogs and other writings are something to follow.

The Legal and Financial Expertise of Sam Tabar

Once in a generation, an individual comes along who possesses skills in certain areas far and above the average person. In some cases it’s athletic skills, while in other instances it may be musical ability. But in the case with my friend from NYC Sam Tabar, it is an expertise grounded in legal and financial matters. From his college days at Oxford University and Columbia Law School to his various positions managing hedge funds and providing legal advice to corporations, Sam has demonstrated talents that have served him and his clients well over the years.

Possessing a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors from Oxford, Sam excelled at Columbia Law School, where he was Associate Editor of the school’s prestigious Columbia Business Law Review and their Vimeo account. While at Columbia, he regularly impressed those around him with his ability to ascertain key points of complex cases and be able to clearly communicate his thoughts on them to others in an easy-to-understand manner. After graduating in 2001, Sam gained the attention of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP, a law firm known around the world for providing clients with just the right advice on certain issues. Brought on as an Associate, Sam quickly rose to being a trusted part of the firm. Having developed a keen interest in hedge funds, Sam spent his days advising clients on everything from how to begin and structure hedge funds, the costs associated with them and issues related to compliance and regulation within financial settings.

However, 2004 was when Sam put his talents to best use, joining the Sparx Group as an investment analyst. Using his skills in global marketing and financial strategy, he was put in charge of managing a $2 billion hedge fund. Knowing investors are what ultimately drive a hedge fund’s future, he set out to improve investor relations within the firm. Within several years Sam had amassed a rolodex full of over 2,000 names of potential investors, along with 400 more that were in the beginning stages of becoming qualified investors. Seeing his talent produce results with investors, Sam was then asked to provide special assistance to the firm’s CEO and founding partners on both national and international business development issues.

After leaving Sparx in 2011, Sam worked for Merrill Lynch as the Director of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. It was here Sam learned to speak Japanese, which allowed him to converse with potential clients in a more relaxed manner. Along with his native English, Sam also speaks fluent French. By being multi-lingual, he yet again demonstrates he knows how to cultivate the skills needed to interact well with those people who may be future investors in his hedge fund.

Possessing an interest in world travel and event hosting, Sam is a man of many talents that has been an asset wherever he has worked. With legal and financial knowledge far above the average person, Sam continues to seek new and exciting challenges that will allow him to put his talents to good use. Follow him on Twitter if you like.