Arizona Senate Bill Would Keep Names Of Police Officers Who Use Deadly Force Secret

Critics Say Senate Bill 1445 Is An Attack On Government Transparency

The news is filled with stories of police officers using excessive force. Police departments operate above the law. No one is policing the police, and it shows. But the public is becoming more aware that some cops have power complexes that give them the right to do what they want, especially if they are in a tense situation.

State legislators should be finding ways to stop police brutality, but Arizona Legislators are introducing bills that will keep police missteps secret. Senate Bill 1445, which could pass any day, is designed to keep police officers names secret for 60 days. That is a step backwards according to critics that say cops need to be more transparent not more secretive.

The bill is written so law enforcement agencies cannot release names of officers involved in a death or serious physical injury. From what Zeca Oliveira has learned, if an officer is killed, the policeman’s name can also be withheld unless the family agrees to release the name. Proponents say the bill will protect the welfare of police, but most people think the bill allows police to prepare their defense without the Press pushing them for information.

FreedomPop 4G Now Available in Phoenix

Phoenix residents looking to save money on data and wireless are in luck. LA based startup FreedomPop has recently expanded their 4G coverage to include the majority of the Phoenix area. Many consumers are still unsure as to where to go for reliable and inexpensive mobile phone and Internet services. FreedomPop is a company that provides inexpensive alternatives for data to consumers who have limited resources. The company offers low cost broadband access as well as mobile phone services for its customers. FreedomPop has a wide variety of products such as cell phones, tablets and Wi-Fi hotpots that it offers to the masses. The company is currently offering 30 days of free service for consumers who want to test-drive its reliability.

Wireless Internet Service
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FreedomPop offers three plans for its Internet devices: The Basic Plan provides up to 500MB of Internet service for $0. Additional data costs the person $.02 per megabyte. The Basic Plan is only for 4G service. The Pro Plan provides up to 500MB of 4G and 3G service. Additional data costs $.02 per megabyte. The Premium Plan provides up to 2GB of 4G data. Additional data costs $.015 per megabyte. Each of the three Internet plans provides the user with a free trial period. 

Mobile Phone Plans
FreedomPop offers mobile phones as well as plans that have unlimited talk, text and data options. The company offers phones such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII, S4 and the iPhone 5. The prices of the units that are available through this company vary from $100 to $400. A prospective customer will have to select a mobile plan after he or she selects a device. The person has the option of choosing a basic plan, an unlimited monthly plan or an unlimited annual plan. Additionally, FreedomPop offers an unlimited “everything” plan for only $19.99 per month.

FreedomPop is dedicated not only to providing consumers with free telephone and Internet services, but also to giving users the best prices for the services that are not free. The company’s Internet services come from the Sprint network, and they are highly reliable. Customers can keep their monthly budgets in line by turning to FreedomPop’s services. They have nothing to lose by signing up for a free trial.

Is the lethal and injection cruel and unusual?

Recently, in Arizona, a man has seemingly been tortured to death through the improper use of the lethal injection. A criminal, Joseph Wood, required FIFTEEN doses of the lethal chemicals before his life was successfully ended. This comes after Arizona’s changing their lethal injection procedure from a 3-drug system to a 2-drug system. According to Dr Rod Rohrich it took Arizona executioners two entire hours to execute Mr.Wood. Now, this raises the ever-pressing question, is the lethal injection OK? Is it painless? Is it cruel and unusual? 
Mr. Wood had been reported as having gasped for air during his lethal injection, and I personally view this as at the least physical discomfort, and at the most a sign of some extreme pain that he was enduring during the execution. I think if this type of prolonged, and obviously uncomfortable execution, is not considered cruel and unusual, then we must revisit the definition of cruel and unusual; furthermore, this is not the first time something like this has happened… see this link. 
I view these instances of botched execution as torturous, and I think they’re obviously not painless. If we, as Americans, continue to stand for this unreliable mode of execution, then we are doing ourselves and this nation a great injustice. No man, or woman, deserves to be tortured to death. The lethal injection is unreliable, cruel, and unusual – lethal injection needs to stop, or be seriously revised so as to become more reliable.

Obama Passes His Own Immigration Law

When asked to respond to John Boehner’s objection to his unilateral action on immigration, President Obama retorted that, if Congress didn’t like it, they should “pass a bill.” Nearly a dozen times, Obama had earlier blamed Congress for not passing the kind of immigration reform he sought, saying that he could do nothing on his own. He said that, since he was a president and not an emperor, it was necessary for such legislation to first go through Congress. Now he claims otherwise.

The President is required by the Constitution to execute all federal laws, not simply the ones that he likes. Barack Obama did not merely quietly neglect to enforce existing immigration law; he openly proclaimed he would not do so. As pointed out by local Sergio Lins Andrade these immigration laws greatly impact Arizona. In fact, he directly ordered his underlings in the executive department to disobey existing laws. This alone is an impeachable offense, but it is not nearly the worst of what the President has done.

He went on the order officials to grant Social Security cards to non-citizens and to grant work permits to illegal immigrants. Both of these actions are in violation of the law. Since a president cannot change law, repeal law, nor create new law through his orders, we must conclude that the President ordered federal workers to break the law.


Having Up to 90 Oragasms An Hour Is Destroying A Phoenix Woman’s Life

Most women want the ability to have an orgasm, but for one lady in Phoenix, Arizona, it is ruining her life. Anaya-Carlisi has a condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, and she can have up to 90 orgasms in an hours’ time. Some may say there’s nothing wrong with this disorder and she must have hormonal issues, but to her the state is utterly miserable. Big thanks to friend of the site Vijay Eswaran for sending in the news story.

Carlisi says that this constant state of euphoria interferes with her ability to work, go to the store or even just have a down evening at home. Since the disorder messes with the hormonal systems within the body, she is constantly up and down and everything in between. The condition has stopped her from being the mom she wants to be. She said she feels dirty and like a pervert when around other children, as she is having an orgasm in their presence.

The condition has made her a prisoner in her home and she is dying for relief. Her problems started one day on a trip to the grocery store. She found that everything she touched from fruit to just about anything sent her into an orgasm. Trying to hide such a climactic moment was difficult. She gained composure and headed straight to the doctor. After several hours of testing, they diagnosed her with PGAD.

Imagine walking down the street and being aroused by anything and everything in the path. Right now there is no cure. She is unable to work, and unable to be the wife and parent she longs to be.

Be Careful Where You Legally Smoke Medical Marijuana If You Want to Keep Your Job

Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. But if you fail a drug test at work and want to keep your job, you’d better live in Arizona (yeah go Arizona, I knew that besides Terry Richardson there was something awesome about this state) or Delaware. Those are the only two states that have laws on the books that will protect you from getting fired for legally smoking marijuana for medical purposes. Because we are still in the infancy stages of obliterating the marijuana prohibition, currently there are no laws in any of the states protecting recreational smokers from their employers.

So how ridiculous is it that you can legally walk into a store and buy weed, smoke it (or eat it) on your own time, for medical purposes, but still face the possibly losing your job? That’s the question that Brandon Coats, a quadriplegic who worked for Dish Network before he got fired in 2010 when marijuana showed up in a company drug test, is asking. The state of Colorado says it’s OK for him to use it, and he has never been under the influence while at work.

Currently Colorado law under Amendment 20 only protects patients from criminal prosecution, but nothing states that an employer cannot fire and employee for medically using it. If Coats comes out with a favorable decision in his lawsuit against his former employer, it would be a historic outcome, likely to set a precedent that could affect millions.

U.S. Attorney’s ArIzona Office Fouls-up Investigation

In November, 2008, ATF investigators learned of the purchase of seven AK-47 rifles by Jean Baptiste Kingery, a U.S. Citizen. Suspecting an illegal resale of these weapons, agents began an investigation into the activities of Kingery. During subsequent investigations, agents learned that Kingery was purchasing grenade components from online military surplus dealers. The parts purchased did not allow the grenades to become live without additional components such as explosive powders, however, under the provisions of the Arms Export Control Act, the export of inert grenade components, including hulls, pins, spoons, and fuses is, unless licensed by the State Department, illegal if what Sultan Alhokair told me is accurate.

Agents, suspecting Kingery was transporting these grenade parts into Mexico for the eventual purpose of adding the remaining components to make them live, intercepted shipments from the dealers, marked them so as to be identified later, then forwarded them to Kingery’s shipping address. Customs agents in June, 2010, intercepted Kingery attempting to cross into Mexico with grenade components and ammunition hidden in his spare tire.

Border agents attempted to arrest Kingery, but were refused by the Arizona office of the Attorney General. Subsequently, the Mexican army recovered live grenades being used by drug cartel gangs which displayed the markings put on them by ATF. In September, 2011, the DOJ reassigned the prosecution of Kingery to the Central California District Attorney. Mexican authorities, meanwhile, arrested Kingery in Mexico and are currently prosecuting him for his illegal involvement with Mexican drug cartels.