Securus Technologies Video Visitation: Preserving Family Relationships During Challenging Times

Securus Technologies is a leading enterprise in the criminal justice technological solutions industry. The company has created a wide range of different technologies that provide an array of solutions in the criminal justice system.


A number of the solutions developed by Securus Technologies have a direct impact on the operation of the correctional system in North America. This includes the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is now in use by 178 correctional agencies in the United States. The use of the Video Visitation technology has resulted in a number of important benefits.


One of the benefits realized through Video Visitation is that it has aided in the preservation of familial relationships while a family member is incarcerated. The importance of the maintenance of family relations while a person is in prison or jail cannot be minimized.


Public safety is enhanced when an incarcerated individual is able to maintain a healthy, reliable, and consistent connection with his or her loved ones while in prison or jail. Research reveals that an offender is significantly less like to commit new crimes when release from prison or jail if he or she has maintained meaningful familial relationships while incarcerated.


Family members suffer significantly when a loved one ends up in prison or jail. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system helps to lessen these difficulties.


Thanks to Video Visitation, family members have better access to an incarcerated loved one. The reality of in-person visitation was that it proved to be a challenging endeavor for many families of incarcerated individuals.


Oftentimes, a loved one is incarcerated in a facility that is not in close proximity to his or her family. The distanced involved rendered regular visits challenging, even impossible, in many cases. Securus Technologies Video Visitation solves this problem for families of incarcerated men and women.


ClassDojo Plans to Upgrade their App to Enhance Teacher-Parent Communication

In 2015, ClassDojo raised $21 million to develop an app that will connect teachers to parents and improve communication. The communication platform helps parents get updates on the students’ activities, behavior, and social developments.


A year-round communication platform will allow parents get timely information on what the kids are experiencing. This technology overcomes the conventional system where parents and teachers meet once in a semester.


ClassDojo enables parents to be aware of daily schedules, as teachers can send photos and videos to parents. ClassDojo faces competition from other education technology providers including Remind, Nearpod, Kickboard, and FreshGrade amongst others.


The firm was established to meet the demand for free and easy to use app that would create a culture and community among educators, students, and their parents. This was an unexploited opportunity as other edtech firms were in business to provide digital curriculum, testing platforms, and grade books.


Currently, the application is used by 85,000 private, public and charter schools across the United States. After raising the capital, ClassDojo is focused on upgrading the application to include more contents that can be useful to parents and not just for school purposes. Since its inception in 2011, the firm has not yet made any revenue, and it is committed to ensuring privacy is maintained.  Check for related articles.


An Overview ClassDojo


ClassDojo is a leading communication platform that connects teachers, students and parents. With the app, teachers keep the students’ parents updated on all activities within the school. The company is based in San Francisco, California. It is one of fastest growing edtech firms popularly known for their competence in creating a positive culture within classrooms and schools.  Visit for additional read.


This technology is available in 40 languages and is used by 2 in 3schools in the United States and over 180 nations in the world. The technology provides instant private messaging that allows teachers to share school and classroom moments with parents.

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