Ryan Seacrest Founded An Awesome Organization

Ryan Seacrest’s abode is a $75,000 per month townhouse in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He lives there because his lucrative career has led him to this part of the world. “’Live!’ With Kelly Rippa” is his newest host job. However, the real gold mine in Ryan Seacrest’s career was American Idol. American Idol stamped Ryan Seacrest’s voice into the minds of millions of Americans who watched the vastly popular show. The contestants on the show came from all over the United States. Each season, there was an initial audition round in which the show toured all around the United States and auditioned singers. In each round, singers were kicked out of the competition. When a small enough pool of singers remained, who would stay and who wouldn’t depended on how many votes came in from random callers. The show became really, really big, but toward the end it lost some steam.

Ryan Seacrest, a radio show host and a producer, is not just a host—he is also the founder of an organization called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. His foundation is about making the lives of sick children a thousand times better. Media centers are installed in medical centers that are dedicated to the care of sick children. These media centers are places where children are exposed to the wonders of communications and media. This is really amazing because it serves various purposes. One purpose is to make children’s days full of wholesome, enriching, interesting experiences that they may not have been exposed to, otherwise. Another purpose is to introduce children to the career field that is so close to the heart of Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest).

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation also gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to college students to pad their resumes and life experiences with work. College students man the media centers that are built by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. According to Business Of Fashion, this is a godsend for young people who are in college because, nowadays, college students and recent graduates are lucky with anything that they get—when it comes to work and experience.

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How Victoria Doramus is Supporting Businesses after Overcoming Drug Addiction

The final measure of a man lies in his attitude when there are challenges and not when there are comfort and convenience. Those are the words of Martin Luther Junior King. Perhaps you have heard of these words. One person who has stood the test of time over the last few years is Victoria Doramus.

A Preview of Doramus and her Career

Victoria Doramus is prominent for overcoming her challenges. Strength and dedication define her character as an individual. Today, she speaks more of her career success. As an experienced marketer and brand ambassador, she has cultivated the virtue of patience. She has also worked hard to ensure that she is consistent with the current brands in the industry. As such, Doramus is known for having a rich culture and history in creative work, design, including consumer retail trends. Apart from that, she has worked as Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, in addition to Trendera. Besides, Doramus has also worked as Peter Borg’s assistant.


There has never been a more thrilling moment to be a marketing guru. Today, new technologies are popping up on a daily basis. They have been designed to assist marketing professionals in analysing data as well as automate tasks. Even with all the tools, there is a demand for an excellent range of skills. That is where Victoria Doramus comes in again. She is an experienced marketer with a never-ending aura of cocktails and parties to deliver speeches on behalf of glamorous makeup companies while celebrating the success stories of different brands.

Overcoming Challenges

Even though Doramus has been successful in her business, it did not come the easy way. She is a former substance abuser and has spent most of her time recovering from the addiction. She terms this as a long process coupled with difficulties especially after she hit rock bottom. But, thanks to her courage and determination, she is now sober. She uses her story to empower people experiencing challenges in life to be better especially when battling drug use. Apart from that, Doramus is convinced that everyone irrespective of their situation can overcome challenges.

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Steve Ritchie, New CEO at Papa John’s Helm

Listen up Papa John’s fans, the new CEO, Steve Ritchie is now at the helm steering the wheel without losing time. Steve has been in the company’s ranks for over 22 years before becoming the Chief Executive Officer.

To help employees learn how to interact with all customers on a higher level, he implemented diversity training for all employees. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s believes in equality for all stating insensitive language will not be tolerated in any part of the Papa Johns corporation nor will racism be allowed at any level.

Not wanting to waste any time Steve Ritchie started implementing changes in the company culture. He started auditing the company’s culture by bringing in experts to help enact the changes. He stated the experts will help identify strengths and weaknesses alike to get a clear understanding of where to start setting goals to make improvements. Senior management will be visiting locations in person to gather feedback for the path going forward. He informed of more transparency going forward and says he expects the customers to hold the company accountable

Citing the company has over 123,000 team personnel in both corporate and franchise locations globally. These are people from diverse communities and from all walks of life. They all strive to provide customers and friends with better service and superior products. They provide positive influences in your communities. You should also read Steve’s apology letter on Facebook.

In an article from CNBC, Steve Ritchie will be fully involved in the process because he knows this is the most important thing for the entire company at this time. He knows through hard work and diligence that Papa John’s will be able to earn the trust of customers; which is what the entire team at Papa John’s wants. He realizes the only reason they are in business is that of continued customer loyalty and wishes to thank all customers for their loyalty and the honor of serving them. Find out more about Steve by checking his Bloomberg profile.

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Ryan Seacrest: A True American Idol

You can’t go too far in today’s world of entertainment without hearing the name Ryan Seacrest. Ryan has built an illustrious career and amassed a great deal of wealth in radio and television entertainment, serving as a radio and television host and producer of some of the most popular programming on television and radio.

According to Forbes.com, with humble beginnings as a fill-in radio intern in Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan Seacrest worked hard and continuously to make a name for himself. He learned the ropes in radio under the tutelage of Tom Sullivan at WSTR in Atlanta. At the age of 19, he left college to pursue a career in entertainment in Hollywood. He landed several gigs as a game show and reality series host in the late 1990s, but his biggest break came with the introduction of American Idol in 2004. Ryan was given the opportunity to host the show, which became a phenomenal success. Ryan Seacrest charmed America with his wholesome yet vibrant personality and was able to launch several successful projects from his American Idol success.

According to E News, in addition to producing several trending TV programs, such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, Ryan has also began permanently co-hosting the hit daytime TV news update show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ryan Seacrest, through all of his success, has remained true to his radio roots, continuing to host his own Satellite radio show, “On Air with Ryan”. Ryan has also recently begun to broaden his empire into the world of fashion. He launched an exclusive clothing line known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The mens fashion line focuses on clean and masculine fashions for everyday style.

Through all of his profound success, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) realizes the importance of giving back to younger generations. In 2010, Ryan initiated a non-profit organization known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This organization is centered on the providing inspiration and support to young people seeking to better themselves through entertainment and education. Partnering with Children’s Hospitals around the country, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation launches Seacrest Studios in or near each facility which host celebrity appearances and educational events and workshops for patients, friends, and family. Ryan Seacrest has truly become an American Idol through his hard work and generous spirit.

Helpful site: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/ryan-seacrest-rebooted-live-a-new-york-move-bumpy-road-back-idol-1013173

HCR Wealth Advisors Treats Customers as Kings

When it comes to the creation of sustainable wealth, there is always great need to create a personal relationship with a competent coach. Thus, every aspirant would wish to be hooked with a wealth advisor who gives a listening ear and remains supportive throughout the course of action. HCR Wealth Advisors, a financial advisor based in Los Angeles, fairly suits into this ethos as it considers its clients a priority. Their main focus is building a strong rapport with their clients, helping the clients develop realistic and achievable financial goals and journeying with them towards their financial destinations.

HCR Wealth Advisors stands out as an independent wealth advisor that is client-centered and gives less focus to making money through the sale of financial products. HCR Wealth Advisors clearly understands the benefits of a tight relationship between itself and clients. As a matter of fact, it makes its transactions transparent and lets the clients know the chargeable fee instantly. In fact, it only charges a fee based on the amount of assets under management which is payable upfront. This strategy enables the client to stay comfortable knowing that no hidden fees would be charged later on.market

It has become a common norm that some wealth managers tend to overpromise and under deliver. To prevent this, HCR Wealth Advisors use their client is king ethos to listen carefully to the clients thereby understanding their financial history, their current financial position, their projected wealth goals, and any issue that would significantly change their situation financially. This relationship-based approach enables HCR Wealth Advisors to develop effective financial planning and wealth management strategies for its clients.

According to whalewisdom.com, adversities like death of loved ones, divorce, business sale, marriage, and retirement can adversely change one’s financial state. HCR Wealth Advisors takes this into account and helps the client develop sound strategies that would ensure their safety irrespective of the occurrence of any of these events. HCR Wealth Advisors gives keen advice to younger generations in wealth creation just as they do with retirees who majorly focus on giving inheritance. HCR Wealth Advisors’ wealth of experience in these dealings puts them at a better chance of craving for a lot more.

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George Soros: The Recurrence of the 2008 Financial Crisis.

George Soros while in an economic forum in Sri Lanka warned investors of the World markets crisis. He asked them to be very careful. China’s economic problems are burdening the rest of the world and an increase in the interest rates is too much for the developing countries.

Soros regularly speaks on various global platforms on economic, philanthropic and political matters. The remarks he made in Sri Lanka attracted the attention of investors and headline makers around the world. Indeed, stock and commodity markets registered huge losses in the first week of 2016.

George forecasts that the current equity market could be recurrent of the 2008 financial Global crisis. According to Soros, China’s adjustment has created an enormous problem. In September 2011, in Washington, Soros made the same prediction that the Greece-born European debt would be catastrophic than the 2008 crisis.

Following George Soros’ prediction on the equity market, the Communist Party of China has promised to improve the value of the Yuan currency by the year 2020. The People’s Bank of China reduced the interest rates, and the leaders invested hundreds of billions in the stock market, but this didn’t improve the situation. The recent records show a slow growth in the manufacturing sector.

George Soros is the head of the hedge fund firm. The firm according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, has been making profits of about twenty percent from the year 1969 to 2011 and its worth almost 27.3 billion dollars.

George Soros began his career after graduating from the London School of Economics. He made investments all over Europe and United States. Soros is the chair and founder of the Open Society Foundations. Through these foundations, George offers lots of scholarships to students all over the world especially from Africa.

Soros started his philanthropic work by giving scholarships to black South Africans under the apartheid in the 1980s. He supported cultural interactions with the West. George Soros opened Central European University to enhance critical thinking. Soros expanded his social work to the United States, Asia and Africa.

Two of Soros Open Societies Foundations branches in Russia received a massive blow when the Russian General Prosecutor’s office announced that they would be closed. The reason for being put on the “Stop list” is because the Russian government seems them as a threat. The foundations are a hindrance to the pillars of the Russian constitutional system.

George Soros early life was not easy. He had to flee his birthplace Budapest, Hungary to Europe. His initial difficult life before he became a billionaire is a driving force behind his success and his zeal to help other people through his philanthropic work.

Simple Investment Tips To Keep In Mind

Below are some simple investment tips and advice that people can take into consideration.

Only Invest What You Can Afford To Lose
One of the most important investment tips that people should keep in mind is to invest only what they can afford to lose. The last thing anybody wants is to invest money that is supposed to be for bills and daily living expenses because if they lose their savings, then it may be hard to recoup the losses.

Diversity Is Important
All too often, when people invest, they don’t diversify and they end up putting all of their eggs in one basket. There are a number of reasons why people should diversify their investments, and one of those reasons is because it can reduce losses. For example, if you invest in a number of assets and one of those assets don’t perform very well and money is lost on it, then another asset may do better than expected, which means you may break even or make some gains.

Invest In A Business Of Great Value, Not One That Is Selling For Cheap
Some investors want to buy a business that is already established, but they tend to try to find businesses that have a very low price to it. This is fine if the company is of great value and if it is an amazing company. However, the last thing you want to do is invest in a company that is selling for cheap, but is only a decent company. In other words, investors want to buy and invest in businesses that have a great reputation and one that is likely going to succeed.

Think About Doing Business With Madison Street Capital
If a person needs financial opinions, or services that include valuation services, merger and acquisition expertise and other investment services, then they should consider doing business with Madison Capital. The company provides asset management, so if you have certain assets that need to be managed, then the company may be able to help you out.

Madison Street Capital works with clients all around the world, with offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company has been in business for many years and has the experience needed to help medium-sized firms and large corporations.

Contact Madison Street Capital today and see how they can help. Also, people should take the above tips into consideration, as it may help them out.

Dr. Daniel Amen: Dealing With Health Issues Through Brain Health and Knowledge

Dr. Daniel Amen is a world famous brain specialist and psychiatrist who has made a dramatic impact on health through his research on the brain. Amen is a two- board certified psychiatrist whose resume includes achievements in writing more than sixty scholarly journal articles, appearing in several films dealing with brain and personality issues. His repertoire includes regular tv appearances including Dr. Oz who has been quoted as saying “Dr. Amen is is one of the most gifted minds in science”.

Dr. Amen specializes in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry and nuclear brain imaging. His research into damages suffered by professional football players resulted in a consciousness-raising movement and in curative and preventative measures. He has been influential in philanthropic efforts such as the Saddleback Church’s “Daniel Plan” which works with religious organizations to promote health.

His scientific articles have been published in Molecular Psychiatry, Nature’s Transcendental Psychiatry, the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and many others.He has been termed by Sharecare the “web’s number one most influential mental health expert and advocate”. His online following is huge.

Dr. Amen operates a multi-site clinic and online support page for those seeking better all around health through understanding brain function. Preventative medicine is the best way and the site offers information on how to get comprehensive brain scans, SPECT imaging (Single-Proton-Emission-Computed Tomography), brain healthy habit support, lifestyle and supplement pages.

Dr. Amen’s teaching of proactive brain care and research into brain scan technology and applications to curative and preventative measures have made a significant impact on the lives of many.Anaylzing brain patterns and searching for means to deal with the variety of ADD are another contribution to quality of life for many more.

Dr. Amen’s achievements are matched by his dedication to better health for all and his compassion for others. He represents the best role model for a physician imagineable.

For more information on Daniel Amen’s contributions to the medical field, check out his Huffington Post bio.

David Cameron Seeks To End Encryption

People like Christian Broda in the UK interested in protecting their private and business information through encryption may face trouble in the future if their Prime Minister has his way.

As reported by Business Insider, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has made it clear that he is opposed to encryption and intends to bring the issue forth to Parliament to make and enforceable ban.

With encryption, anyone can take their information and distort it so it becomes unreadable or unusable to anyone without the key which acts as a cypher to decrypt it. Encryption is common with big companies such as Apple and Facebook, but it has also increased in popularity among common users of PCs as encryption becomes more accessible. This has been a problem for law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the country who have responded to terrorism fears with a stronger presence on the internet as a preventative measure.

Encryption as a political hot button came arguably came about when Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor, fled the US for Russia and revealed to the world the American bulk data collection program which monitored telephone and internet communications in an effort to combat terrorism efforts. The actions of spy agencies angered many in the states, but also attracted the support of tech giants who supported public use of encryption to keep their data secure from the government’s eyes.

Following the terrorist attack in Paris which claimed the lives of journalists and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, Cameron made an address on the issue of terrorist threats in Europe and the UK. He also went on to state that communication between extremists must be monitored, and that such an act becomes impossible if law enforcement bodies cannot decipher data collected.

Strange Plans Exist for a Kindergarten Cop Reboot

Terminator: Genisys brings The Arnold back to theaters in one of his most iconic roles. After that, he is going to play another one of his top roles, Conan the Barbarian for the third and final time. Now, it has been confirmed that a reboot of Kindergarten Cop is in the making.

Do not look for Arnold to star in the project. And do not look for huge opening weekend at a theater near you. Instead, the reboot by Universal is going direct-to-video. Now, that really is a bizarre plan on the part of the studio. At the time the feature was released, Kindergarten Cop was a high concept film and a great vehicle for a major star. Of all the films to release direct-to-video, why would they pick this one? Maybe Universal has plans on tapping into Netflix’s success with home entertainment projects, as Matt Landis points out. That is fine, but Universal really is taking a risk by not producing what could be a big hit in theaters.