Thor Halvorssen Is Driven By A Personal History Of Lost Human Rights

Politics often plays a key role in the human rights community and in the activist groups who are usually at the head of their respective areas of interest. However, Thor Halvorssen believes politics should be taken out of the equation when it comes to handling the problems facing people in the world who are robbed of their human rights; the Halvorssen family has first-hand experience of the issues of lost human rights after both of Thor’s parents were stripped of their human rights by the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez. Thor Halvorssen in LinkedIn .

Thor explains his own political outlook as that of a liberal who believes in the role of democracy as the most important aspect of creating a successful society. However, Halvorssen differs from many in the human rights community who do not feel governments who rob their citizens of their basic human rights but maintain a left leaning or socialist outlook should not be criticized or their human rights abuses publicized; Halvorssen has gone against this unwritten rule for the activism community as he has made clear the abuses of the Venezuelan and Cuban socialist governments should be punished in the same way as those committed by right-wing governments.

In his writings and interviews Thor Halvorssen has often looked to give a balanced view of various subjects and link them back to the issues of human rights being lost by individuals. Thor Halvorssen has appeared on television as a supporter of the former U.S. Presidential nominee Bernie Sanders who Halvorssen backed to the maximum financial donation allowed by the Sanders campaign of 2016. In developing the Human Rights Foundation in 2005, Thor Halvorssen created an organization that would not be affected by the issues of political interference from financial donors; part of the constitution of the Human Rights Foundation explains financial donors are welcome but have no say on the direction the group will move in politically in the future. for more.