Lincoln Chafee Calls Out Hillary Clinton for a Political Career Filled with Corruption

Senator Lincoln Chafee, who was also the former Governor of Rhode Island, recently announced his bid for democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential election. While the little known politician doesn’t really stand a chance to get the nomination, his words are ringings true for many Americans when it comes to his thoughts on presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Brian Bonar reported in the WhitePages that Chafee recently pointed out that Clinton has has a long history of engaging in questionable behavior throughout her 30 year career as a politician. The senator also pointed out that unlike Clinton, his ethical behavior has never been questioned while in office. Chafee explains how Clinton’s career has been plagued with questionable behavior such as the recent email scandal the politician faced and questionable donation practices used by the Clinton Foundation.

So, it’s not just once incident that has the Senator concerned but a seemingly long standing pattern of behavior that suggest Clinton is on the long list of morally corrupt politicians. Chafee’s opinions are shared by many and have been reflected in recent poll numbers that suggest Clinton isn’t as popular as she used to be. Many people claim Clinton has always had a problem with transparency and she has not done enough in recent months to clear her name of impropriety. Even though Clinton is thought to have already secured the democratic nomination, the tide could very well be changing. Though, Chafee doesn’t stand to benefit much from the change.