Business Owner Glen Wakeman Lays Out Three Easy To Follow Rules About Running A Company

Glen Wakeman is a Southern Florida businessman and a graduate of the University of Chicago. He operates a blog where he doles out information to help other entrepreneurs succeed in business. One recent post of his talked about some annoying sayings which are also speaking the truth. Some examples of these are “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “The devil is in the details”.

The takeaway that Glen Wakeman wanted to express to his readers was that the little things really do matter when you are running a business. An attention to details goes a long way in building the foundation of a company and provides a way to have big success. In his blog posting he laid out three rules to follow to achieve this success.

The first rule is to develop a culture of commitment at your company. Everyone should honor their obligations as this will develop a culture of trust, integrity, and ownership. He also wrote that little misses should not be ignored. A form is only done when it is 100 percent done, for instance. He also wrote that the business owner shouldn’t overreact, though. If someone is late to work, for example, you shouldn’t explode in anger at them. You can’t let it pass but you do need to be respectful of the other person.

Glen Wakeman began his professional career in 1985. He worked for over 20 years for GE Money. He worked around the world fir this company and eventually became the chief executive officer of their Latin American operations. The first company he launched was Nova Four. As the principal of this company he provides consulting services to other companies where he provides his professional advice to them on myriad issues. He also provides funding to businesses which are in the development stage.

He also started another company in November 2015. This business, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, provides an online platform where people can quickly and easily build a business plan. Glen Wakeman says it has been his observation that most businesses fail because the person behind it didn’t take the time to put together a solid plan for how to grow the company.