A British Reports Recommends That The European Union Ban Fracking

A New Report Claims Fracking Poses Significant Risks To Humans

A British scientific study shows that fracking, the gas extraction technique, poses a significant health risk to humans and wildlife. The CHEM Trust report suggests that a European Union moratorium on fracking be established, and new regulatory guidelines should be put in place for the industry.

Fracking was banned in New York last year for the same reasons reports Lime Crime. The governor of New York said fracking produces the same health risks as secondary cigarette smoke. The main issue is the fracking procedure captures underground gas, but it also releases gas into the atmosphere that is not captured by industry equipment. The gas that escapes into the atmosphere changes the atmosphere, and that impacts humans, wild life and the environment.

Another issue with fracking is the changes it produces in the earth. Fracking companies say the earth is not damaged by fracking, but the earth is telling a different story. Fracking causes the earth to reconfigure itself somewhere else on the planet. The earth is a unique form of consciousness that adjusts to human disruptions. We call these adjustments natural events, but they are only natural in the sense that the earth produces them from the acts of humans.