Pay Less With FreedomPop for Your Cellphone Services

On its bid to globalize the mobile business FreedomPop took another interesting turn that wasn’t expected by anyone. The company has increased its services on free voice, data bundles and text messages. The company has also increased its additional services and surprisingly freedom pop has been able to rise up another$30 million through funding. This money is expected to help in the process of expanding the business as said by the co-founder and the CEO Stephen Stokol. He also said that FreedomPop will be able to grow its business as a single entity. The company expects to raise another $50-$100 million in the next one year.

“It is not a good idea to sell the company as at now, may after achieving its target in the next one year” Stokol said in aninterview.
The Los Angeles based wireless company is setting up another branch in the United Kingdom offering sim services only as for now. FreedomPop offers 200 free text messages 200 free mobile data and 200 minutes free calls. This is the same as what you might find in the UK mobile plan as per now. There is also emphasis on free international calls to about 60 countries. The FreedomPop users are also allowed to have some monthly subscriptions. Apart from having these services in UK, they also plan to extend to Spain,France and twenty more countries in the Europe.

Currently the company has more than 1million users in the United States of America. The company also seems to be doing well financially this is accredited to the strategic planning in addition to investment. FreedomPop also sell a number of mobile phones as well as dongles. There is likelihood that a new investor would be announced soon .the investor is expected to bump around $5 million.

The freemium model used by FreedomPop is not in any way similar to the average cut-prices of MVNO. Most MVNO’s if not essentially purchase bulk messages and mobile data and therein divide them into smaller margins. The difference with freedomPop is that purchases the mobile data only and uses it to solely provide other services too. FreedomPop negotiates the prices of tiers used and in turns pays for what their operators have used.

This is a new trend that is slowly gaining momentum from the competitors who are trying to come up with the same idea. One thing that keeps FreedomPop at the top of its game is an excellent management team.