David Giertz Discusses How To Plan For Early Retirement

Mr. Giertz presently serves as the vice president of Nationwide Financial’s Distribution and Sales division, which is part of the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He is based in Dublin, Ohio, which is where the Nationwide Life Insurance Company is based in. Mr. Giertz joined the Nationwide Life Insurance Company in 1999 and was appointed VP as distribution and sales in 2013.

David Giertz has over three decades of experience in the insurance and financial industry. His previous jobs included working with Citicorp Investment and Financial Horizons Security Corporation. He is an accredited broker in Ohio who has passed the state securities law exam as well as other exams such as the the general industry & products examination that are required for brokers.

Mr. Giertz recently discussed how to plan for an early retirement and make sure you have enough money to last you throughout the retirement. He began by saying that planning for early retirement should be done as early as possible. Too many people begin saving for an early retirement too late. They end up not having enough money that they need or want.

Giertz says that it is always a great idea to put money aside into a retirement account. This may not always be enough however to last you through your retirement though. One option that Giertz describes is investment. By actively investing your savings or money that you put aside for retirement, you can further grow your retirement money. For example, by investing in the stock market, you can earn additional income and grow the money you set aside for retirement.

David Giertz also described other options available such as Roth IRA’s, 401K’s and health savings account. All of these can help you avoid penalties and taxes. However, all of them come with restrictions, so it is important to speak to a financial advisor before you open up any one of these accounts.