M&A Management Forms a Core Pillar Behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group.

One of the renowned champions in the investment industry is Fortress Investment Group. The firm started operating in 1998, in the form of a private equity firm. The reason behind its establishment was forming a unique firm that the founders could use to raise private equity fund which they would later on invest in cutting-edge investment instruments. Rob Kauffman (who later retired in 2012), Wes Edens (presently a principal), and Randal Nardone (still a current principal to the company), were the three founders of the company. Fortress Investment company swiftly grew its private equity and also diversified its assets to start managing a wider range of investment strategies including real estate, hedge funds, credit fund and permanent capital vehicles.Fortress Investment Group has grown into a very successful firm within the two decades that it has been in existence.

However, the success has not just occurred as a miracle. It has been through absolute hard work in combination with other unique competencies that enable the firm to stand out amongst the industry players. One of the core competencies is effective operations management. Fortress has developed some technically robust tools that it uses to monitor its investment strategies which are quite complicated. This ensures that the investments it manages on behalf of its clients generate value for them.Another core success pillar of Fortress Investment Group is the unique ability that it possesses in the management of mergers and acquisitions. The company has trained its personnel to develop and maintain professional relationships with key business leaders and stakeholders of other corporations. This has enabled Fortress to enter into very successful business relationships with other companies in the form of mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

For instance, in 2006, Fortress Investment Group got into acquisition of Intrawest, a company located in Vancouver which used to operate the biggest ski resort in the whole of Northern America. Later between the same year and 2007, Fortress purchased other companies such as Penn National Gaming (a company that used to operate several horse racing venues and a lot of casinos), RailAmerica, and Florida East Coast Industries (which was at that time the owner of Florida East Coast Railway). AIG’s American General Financial Services was also acquired by Fortress Investment Group. Fortress also engaged other companies in the form of mergers and even partnerships. Such firms included Logan Circle Partners, Mount Kellett, Graticule Asset Management Asia, and D.B. Zwirn & Co.One casing point for the extensive expertise in managing M&As by Fortress Group is that demonstrated after acquiring Springleaf Financial Services. The value of the firm skyrocketed by 27 times its original price to $3.5 billion.

Fortress Investment Group; A True Investment Legend

If asked to list the top global investment leaders, Fortress Investment Group would appear on top of many people’s lists. This company has demonstrated and proved to be the chief of investment management industry in various ways which include leadership, growth and other performance parameters.Fortress Group was established in 1998 by its three co-founders; Wes Edens (current principal), and Rob Kauffman (retired in 2012), and Randal Nardone (current principal). It started as private equity firm but later grew to an alternative asset business that it is to date. The main motive of its founders was to create an investment firm of a unique type that would help to raise capital through private equity and later invest it in cutting-edge investment vehicles.

Since its formation, Fortress Investment Group has made investment moves that will remain historic. One of those events was the announcement of Initial Public Offer that it did on 9th February 2007. Fortress Group was the first firm of its type and size to go public, and so the move left a lot of tongues wagging. What followed was a large number of similar companies going public too. One of those investment forms that imitated the move was the Blackstone Group, which announced their offer four months after Fortress. Other organizations like KKR & Co., Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, Apollo Global Management, Ares Management, the Carlyle Group, and Oaktree Capital Group followed suit within the next one year.

A critical competence that Fortress Investment Group boasts about is its high proficiency in the management of mergers and acquisitions. This has enabled the firm to enter into essential business relationships with other organizations. This has contributed immensely towards the growth of the firm’s assets. For instance, in 2006, Fortress acquired the Canadian company, Intrawest, that operated the largest ski resort in North America. I also acquired other organizations like RailAmerica, Penn National Gaming (which operated a large number of casinos and horse racing venues), and Florida East Coast Industries (the owner of Florida East Coast Railway- by then).

 About Fortress

Fortress Investment Group is in no doubt one of the largest investment firms internationally. It has a total of managed assets that exceed $63 billion. Fortress has its original headquarter in New York but has recently opened three more headquarters in Shanghai, Singapore, and San Francisco. The firm manages investments on behalf of its clients, who comprise of both institutional and private investor from all over the world.

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