Fortress Chairman Wes Edens Kicks in Millions to Buy Soccer Club

Wes Edens is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group. The company was founded in New York in 1998 as a private equity firm. Wes currently serves as Chairman of the Board. At this time, with 2018 marking of its 20th year in business, Fortress proudly directs assets valued at approximately $43 billion.

The globally renowned firm of Fortress Investment Group is a diversified asset manager for their investor clients. Wes Edens, along with Randal Nardone and Pete Briger, are the three principals of the company. Wes and Randal work in the headquarters in New York City, and Pete is located in the San Francisco office. All three were members of the firm in 2007 when the company went public. The firm has been considered a trendsetter for many years, and it became the first private investment company to trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

Wes Edens is reportedly going forward with the purchase of a majority stake in the Astro Villa soccer team, along with Nassef Sawiris, a billionaire businessman of Egyptian descent. The two men will jointly hold 55% of the ownership of the team in a deal that is estimated to cost $39 million. The club’s current owner, Chinese businessman Tony Xia, will continue on as a Board member. He took over the club’s ownership in 2016. The announcement was made by a spokesman for the English team in late July of 2018.

Of the three founders of Fortress Investment Group, only Wes Edens and Randal Nardone remain at the firm. The third founder was Rob Kaufman, who retired from the firm in 2012. They all possessed extensive financial experience, and their leadership helped to grow the company to its current level of 900 employees and 1,750 clients. The firm’s areas of expertise include corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset based investments, real estate investments, operations management, and in the capital markets.