Economists Offer Much to Society

A Social Science
The economist in involved in the many aspects of social science. They truly offer much to society in numerous ways. The professional economist will develop ingenious theories and concepts surrounding this social science. The theories that they develop will need to be applied by the economists and then an economic policy will need to be written.

A Fully Committed Profession
The economics profession is one that is fully committed to society in many areas. The professional economist may have a PhD that will leave them to be fully credible and highly knowledgeable in the entire economics field. These skilled individuals are committed to the following:
*promoting communication among those scholars who are interested and invested in the overall economic thought
*the work that may be needed to be done as it relates to economics as a whole amongst society
*the needed action that may be required to benefit the entire economic status of a society
*to efficiency within finances
*to understanding the choices of the consumer and a business
*solving the economic issues that society is faced with
The professional economist will have a firm commitment and will indeed prove to be highly valuable to the overall society.

Economics and Ethics
The professional economist ought to abide by a clear set of ethics in regard to the economic services that they provide. A superior growth in the area of economics will be the outcome when ethics play a role in all of the actions that may need to be taken. The economist who upholds a very high standard of ethics to ensure that improvement and fairness is offered to the public. Economics and ethics are a good combination for the professional economists.

The Social Welfare Depends of Their Influence
The economist does have a large influence on the social welfare. This is from their intellectual control over these highly vital concerns and matters. The economic subject does take much study in order to achieve the experience and the skills to play this major role in the lives of society. This is a role that a scholarly individual will have amongst their community. This influential role must be played with the highest of integrity.

Christian Broda
Christian Broda is located in New York, New York. He is a professor of Economics. He is highly admired and he holds himself to the high standards that is valued and expected from an individual in this esteemed profession. Professor Broda is a trusted and valued member within the overall economics field. He has proven that integrity and commitment are incorporated in every area of his economic practices.

FreedomPop’s Free Mobile Service

In a recent online article Fortune’s published information on FreedomPop’s free mobile service. The fairly new, LA-based mobile operator is fighting back against all the well known national carriers by generously giving free voice and data plans to their users. This has caused thousands of people to switch to FreedomPop since it launched in 2012. They expect to reach over 1 million users by 2016. Just recently the start-up company has just finished raising $30 million in funds, adding to the $49 million made in the past 3 years. Many bigger companies have tried to acquire FreedomPop but to no avail.

FreedomPop doesn’t actually own a wireless infrastructure, it is a MVNO, short for mobile virtual network operator. Instead of making its own data it buys it from other companies such as Sprint at wholesale rates. The company has to deal with the bulk of the cost, but in turn the deals have been irresistible to users. People who are looking to join FreedomPop either have to buy older model Sprint phone and connect it to FreedomPop’s network or buy FreedomPop phone. Once activated users have 500 text messages, 200 voice minutes, and 500 MB of space each month for free. If a customer were to go over these set amounts all they have to do is buy more. It costs 1 cent for every text message or minute for going over and 2 cents a megabyte for going over. Users can also get the $20 unlimited plan.

Most of FreedomPop’s revenue comes from their premium packages. Some of these packages include phone insurance, rollover plans, anonymous browsing, and international numbers. These add-ons can cost anywhere from $3 to $10 every month. Based on information from Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop, about half of the company’s customers have at least 2 of their premium packages.

Wikipedia Writing: Writing An Article

Writing a Wikipedia entry is quite simple. First, decide if you are adding to an entry, editing an entry, or creating a new Wikipedia entry entirely. To add to an entry click on the edict tab in the corner of the page. If the page is protect then there will be a source view tab instead. Anyone can edit or add to unprotected pages. Make sure that you include sources for the information that you add to the entry.

Editing an entry is a little different. When editing an entry it is ideal to include why you are editing that entry and include citations especially for major edits. Minor editing do not have to be bolder but it is necessary to bold major edits. Any information without citations will be deleted.

To make an entirely new entry make sure theta s page doesn’t exist on the topic. Once it is established that there is not an article on the entry you planning on writing then you can create a new entry. Making a new entry requires that you have an account with a username and password. Sign into the account and make an article with citations and resources. After you finish the entry make sure the entry is grammar and spelling free. Once the entry is submitted the entire world can see and enjoy the entry.

New York High School Apologizes For Student Reciting The Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic

Pine Bush High School’s Foreign Language Department Arranged A Recital Of The Pledge In A Different Language Each Day

America claims to be the land of the free, but freedom seems to be reserved for English speaking citizens. It appears citizens that speak another language can’t use that language to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in high school, especially if that high school is in New York. There is no law that prohibits reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in another language, but that didn’t stop parents from complaining when a student recited the Pledge in Arabic.

This ridiculous display of narcissism is a good example of our distorted values. Folks at Anastasia Date wonder: Why are we fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world if it is not for the freedom of expression? Why are we allowing thousands of refugees into the country if we don’t want them to keep their culture alive? If we want everyone to speak English, and forget who they are when they start a new life in the states, we are not a free country.

The school in New York is doing its job. The teachers in that school are teaching. They are teaching the values of being an American, not a Jew, Arab, Catholic or Gentile. All of those associations fall under the heading of being an American. We should honor our differences and celebrate our unity.

Is the lethal and injection cruel and unusual?

Recently, in Arizona, a man has seemingly been tortured to death through the improper use of the lethal injection. A criminal, Joseph Wood, required FIFTEEN doses of the lethal chemicals before his life was successfully ended. This comes after Arizona’s changing their lethal injection procedure from a 3-drug system to a 2-drug system. According to Dr Rod Rohrich it took Arizona executioners two entire hours to execute Mr.Wood. Now, this raises the ever-pressing question, is the lethal injection OK? Is it painless? Is it cruel and unusual? 
Mr. Wood had been reported as having gasped for air during his lethal injection, and I personally view this as at the least physical discomfort, and at the most a sign of some extreme pain that he was enduring during the execution. I think if this type of prolonged, and obviously uncomfortable execution, is not considered cruel and unusual, then we must revisit the definition of cruel and unusual; furthermore, this is not the first time something like this has happened… see this link. 
I view these instances of botched execution as torturous, and I think they’re obviously not painless. If we, as Americans, continue to stand for this unreliable mode of execution, then we are doing ourselves and this nation a great injustice. No man, or woman, deserves to be tortured to death. The lethal injection is unreliable, cruel, and unusual – lethal injection needs to stop, or be seriously revised so as to become more reliable.

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Vows Congressional Action Against Obama Amnesty Plan

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed that Congress with take action against President Obama if he flouts congressional law and imposes amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. The powerful senator, who just won a landslide reelection in his home state of Kentucky, took to the floor of the Senate to denounce the president’s proposed plan. President Obama previously stated that since Congress refused to act on amnesty, he now has the right to “borrow” their congressional authority to enact an amnesty plan of his own via executive order. Conservatives decry this as a violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers which have been in place to protect the nation from tyrannical rule. As noted in Lee Lovett’s book, Peak House, when Congress and the President are at odds there are power plays that occur, which could lead to issues for the electorate.

The president is set to deliver a prime time address to the nation at 8:00PM. Oddly enough, the major networks will not interrupt their regularly scheduled programming to air the address. Thursday night is one of the highest rated nights on primetime television. McConnell said the president is flagrantly ignoring the will of the people. Earlier this month, the electorate repudiated the president’s policies on the ballot by throwing his party out of power in the Senate, state legislatures, and governor’s offices throughout the nation. The vote empowers the GOP with a mandate to shift the nation away from the president’s prior policies. McConnell explained by President Obama is seeking to thwart that mandate before the newly elected representatives can take office. He has made it clear that the Congress will act, but has not stated what those actions might entail.


Secret Service Misses Intruder

It was a case that made peoples jaws drop, somehow a man in Washington DC managed to scale the fence surrounding the White House, sprint across the lawn and gain access inside the presidential residence. USA Today reports that the man was in fact an army veteran and not only armed with a knife but had hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his car. A full scale review of the secret service and their ineptitude has been conducted in the wake of this breach.

The review has pointed to key facts that allowed the intruder to gain access so easily to the White House. Initially there were two attempts by secret service agents to stop the individual both before and after he scaled the fence. Force was not used to stop him, he managed to take cover in some bushed before rushing up a flight of stairs and into the White House.

It would appear one of the most embarrassing failings by the secret service was from the dog handler, not only did he not have his ear piece in but was talking on his personal cell phone during the intrusion. He did not hear any radio messages or alarms, only realizing something was wrong when visible seeing an agent chasing the man. I agree with Alexei Beltyukov when he says security is too important for these oversights.

Ultimately the review pointed out several factors that lead to the intrusion; these were due to staffing problems, equipment failures, and other undisclosed factors.

Weird Laws Abound in Berkeley

Strange laws are nothing new to the United States, particularly in terms of state and local laws, and how they are specifically decided upon and implemented. Motions taxes calories, however, would indeed be very new, and unquestionably quite unusual for these times.

Those who look for motivations to be on a diet do have one now. Since November 5th, in Berkeley, there will be a one-per-ounce tax on energy drinks, sodas, and other caloric drink varieties. It doesn’t sound like much Sam, but it can add up pretty quickly.

Vicky Alexander, a co-chair promoting this law said that Berkeley is known as one of the nation’s trendsetters. Rules regarding non-smoking areas, special wheelchair curb-cuts and food-policies for schools are previous ideas that have spread. That means we should expect the law to extend and soda prices to increase.

The soda manufacturers will be economically affected by this measure. They are already planning a campaign against the new law, its price being estimated at $10,000. San Francisco was to vote for or against the same law. 66% were required for a change, and the 54.5% of pro votes that have been received determined the rejection of the new law for the moment.

Read details about prices and reasons behind these changes here.

New York Abandons Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Under Pressure From CDC

The CDC has pressured New York into abandoning their mandatory Ebola quarantine procedure. Under pressure from the CDC, and presumably President Obama himself, New York state has been forced to abandon their mandatory Ebola quarantine procedure.

Just like New Jersey, the state of New York had adopted a policy that would require all persons who came into contact with Ebola patients in West Africa, to submit to a mandatory 21 day quarantine.

Republican conspiracy theorists have said that the move is proof that the Obama administration wants an Ebola outbreak in America. However, on the liberal side of things, the move is to stop discouraging aid workers from going to West Africa to help.

Right now, West African nations are dependent on nations like the United States sending medical aid, and workers to help combat the infection. However, those workers may be discouraged from going, should they be forced into a mandatory quarantine upon returning, or if they are outright banned from reentering the country.


Phoenix Zoo Halloween Celebrations Are In Full Swing

The festivities began on October 20th, but don’t worry you’ve got until the 26th to get down to the Phoenix Zoo and get in on the fun. The event, titled Boo!at the Zoo, features all ages activities and fun. Including face painting, pumpkin patches, and several photo opportunities.

But there are also a couple trails especially designed for the holiday. Families can choose between “scary” or “merry” options, depending on if they’re looking for a good scare, or just some lighthearted holiday themed fun times.

Brian Torchin tells me that it’s going to be $8 for Zoo members, and $10 for the general public. And don’t forget about the Eek-o-Friendly Costume Swap, where you can bring in a gently-worn costume and swap it with others.