Kevin Seawright’s Help in the Development of the Newark Youth

Kevin Seawright works at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer. The organization serves as the chief economic development bureau for Newark, which is the largest city in New Jersey. Before joining the Newark CEDC, Mr. Seawright worked at one of the biggest departments of recreation and parks at Maryland as the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. He was in charge of more than 50 million dollars in city, state and federal income.

Kevin Seawright later got a role as a management head in the educational sector, where he helped to create budgets that amounted to an annual total of 200 million dollars and also assisted in offering advice on the building of schools, and other infrastructural problems that would come up. He controlled 600 million dollars that were used in the makeovers and developments of already existing and new buildings. Vizualize shows that Mr. Seawright was also an employee of the Collington Life Care Community, where he served as the Director of Operations. He negotiated contracts for the organization, managed more than 500 residents and provided oversight on the use of more than 5 million dollars funding used in operations and construction.

Kevin Seawright led the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in partnering with the NewarkWorks and other few institutions and city figure in supporting the youth of Newark to secure jobs this summer. The primary objective of the summer program is to offer paid jobs that will enable the Newark students to gain experience for six weeks, and, therefore, improve the rate of college graduations in the local community. The participants will get free on-the-job training, lectures on financial knowledge, lessons on empowerment and curriculum on college preparedness. For the first time, applicants will apply online hence, making the recruitment process easy. The process that used to take six weeks now only takes thirty minutes.

The 2016 program has a goal of raising the number of jobs to 3500 from 3000 that were available last year. Apart from providing the summer job vacancies, Mr. Seawright ensured that the students get financial knowledge by striving to partner with TD Bank and Santander Bank, which are both high-status institutions. The students will use the skills acquired for their own current and future financial success. The summer program will take place for six weeks, from 5th July to 16th August and organizations that will participate in the program will be required to pay their student employees the minimum wage.  Read the full interview where Kevin talked his youth program with LocalTalkNews.