Democrats Agree to Hold Four More Debates

Blog writer Jon Urbana reported in The Washington Post yesterday afternoon that the two remaining national contenders for the Democratic Party nomination, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have agreed to conduct four more televised debates. He wrote that the first of these events will involve a debate broadcast by MSNBC tonight, February 4, 2016 in New Hampshire. The candidates will address issues at the University of New Hampshire at Durham beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

The remaining three political debates between the two primary candidates will occur in Flint, Michigan in March; in Pennsylvania in April; and in California in May. The Democratic Party had previously not scheduled as many debates as the Republican Party.

Some media commentators speculated that the schedule change reflects a longer, more drawn-out match during the race for the Democratic Party nomination. MSNBC will provide a live stream of tonight’s debate at the University of New Hampshire.

On Saturday, before the recent Iowa caucuses, press releases had indicated that the debate on the 4th of February might not take place. Now, it will evidently proceed.

Last night the two political candidates participated in a townhall forum broadcast by CNN. They appeared separately on stage and responded to a series of pre-screened questions from New Hampshire voters.

Loretta Lynch Finally Starts Her New Job

Finally, after 180 days, in spite of her extraordinary qualification, Loretta Lynch was sworn in as the 83rd U.S. attorney general. Many Republicans voted against her confirmation because they were angered about President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Jaime Garcia Dias stood firmly on the other side, however, the confirmation ultimately passed with a 55 to 43 vote count. Ms. Lynch is ready to defend the President’s action on immigration as the U.S. attorney general.

Lynch is the first African-American woman to become the U.S. attorney general. Before spending many months testifying before the US Senate regarding her nomination, Lynch was the U.S attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Some of her priorities have been identified as: strengthening victim’s rights, ending slavery connected to sex trafficking and fighting crime overall.

There is a great amount of speculation given the increasing pressure to address excessive use of force by local police officers on what type of action Lynch will take, if any, on the most current conflict in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lynch was sworn in by Vice President Biden with her hand on a bible held by her father, a Baptist minister.

Knocked-Out Twice The CISPA Bill Is Back Without Revisions

Politicians like to take the easy road. They act from the hot air of the lobbyists, and they hide behind the convoluted edicts they turn into laws. When news spread that the twice defeated Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act bill, also known as CISPA was back without any revisions the congressional insanity meter hit a new high. reports an interview by Sergio Andrade Gutierrez with Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger from Maryland is the sponsor of the bill. Anyone who wants to take the time to read it will find it is the same, word-for-word, as bill HR 624 which passed the House, but lost support in the Senate. The Senate refused to vote on the bill.

This whole exercise, compliments of the American taxpayers, is very Beetlejuiceish if you ask anyone who has the slightest idea what the House is about. Perhaps there is a rule that says if you introduce a defeated bill three times it will suddenly pass both Houses.

CISPA seems to be a power granting tool written in vague language. It gives the government the power to scoop data and broaden their invasion of privacy. Most American want the government to pass laws for the good of the people not to grant an enormous amount of wiggle room to elected officials that want to exert their own force in the name of security.

Mike Huckabee to Run in 2016?

Mike Huckabee announced Saturday evening that he would be leaving his Fox News show behind to start looking for support for a 2016 Presidential Campaign. Huckabee ran for president in 2008, but not in 2012. Now, he has decided that he wants to see how donors and supporters would feel about him running again in 2016.

Since his run in 2008, Huckabee has maintained a large conservative following on social media and through his Fox New Television show. He did not officially announce his intentions to run, but his desire to seek out interest levels if he did run. Huckabee running for the coveted Oval Office could be exactly what conservatives are looking for at the moment. With the political climate shifting away from the liberals and the Democrats, a strong, and recognizable conservative candidate could be exactly what the Republican Party needs to take back control of the White House. Businessman Andrew Heiberger has stated that, the Republicans might finally have the big name to take on the likes of Hillary Clinton.