Venezuela Continues To Crumble

Venezuela is rapidly sailing into uncharted territory as the strife and disparity continues to grow. Under the authority of Nicolas Maduro, a man who made the power grab for control of the country in 2013, claims by Norka Luque he has conferred with the ghost of Hugo Chavez. He’s hated by most of the country, and is currently sitting back and letting the country collapse in order to maintain his hold of power. More about him and his interesting tale that mirrors Shakespearean tales can be found here.

The country is in such despair that the courts and government offices are only open about two half-days each week in order to conserve electricity. The public defenders office has been converted to a food bank for government employees. While that sounds scary, the lack of public officials available to handle the most basic levels of government work, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The country is in such a state of disarray that water and electricity are now considered luxuries. Some areas of the country have gone months with very little of both. Most people cannot make international phone calls because the government and phone companies are disputing currency regulations and rates. Coca-Cola recently shut down because of a shortage of sugar, and numerous other businesses have shut their doors as the country continues to collapse before our eyes.
Protestors have taken to the streets everywhere demanding the basic necessities like food. Until recently they protested and rioted about the conditions and their uniting hatred of Maduro and what he has done to them and their country, but as they being to find themselves unable to even scrape by, they now just simply want to eat.
Maduro hasn’t done much to save himself, and recently found that he is loosing his favor with his own socialist party who may eventually stop trying to cover for him and save him and finally give in to the demands of the citizens of the country.
Once allies of the country are beginning to criticize Venezuela. Brazil, who just removed their own leftist president and is currently awaiting an impeachment trial, are openly calling out Venezuela. Jose Mujica, the former leftist president of Uruguay recently referred to Maduro as “crazy like a goat.”
For his part, Maduro continues to try to shift the blame to everyone else. Trying to make citizens like Norka of his country believe that other nations, especially the US, are conspiring against him and his people. His claims, once believed by his citizens, seem to be falling on deaf ears in more recent weeks.


George Soros has a bold plan for the migrant crisis

If you have turned the news on in the last year, then you are probably aware of Europe’s latest crisis. Millions of migrants are flooding into Europe, looking for protection from war and famine in the Middle East. These migrants on are claiming asylum, but unfortunately, many European nations are reacting poorly to the crisis. In order to protect their citizens and their culture, several European countries are keeping migrants out. This has created major problems as the European Union requires countries to honor each other’s contracts. Political experts around the world have searched for a solution to Europe’s problems, and one well known expert may have a solution to the asylum issue.

George Soros has long been thought of as one of the leading minds in the progressive movement. He made millions as a business leader, and now he operates several progressive think tanks. George Soros recently recognized the fact that Europe must act in this asylum seeking crisis. A recent marketwatch article, covered his new plan. The people flooding in from the Middle East are in desperate need of our help and Europeans must take action to protect these people. His plan offers Europeans a chance to show their better nature.

The George Soros plan requires several critical steps. The first step is that Europe must take in a million asylum seekers a year for the foreseeable future. Europe is surrounded by unstable regions, and unfortunately, there will be plenty of migrants for years to come. The burden of these migrants on must be shared equal. Each country should take their fair share, and the EU should provide 15,000 euros per migrant to pay for the costs of each migrant. These asylum seekers will need food, housing, and medical care, so they will need the 15,000 euros for two years. Soros wants to fund this program by issuing long term bonds, taking advantage of Europe’s excellent credit rating.

The next stage of the George Soros plan requires the European Union to reach out to other countries across the world that are providing support to migrants. These countries include Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. The European Union must provide financial support to these countries, as they currently have taken in 4 million refugees. The EU commitment should be in the neighborhood of 10 billion Euros a year, but it will save Europe money in the long run, and more importantly save lives.

The final steps of the Soros plan require the government to get organized. The EU must establish a single agency to handle the flow of migrants. That agency must develop a safe route from the Middle East to Europe for migrants. The agency must also reach out to NGOs across Europe to get asylum seekers the support they deserve. These NGOs include churches and non-profit organizations across all of Europe.

George Soros has been addressing social justice issues his entire life, and he strongly believes that the migrant crisis must be addressed. His plan will save lives and help Europe deal with the current influx of asylum seekers. Hopefully, the Europeans strongly consider his plan.

Kyle Bass And His Recurring Mistakes

Making a mistake is not regarded as a weakness until someone repeats the same mistake all over again. Kyle Bass in the type of guy who makes the same mistake all over again and seems not to notice; and if he does, he does not seem to worry at all. The once famous and respected hedge fund manager has not done his once glorious professional image any good over the last few months. Kyle, who came into the limelight after successfully predicting the mortgage crisis of 2008, has been going from one media station to the other giving his ‘insightful’ financial market analysis that has always been wrong and misinformed.

As if that is not enough, he has also went ahead and got himself involved in friendships and affairs that have been detrimental for his image. His latest actions have clearly made it evident that the magic touch that he once had is completely gone. His friend Cristina Fernández, the Argentinian who has done her people no good because of her economically illiterate decisions continues to cling to his bosom. Bass has been defending her on every chance he gets something that leaves many bewildered.

In the most recent past, he has been involved in an attempt to wipe out some drug patents by short-selling their stocks. He came up with the Coalition for Affordable Drugs and has been using the body to rip off pharmaceutical companies by ensuring that their stocks go down while he smiles all the way to the bank. He was at first insisting that he was doing it for a noble cause but later admitted that he was doing it to make some bucks. He has perfected his gullible money minting act without even thinking about the many patients who depend on the drugs whose patents he has been challenging.

Kyle is the Founder and the main man to Hayman Capital Management. He first came to the limelight when his subprime mortgage crisis prediction made him some money. He purchased credit debt swaps that were being issued by various investment banks at that time. Since then, he has been attracting media attention for precisely the wrong reasons by giving his expectations on matters related to the economic situation in Argentina and Japan.

He was born in 1969 in Miami, Florida. He went to the Texas Christian University on a diving scholarship and went ahead to graduate with a Business Administration degree. He made his career debut at Prudential Securities and went ahead to work at the Bear Sterns Dallas Office. He started his hedge fund with $33 million from family and friends as well as his $10 million savings. He has worked hard to build the brand and worked equally hard to bring it down.