Dr. Clay B. Siegall’s Ambitious Plan for Fighting Cancer

Since venturing into the biotechnology world, Dr. Clay has focused on creating powerful antibody-based conjugates (ADCs) that identify and eliminate cancerous cells. He is a trained scientist who has specialized in the field of targeted cancer therapies. Siegall launched Seattle Genetics nearly two decades ago on the sound basis of scientific innovation, in-depth research, passion for delivering quality services to patients, and drug development practices.

Partnerships and licenses

Dr. Clay Siegall has established connections with leading research institutes and health facilities in the U.S. and across the globe. His company (Seattle Genetics) has entered into many premeditated licenses for its exceptional ADC technology such as Genentech (Roche), GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, and Pfizer. These licenses have enabled the company to amass over $250 million. Across the various programs (collaborator and internal), over 20 antibody-based conjugates relying on Seattle Genetics’ technology are available. As the CEO, Dr. Clay has helped the biotechnology giant to generate more than $1.2 billion in funding. He also oversaw Seattle Genetics’ IPO back in 2001.

Dr. Clay is one of the forces behind the fast-paced expansion of Seattle Genetics. He has transformed the firm into a center of ADC development and commercialization. Under his goal-oriented leadership, the company obtained the 2011 FDA assent for its first ADC, ADCENTRIS. Immediately after the approval, Dr. Clay guided Seattle Genetics in securing a commercialization deal with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. Currently, ADCETRIS is an internationally recognized brand that is sanctioned in more than 60 nations.

Enhancing targeting abilities of ADCETRIS

According to Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics is carrying out an enhanced clinical examination on ADCETRIS. Its aim is to investigate the possibility of using the ADC to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma. The medication has demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of lymphomas. In 2015, the value of ADCETRIS sold in both Canada and the United States was $226 million. The sales in these two nations are projected to be between $255 and $275 by the end of 2016. During several interviews and press releases, Dr. Clay Siegall has confirmed that in addition to ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics has over 12 ADCs on clinical stage. He believes there is more that need to be done in the fight against cancer.