Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is the owner, found and Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital, an investment firm specializing in proprietary trading and equity consulting. They also manage professional sports investments along with asset and performance management. The expert staff and management work hard to create solutions and offer exceptional client services.

Sanjay Shah has many years of experience in the banking and investment industry, and decided to open his own brokerage firm after leaving his accounting job. He is originally from Kenya but moved to the Central London area with his family. He attended King’s College in Central London where he studies medicine. He wanted to become a doctor. After studying for a short time, he decided that is not what he wanted to do, but that he wanted to pursue the accounting business instead. He then started his accounting classes and graduated from King’s College with his accounting degree. After numerous years in the accounting and banking businesses, he wanted to venture off and start his own brokerage business. He resigned from his accounting job at the time, and hired a few graduate students to help him get the business running and formed Solo Capital. He wasn’t exactly sure how Solo Capital would do, so he decided to give it a solid year of hard work and dedication and if it didn’t work out, he’d figure something else out. The business of Solo Capital took off and increased its business fast and effectively. After five years of the business running it had an estimated net worth of $280 million. After many successful business transactions and increasing consulting equities, Solo Capital spread through Central London and Dubai. Shah was able to open 39 offices in the area and grow the business successfully. Because the business continued to do so well, he was able to semi-retire, still overseeing some of the job duties but allowing his executives to take over. He was then able to pursue other passions of his, such as his latest charity project called Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks was launched in 2014 after the diagnosis of his son. He was two years old at the time and Shah wanted to be able to understand the condition as well as help his son the best he could. He formed the charity, Autism Rocks as a result from a conversation with his friend Snoop Dogg, who urged him to get back into the music business. Shah was able to stage concert gigs with some of the most famous musicians and help raise awareness for the cause through their concerts. He has many more future endeavors suggesting more concert set ups with artists, and hopes to be able to contribute much of the funds to research and the ability to help others with Autism.

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Securus Goes Above and Beyond for Charity

The United Way campaign is a model campaign that is being praised by many investors and associates of Securus Technologies. Many think that the United Way campaign has had the highest level of contribution since the foundation of Securus Technologies. Among the list of contributors included associates of Securus and great leaders. The margin has even surpassed the annual goal of Securus Technologies everyone made very wonderful contributions for the campaign. They are focusing on the betterment of people’s lives and also saving of others. This campaign is similar to the perfect services at Securus Technologies in promoting a safe environment for everyone and many correction agencies. Recently, Securus initiated a technology in the form of inmate phone calls system referred to as advance connect.

The way Securus has been running their United Way campaign is amazing. It has been offering extra vacation days, giving prizes, and also organizing breakfasts and lunches with its sponsors who most of them are Securus associates to discuss the missions and the objective of their great campaign. Those platforms have continued to increase the interest levels of many other participants in what Securus United Way campaign does. They use a humanitarian strategy to eradicate poverty in the community, improve the health care and also increase accessibility to education for many young people.

The popularity of the campaign makes people get curious about what other things Securus Technologies does other than the campaigns. Well, Securus has been serving more than 3,450 correction agencies all over Texas. This is through providing emergency response system, criminal investigation and management of information about all incidents relating to the correction agencies but in a technological way Securus has more than 700 products invented by its experienced software developers all made to enhance the safety of everyone. The newest software in Securus created for communication is video visitation. Through the free app, you will get services like onsite video visits both scheduled or pre-scheduled which depends on the availability of that facility. Register for the technology here:

The inmate communication services improvised by Securus is very interesting. You only need to create an Advance Connect account with Securus, and you will get to make and receive calls to the offenders in the correction agencies. The account charges will be from your prepaid account. The account is great as it allows you to connect many of the contacts you have from home, office and also friends. As long as you have funds in your account you will be able to make and receive calls from the inmates in the correction agencies. The invention relates more with the campaigns Securus is doing as it is integrating the poor into the world same to what it is doing for the offenders.

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How The U.S. Money Reserve Is Helping To Raise Money With CrowdRise

Everyone should think about giving a little back on the holidays. Isn’t that what Christmas and thanksgiving are all about, giving? The goal this year for CrowdRise is to do exactly that this year. This year, the U.S. Money Reserve, The Capital Area Food Bank and CrowdRise are working together to make the ultimate fund-raising team. They are asking that everyone remembers to do something a little extra this year and give back to the people in need by donating to their cause. Everyone who lives within the general Texas location is being asked to donate what they can, even if it is just a little bit. The Capital Area Food Bank has in the previous couple of years been able to to raise an astounding amount of food for the hungry, they have even helped around 300 different organizations with in 21 counties that have been in the general vicinity of Texas area Texas area. In the year of 2014, they helped to get over the amount of 31 million in terms of pounds of food to the hungry families that were in desperate need of food. And now, they want to raise the bar a little, so they want to raise over that 31 million pound mark, and they will be seeking the help of a lot of people to do that much!
CrowdRise is a great, well known fund-raising group, they have even been helped out by some very famous individuals such as, Sophia Bush, Will Ferrell and Seth Rogan. They have been given top rating by everyone, including Mashable and Forbes who said that they were some of the greatest fund-raisers in history. They are even higher rated than Operah. They have been keeping Crowdrise a secret for a while now, but they have decided that they want to change that, and they want your help doing it!
The U.S. Money Reserve had been at first started by a small group of individuals who were gold market veterans who had the decency to think that giving back to the people by providing them with a specific place to go to where they could be provided excellent customer service, a bit of knowledge in the market and trusting help, the three things that are very important to dealing with precious metals.
They will still to this day provide the best that they can for their customer concerning the three precious metals issued by the United States. All of the U.S. Money Reserve clients have profited greatly from relying on the U.S. Money Reserve for their help and expertise in precious metals.

Joseph Bismark a Man of Spirituality and Business


I recently came across an article on the blog Bring on the Random about a businessman named Joseph Bismark. Joseph Bismark is a businessman who has found success in his business career through spirituality, which I find quite remarkable. And he has been able to prove that spirituality is beneficial to corporations through his contributions as a board member at Qnet. He was able to gain his spirituality when he became a monk in the Philippines. He then took what he had learned as a monk and applied it to the word of business earning him great success, which I find clearly shows that he is a remarkable spiritual intellect and businessman. I found that much of his skill is seen in how he helped shape and grow the QI group, infusing business practices with spirituality is what has helped the QI group continue to prosper.
Joseph Bismark is a prime example of a person who leads by unorthodox methods. Even though he had obtained a luxurious lifestyle, he was not content. So he became a monk, this is where he gained the knowledge to help himself as well as others in finding happiness and obtaining success, which is one of the reasons I feel that he is a leader with a fresh perspective on business and life. I feel that he realizes that the workplace is not operated by robots, but real people with real emotions and problems which is what makes the blending of his spirituality so effective in enhancing teamwork and overall success.
But Joseph Bismark is so much more than just a leader; he is an author, a motivational speaker, a businessman, and a person devout to spirituality. And he is, at least to me, an overall inspiring figure. I really find the story and methods of Joseph Bismark to be a breath of fresh air. I find it noble how he left his comfortable life of luxury to become a monk to improve not just his life but also those around him. Overall, I have come to find Joseph Bismark to be and inspiring man.