DNC Chairwoman Responds to Jeb Bush’s Jab at Obamacare by Taking His Remarks Out of Context

In a FreedomPop review I read that DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz criticized former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by taking his Apple smartwatch comments out of context. Last week, Bush extolled the virtues of the new smartwatch over the medical monitoring apps it supports. Bush pointed out that such functionality was non-existent five years ago. Further innovation will allow applications to better monitor a person’s health in ways which Obamacare, a monolithic health care program, cannot accomplish. In this regard, such private sector innovation may in fact make up for the short-comings in Obamacare. In that regard, it will “fix” some of the program’s flaws.

However, Wasserman-Schultz attempted to portray the remark as saying that the small wristband watch will be able to address physical health care needs. Wasserman-Schultz, who is a breast cancer survivor, pointed out that she endured cancer and there is not app that can manage or cure that. While her point is correct, it was not what Bush was alluding to in his remark. Bush spoke of the benefits that apps offer to monitor conditions such as diabetes. Blood glucose monitoring apps can alert diabetics to looming spikes in their sugar or when it is time to take another insulin injection. In fact, it is diabetes or end stage renal disease which is the biggest budget line-item for the Medicare & Medicaid programs. An app that can help a person better manage the disease will in fact play a role in solving the nation’s health care crisis.