Dan Newlin Understands Your Needs

Getting into an automobile accident or slipping and falling can be a traumatic experience. Beyond that, you may be injured as a result of the incident – hopefully temporarily, but possibly permanently. Personal injury situations are not only stressful, they can be economically difficult between the high costs of medical bills, lost income from being unable to work, and other incidental costs. Furthermore, the emotional turmoil that an injury can cause is massive, from depression over being unable to work or live up to your own standards, to the stress of a spouse or other family members having to take on more responsibility.

In these stressful and difficult times, it is important to find an attorney to manage your case and ensure that you receive the proper medical care as well as the proper compensation for your injuries, any emotional damage, and lost income from being unable to work. The right attorney will be hard working, compassionate, and really take the time to work with you on your case, not just process you as a number.

One attorney that excels in all of these areas in Dan Newlin. His primary office is located in Orlando, Florida although he services a wide range of cities in and around the Orlando area. Furthermore, he has an office in Chicago to serve the Illinois market. Dan Newlin has received a great deal of recognition for his commitment to his clients, hard work, ethical practice, and of course, the fact that he has recovered millions and millions of dollars for his clients. Mr. Newlin runs a large number of television commercials to help potential clients familiarize themselves with his face, and you can be sure that you will receive individualized care and case management from him, the other attorneys in his office, and his entire support staff.

Sustaining a personal injury can be a scary, painful experience, but the right attorney can make all the difference in the world to facilitate the process and maximize your physical and financial recovery.

Fireman, Policeman, Sheriff, Advocate for the Injured: Meet Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin began his career fighting for the things he believed in. He focused his energy and efforts into the areas where he thought he could do the most good. He identified enemies of ordinary people and became a part of the forces that helped reduce the level of damage done. Fire did damage, and left victims in its wake; Dan fought back as a fireman. Criminals did damage, and left victims in their wake; Dan fought back as a policeman, and later on as a sheriff. Accidents did damage, often leaving a trail of victims whose lives were forever changed; Dan fought back as a dedicated advocate for those victims. Often in this world it seems hard to find anyone that cares. People suffer in the aftermath of devastating occurrences like fire, crime, or accidents. People living in the state of Florida can easily find someone that cares, is capable, and has a passion to help.
Although his days of fighting fire and crime are now behind him, Dan Newlin is on a new quest. He is seeking justice for accident victims, and he brings with him the same intense fighting spirit that is the Newlin trademark. Dan and his team of experienced advocates have earned settlements that collectively total in the multi millions, and are experts in addressing some of the more common, and questionable, tactics used by insurance companies.
Another lesser known activity of Dan Newlin is his passion for charitable efforts. In 2010 he created The Dan Newlin Miracle Project. Through this organization Mr. Newlin has raised money to help families with a seriously ill loved one. He partnered with Arnold Palmers Children’s Hospital, and Hugz from Bugz founder Chad Ebbert, to bring hope and motivation to children battling cancer. Several activities took place to bring smiles to those who desperately need something to smile about. Clearly Dan Newlin has a passion for giving to others, and clearly he intends to continue pursuing his passion. Fighting for justice, bringing hope to the hopeless, and having fun doing it all. Well done Mr. Newlin, well done.