Securus Goes Above and Beyond for Charity

The United Way campaign is a model campaign that is being praised by many investors and associates of Securus Technologies. Many think that the United Way campaign has had the highest level of contribution since the foundation of Securus Technologies. Among the list of contributors included associates of Securus and great leaders. The margin has even surpassed the annual goal of Securus Technologies everyone made very wonderful contributions for the campaign. They are focusing on the betterment of people’s lives and also saving of others. This campaign is similar to the perfect services at Securus Technologies in promoting a safe environment for everyone and many correction agencies. Recently, Securus initiated a technology in the form of inmate phone calls system referred to as advance connect.

The way Securus has been running their United Way campaign is amazing. It has been offering extra vacation days, giving prizes, and also organizing breakfasts and lunches with its sponsors who most of them are Securus associates to discuss the missions and the objective of their great campaign. Those platforms have continued to increase the interest levels of many other participants in what Securus United Way campaign does. They use a humanitarian strategy to eradicate poverty in the community, improve the health care and also increase accessibility to education for many young people.

The popularity of the campaign makes people get curious about what other things Securus Technologies does other than the campaigns. Well, Securus has been serving more than 3,450 correction agencies all over Texas. This is through providing emergency response system, criminal investigation and management of information about all incidents relating to the correction agencies but in a technological way Securus has more than 700 products invented by its experienced software developers all made to enhance the safety of everyone. The newest software in Securus created for communication is video visitation. Through the free app, you will get services like onsite video visits both scheduled or pre-scheduled which depends on the availability of that facility. Register for the technology here:

The inmate communication services improvised by Securus is very interesting. You only need to create an Advance Connect account with Securus, and you will get to make and receive calls to the offenders in the correction agencies. The account charges will be from your prepaid account. The account is great as it allows you to connect many of the contacts you have from home, office and also friends. As long as you have funds in your account you will be able to make and receive calls from the inmates in the correction agencies. The invention relates more with the campaigns Securus is doing as it is integrating the poor into the world same to what it is doing for the offenders.

If you would like to visit Securus’ site, click here.

Changes in wifi usage are simple to make with Freedom Pop

FreedomPop may not yet be a household name, but this late entrant into the providing of data and calls over a series of wifi networks found across the US and Canada is hoping to become one of the top carriers with users across North America. The company was only founded in 2011 and initially provided cell phone communications for users across North America using network space rented from major networks and carriers. The latest news of new network coverage comes as the company unveils a series of low cost data plans, which allow calls, texts, email and Internet use for far lower than premium LTE services.

Alongside the latest advances in cell phone technology FreedomPop has partnered with a number of major network providers and retailers to provide a large network of LTE hotspots that cover the majority of the country. The only people that can give a FreedomPop review are those based around major metropolitan areas, but this will expand across a larger area of the US and Canada in the coming months to create a major network based upon wifi calls and data usage. The move to using wifi hotspots should not cause a major change for the majority of customers as the latest research suggests the use of data is primarily based on wifi hotspots offered by networks and retailers across the US.

FreedomPop will be allowing its customers to use some of the largest and most prestigious 4G LTE networks in the US, although the majority of network providers are being kept a closely guarded secret by the company. The company has revealed they are using some of the hotspots of major retail and fast food chains, which would also mean FreedomPop users will be using the networks created by Google and AT&T when they choose to connect to the Internet or make a call.

How Image Recognition technology is changing the world

Technology has been improving day by day. Technological advancements have led to an improvement in the living standards of human beings. Different software have been produced.

Among them is the image recognition software. This is a software capable of identifying an object in digital image. Although the software has been there, there have been a lot of advancements that have made it possible for the software to be used in divergent areas.


In businesses

The new technology has highly been utilized by business people to connect with their customers. Retailers take photos of the products they have and post them for potential buyers to see them and make requests. Buyers usually take photographs of the products they need usually clothes and shoes and then search for the possible match of the product online. Each product is accompanied by its price such that those willing to buy will only have to click the ‘Buy Now’ button if they are satisfied with the product.

Slyce has been the leading provider of image recognition services, effectively connecting business people and their customers. The display of the products makes it easier for every person searching for the product online to see it.

Through the technological advancement by slice, business activities have improved. Retailers have accumulated a lot of cash as a result of increase in sales while customers have been able to access the product they need with a lot of ease.

In the security field

The technology has fast been incorporated in the security field where they act as CCTV cameras. The software is installed in computers and used to monitor everything happening in a company or institution.

Every person in who gets into the company or the institution can be identified by the software. This helps to maintain security of the whole area as well as ensuring that there are no illegal activities like theft and shoplifting happening in a company.

In health

Medical practitioners highly make use of this technology when carrying out x-rays for their patients. Image recognition software is installed in hospital computers and used to identify different cells and tumors in the body. This has made it easier for doctors to offer treatment to their patients in the right manner.

In industries

The technology is used in the automatic inspection of manufacturing processes. The computers are fitted in such a way that they can survey the whole production process and feed the data to the required devices. This has made factories to reduce on their operating cost since the number of supervisors in such an industry is reduced. The technology is very effective since it is accurate unless altered with. Therefore, industries get rid of losses caused by technological problems within their production systems.

In mathematics

Image recognition has also been highly used in data analysis. Data is put in a form where interpreting it is easy. Level of accuracy in data analysis is very high and therefore the data processed is accurate. This helps avoid the chances of using the wrong data for decision making.

In conclusion, image recognition technology has been used across different fields. Its application has led to various improvements in the field. There is still much that is being done to enhance the technology to improve its efficiency.