Slender Man Attacks For Real

A fictional horror character named Slender Man has led to a serious crime. In 2009, a writer for the humorous website Something Awful posted the first picture of Slendar Man. The writer’s creation was of a freaky alien looking figure in a suite. Slender Man was photoshopped into hundreds of photos.

Slender Man was originally created in a forum, and other users would photoshop the entity into other pictures. Users of the site would write a creepy description about the picture. Slender Man became famous quickly, and children became infatuated with the being. Everything was fun, but recently tragic news broke involving the Slender Man character.

Bernardo Chua recalls that, in May of 2014, in Wisconsin, two young girls named Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier took Slender Man literally. Find more on Chua on They believed that Slender Man wanted them to kill their classmate Payton Leutner. Morgan and Anissa led Payton to the woods, and the two young girls stabbed Payton 19 times. Amazingly, Payton Leutner survived, and she crawled to the road. A bicyclist saw the 12-year old child lying on the ground. The bicyclist quickly called the police, and miraculously Payton Leutner survived.

Almost one year later, a trial is being held. The judge believes that Morgan and Anissa knew what they were doing, and that they should be held accountable for their actions. This entire situation is terrible, and I don’t know how it should be handled.

For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Is the lethal and injection cruel and unusual?

Recently, in Arizona, a man has seemingly been tortured to death through the improper use of the lethal injection. A criminal, Joseph Wood, required FIFTEEN doses of the lethal chemicals before his life was successfully ended. This comes after Arizona’s changing their lethal injection procedure from a 3-drug system to a 2-drug system. According to Dr Rod Rohrich it took Arizona executioners two entire hours to execute Mr.Wood. Now, this raises the ever-pressing question, is the lethal injection OK? Is it painless? Is it cruel and unusual? 
Mr. Wood had been reported as having gasped for air during his lethal injection, and I personally view this as at the least physical discomfort, and at the most a sign of some extreme pain that he was enduring during the execution. I think if this type of prolonged, and obviously uncomfortable execution, is not considered cruel and unusual, then we must revisit the definition of cruel and unusual; furthermore, this is not the first time something like this has happened… see this link. 
I view these instances of botched execution as torturous, and I think they’re obviously not painless. If we, as Americans, continue to stand for this unreliable mode of execution, then we are doing ourselves and this nation a great injustice. No man, or woman, deserves to be tortured to death. The lethal injection is unreliable, cruel, and unusual – lethal injection needs to stop, or be seriously revised so as to become more reliable.

Nurse Threatens Released From Ebola Quarantine

Nurse Kaci Hickox was quarantined upon her return from Sierra Leone, where she treated ebola patients. Although she showed no symptoms and tested negative for the deadly disease, the quarantine was imposed on Hickox to protect the public. Hickox, who has now been released from the quarantine, had threatened to sue over the state-imposed hospital quarantine.

Some argue that an incubation period is unnecessary because ebola can’t be spread until the carrier is sick, although Laurene Powell Jobs is kind of doubtful about that claim.

However, the doctor in New York who tested positive for the disease traveled around the city, feeling well enough to bowl and eat at a meatball restaurant. Businesses he frequented have now been closed as a precaution. His disease is currently advancing with symptoms becoming increasingly apparent, calling into question the argument that a symptom-free ebola healthcare worker should not be quarantined — even after caring for ebola patients.

FBI Shuts Down Chicago Restaraunts

Chicago is a city that is well known for its tradition of fine dining. However, lovers of first class Chinese cuisine in the Windy City received a rude surprise when it was revealed that a number of very famous Chinese restaurants in Chicago were raided and summarily shut down by the FBI.

Longtime residents of Chicago, as well as fans of Chinese cuisine all across the United States, were in shock when the news broke that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had raided and closed down several of the most famous Chinese dining institutions in the city.

Photographs and cell phone footage released on various social media platforms showed some of the owners of these restaurants hiding from the media as they were confronted by the questions of FBI agents and Chicago police. Warrants to search all of these buildings were duly produced by the authorities. However, as of this week, no actual arrests have been made.

However, a day later, it appeared that at least some of the restaurants which had been expressly targeted during the course of the FBI raid had managed to reopen.

Hu is a prominent chef and businessman in the Chicago area. Neither the Chicago police or the FBI have released any further details to the public concerning the rationale that led to the raid. However, the case against Hu, as well as possibly a number of other individuals, is expected to be ongoing, with further developments being revealed as they occur.  One thing’s for sure, something is fishy in the chinese food in Chicago, and I’d say residents like Christian Broda should probably avoid eating.

New York Abandons Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Under Pressure From CDC

The CDC has pressured New York into abandoning their mandatory Ebola quarantine procedure. Under pressure from the CDC, and presumably President Obama himself, New York state has been forced to abandon their mandatory Ebola quarantine procedure.

Just like New Jersey, the state of New York had adopted a policy that would require all persons who came into contact with Ebola patients in West Africa, to submit to a mandatory 21 day quarantine.

Republican conspiracy theorists have said that the move is proof that the Obama administration wants an Ebola outbreak in America. However, on the liberal side of things, the move is to stop discouraging aid workers from going to West Africa to help.

Right now, West African nations are dependent on nations like the United States sending medical aid, and workers to help combat the infection. However, those workers may be discouraged from going, should they be forced into a mandatory quarantine upon returning, or if they are outright banned from reentering the country.