Securus Technologies’ Clients appreciate its Products and Services

Securus Technologies is an American firm that is well known for offering outstanding technology-based products to correctional facilities that are located across North America. The company was established in the 1980s, and it provides top-notch products that are used for public safety, investigations, corrections, and monitoring services. In 2016, Securus revealed that it had received several comments from different individuals who used its products in solving and preventing criminal activities in prisons. The company has been appreciated through several emails and letters that have been sent by correctional facilities staff from different parts of North America. It is highly recognized for the role that it plays in keeping law enforcement facilities safe.


According to Securus Technologies’ CEO, its technology experts have been striving to ensure that they develop new products that prevent crime in prisons. The innovative developments are determined to ensure the safety of convicts, parolees, and the public. Rick Smith makes sure that every product that Securus Technologies offers is secure and cannot be used for criminal activities.


The individuals who wrote letters and emails to Securus Technologies had different reasons for thanking the company. One of the comments appreciated the firm for its phone call monitoring solution that enabled the correctional facility that he serves to secure a search warrant for a rogue officer. The prison official was later arrested for allowing inmates to use contraband items. Securus Technologies also received an email from a customer who appreciated the security of its call services. The individual said that he was able to monitor inmate phone calls and track illegal activities in prisons such as alcohol use, money transfers, access to illegal cell phones, and various threats to the public and convicts. Many other users of Securus Technologies’ services thanked it for its outstanding monitoring and investigation tools.


ClassDojo Raises $21 Million To Improve The App

ClassDojo was initially touted as a tool to help teachers improve student behavior. Now it’s also used to improve the level of collaboration among parents, teachers, and students. ClassDojo recently raised $21 million to improve and expand the functions of the app. The parents and teachers that use ClassDojo can now envision the app playing a role in helping to facilitate better continual communication between parents and teachers. The app has the potential to be so effective, it could make parent-teacher meetings a thing of the past.


Connecting Parents, Teachers, And Students


The ClassDojo app has used a Series B venture funding round to get $21 million. That money will be used to enhance the technology. Teachers will now be able to keep parents appraised on the things the students are experiencing and their behavior using photographs, video, and direct messaging. Parents can also share information on the work the student is doing at home. This can help teachers and parents enhance the student’s development and address learning and behavioral issues earlier.


Improved Learning Experience


ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and currently used by over 85,000 American charter, public, and private schools. The app is primarily employed to make parents aware of daily, weekly, and other planned activities. Soon ClassDojo will used to provide parents with a wide range of features and content they can use to improve the student’s development at home as well as in the classroom. This will enhance the student’s learning experience.


Purchase Supplies And More


The easy-to-use app helps to tighten the bonds between teachers and parents and create a more collaborate educational culture. It is currently in in kindergarten through 8th grade. But with companies like Reach Capital, SignalFire, and GSV now investing in the app, the San Francisco-based startup will soon be used from grade K-12. Soon parents will be able to use ClassDojo to purchase yearbooks, field trips, supplies, lessons, discussion guides, and other content to improve the student’s chances for success.


More Productive Classrooms


The app could lead to happier, more productive, better controlled classrooms and strengthen the lines of communications between parents and teachers. It can also save teachers time and help student learn important skills. The app can translate messages into 35 languages instantly and works on Android, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, as well as any computer and has built=in privacy features. It is free for teachers.


Talk Fusion Gives A Gentle Push

A lot of people in life jut need a gentle push and there is nothing at all wrong with that. There is a difference between an aggressive push and a gentle push. There are people in the world that are very unhappy with their jobs but they aren’t sure if they should quit. After all, they get benefits, pay, and the ability to have a roof over their heads. They don’t take that for granted. However, they have to ask themselves: at what price? Is it worth it? Are they losing just a little bit of their soul in the process? With places with Etsy and Ebay, people can make a living at home.


There are a lot of talented and creative folks out there with big ideas. They don’t want to be labeled into just one position. They have a lot more to offer than that. That is what Talk Fusion does for people out there. It is all about branding and spreading the word. Once people know the product and get it in their hands, they will tell their friends. It is amazing how fast word of mouth can really help a business. There are people with scented candle businesses or crochet businesses. They often go to craft fairs or find ways to make money with them. However, it is only spending money. They want to make more money.


That is where Talk Fusion and Bob Reina come in, as right now, they are offering 30-day free trials to customers out there. Bob is pretty confident that once they get their hands on it and use their video newsletters, video emails, and video chats, they will fall in love with the product, they will buy it, and they will see their business grow.


They won’t have to worry about a 9-5 job anymore. In fact, it won’t even feel like a job to them. It will feel like what they were put on this earth to do in the first place, which is to explore, be themselves, have fun, and be creative. That is a feeling that money can never buy.