Failures do not define you, your determination does.

Yanni Hufnagel is considered one of the most capable basketball coach. He has an extensive career in basketball right from the time of his college. Since then he has been hired by many universities to become their basketball team coach, and he has helped them win championships. He has also worked with Harvard University which is one of his biggest achievement. He helped his team won many events and games. He is very smart in selecting good and capable players and helps them in their grooming. His bold gaming tactics on the field sometimes seem a bit odd in others eyes, yet he always has a firm faith in his players who have never disappointed him and have won many matches.

He also worked with University of California, Berkley. Unfortunately, a reporter went against him with false accusations, and he has to leave his team there. However, this didn’t impact his career negatively as he was a good person. He got other offers which he accepted. Eventually, he selected the University of Nevada as his new career move. He became the coach of one of the most famous basketball teams, Wolfpack which has won a national championship at least nine times.

Yanni has always proven to be a trust worthy and hardworking coach for every player. He has groomed many shining talents in American basketball teams. He has always raised the morale of his players. He has taught his players to play with the heart and never think about any failure. Failure is just a step towards greater success. Keep on trying and working hard for your aims and ambitions and stay determined. Nothing can come in your way, and no one can beat you if you are determined to get success.