Chris Christie Turns on Common Core

It may be further evidence that the Common Core education initiative, started by individual states, has in fact been hijacked by an intrusive federal government. It may be the realities of being a second-tier presidential candidate in a desperate need to shift right in order to attract the party’s conservative base. Regardless of whatever are the true motivations behind the move, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has reversed his support of Common Core and announced plans to withdraw his state from the controversial curriculum. The announcement was made on Thursday in a speech the governor delivered before one of the party’s most generous donors, Sheldon Adelson.

Sam Tabar agrees that it is well known that Christie has an image problem as being disloyal. In the crucial final weeks of the 2012 presidential campaign, Christie snubbed GOP nominee Mitt Romney and actively invited President Obama to tour his state after a devastating hurricane. He went so far as to warmly embrace the president in a hug which image made national headlines. The following year, he praised the Common Core standards as a point where he and the president are closely aligned. Now, Christie is intent on a presidential run and finds conservatives to be put off by his candidacy. For his part, Christie claims his decision to oppose Common Core is based on a statewide study that found the new curriculum confusing and dysfunctional. Pundits believe he is shifting right in a bid to win more of his party’s support.