Susan McGalla is working her way to the top

Susan McGalla is known as a leading American business woman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan McGalla is currently known as the president of American Eagle INC. Along with her other roles she is also the CEO of Wet Seal INC.

McGalla is able to sit on the board of HFF INC. This company is known as being a public trading company that helps provide commercial real estate services. McGalla is currently a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh and is also the director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Susan McGalla was born on May 31, 1964 in East Liverpool, Ohio. She began her career by working at Joseph Horne Company. There she worked from 1986 until 1994 in a variety of marketing and managerial positions. Later on that year she went on to join American Eagle Outfitters. There is were she was able to get her career officially started.

In 2009, McGalla officially left American Eagle INC. and went on to become a private consultant for different retail and financial investment industries. Also that year, McGalla went in to succeed Ed Thomas as the CEO of Wet Seal, INC. After that she continued to build onto her career.

Recent studies have shown that businesses that are gender-diversiry are 15% more likely to be able to out perform other companies. There are tons of woman out there that struggle their way to be able to reach higher levels in their organizations. Susan McGalla though has no trouble at all though helping lead the way for other women leaders.

Susan has stated that she credits her work ethnics from being raised by her football coach dad and her two brothers. She went on to say that she had to work for everything she got which, caused for her to have a greater appreciation for everything she got. McGalla has steadly worked her way up in her career and hopes to continue her way up until she reaches the top.

How to Become a Woman Leader

Diversity is something which most businesses have to work on; this will always work in their favor since it brings about different perspectives. More so, it contributes towards the growth of the company through innovation thus having a competitive advantage. Statistics do show that for any gender-diverse businesses, they have a 15% probability of outperforming their competitors. Ethnically diverse companies have a better chance which goes up to 35%, with which they can be able to gain new ideas and implement them on their business strategies.

Even though women assist in diversity within the workplace, statistics indicate that most have C-level positions in S&P 500 companies. Susan McGalla is amongst the women working towards eradicating this; she is aimed at ascertaining that she can pave the way for women leaders. She achieved her success based on the way she was brought up, getting to work for everything she would like just like her two brothers.

This toughened her up and has enabled her to be able to work her way up within organizations, the most recent being American Eagle Outfitters. When she joined the company, all executives were men, however, before she exited, she had been able to become the president of the company. She later founded her P3 Executive Consulting in an industry mostly dominated by men, and she still has been able to grow the company.

Susan McGalla

She is a resilient woman who credits her success to the way she was raised up. Having a football coach dad and two brothers taught her to work hard for everything she wanted. She has been able to carry this forward in business thus soaring even higher.

Being the founder of an executive consulting firm, she has been able to ascertain that she can offer her clients with everything they like. Some of which include marketing, branding, operational efficiencies, talent management, and more.

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Fighting for social justice; the story of Thor Havlorssen

Thor Havlorssen likes to describe himself as a child of many nations. He is a Venezuelan-Norwegian, but he lives and works in the country when he is not traveling the world to crusade for the rights of the less fortunate. His mother and father both have a royal heritage, and funny enough, they were also both crusaders of social justice. When Mr. Thor was a child he was unfortunate enough to watch his father getting arrested when he was fighting against corruption by the Venezuelan government. This is one of the events that molded him into the person that he is today.

However, the most significant thing that happened in his childhood and made him think seriously about the plight of the weak in the society was a case where his mother and a group of other people had been holding peaceful demonstrations against the government of the day. His mother and a few others were singled out and shot with live bullets in broad daylight. At that time, when Thor was trying to bring her mother’s shooters to book, he had the naïve believe that once arrested justice would be served. First of all, it took years before the people were arrested, even though they had been seen clearly and were known. Then, when the case was conducted and concluded, they were handed a three year sentence. What was even more shocking was the fact that after serving six months of their three months sentence, they were allowed to walk. Click here to know more.

These are the events that made the man the activist that he is today. He founded an organization that is known as The Human Rights Movement. Through the organization, he has helped countless people get out of bad humanitarian situations and get the legal help and justice that they need. He organizes a day of human rights annually and those that attend claim that it is like the Davos conference, only that at the events, the matters discussed include human rights, how they can be upheld and how to shun the blatant disregard that some countries act in relation to human rights. Thor is a name that will be on the lips of many ho crusade for social justice.


Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Says He’s Fortunate

CEO and Chairman of Squaw Valley Resort Holdings Andy Wirth considers himself a lucky man. The avid sportsman and businessman almost lost everything just a few short years ago.

While skydiving with some friends back in 2013, the winds blew him a great distance from his mark and he ended up landing in a vineyard full of sharp poles. The end result was his arm was got stuck on one of the poles after a hard landing and ripped off.

According to KCWR, Andy Wirth was able to stop the blood loss by putting pressure on the wound. He was taken to the local hospital where surgeons re-attached his arm.

The road to recovery was a long and arduous process. He had to go through hundreds of hours of physical and occupational therapy. While going through his recovery, Wirth befriended a group of Navy Seals. It was through this friendship that he started a fund to support wounded seals and their loved ones.

Today, Andy Wirth’s arm has regained about 70 percent of its function. He currently participates in Ironman competitions and marathons. Wirth says he no longer does skydiving because of the risks. “My family is extremely afraid for me after the accident,” said Wirth.

Andy Wirth says he feels extremely lucky and blessed. “Things could have turned out much differently.”

Wirth has also resumed his role in the capacity of CEO. He took over as CEO of Squaw Valley Resort Holdings in 2010. The resort was on his last leg before Wirth turned it around and made it into one of the top ski resorts in the U.S.

The property underwent a complete overhaul. The facilities and staff are now top notch. “We have the best food, activities and service in the industry,” said Wirth

A graduate of Colorado State University, Wirth previously worked as a park ranger and has over 25 years experience at Steamboat Springs Resort.

Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

Las Vegas hosted the CES -Consumer Electronics Show- in January, 2016. This annual event gives insight to future technology for the next 40 years. The website CNET, recounted that the world is ever changing. At Phxated, you’ll get the latest gist.

Marcio Alaor, BMG executive, states the event’s top electronics consist of a drone with space for a passenger, everyday objects will attach a camera for personal use. The passenger electric car making a place in the future once again.

The Ehang 184 drone drones were the high attraction at CES 2016. The passenger ready drone Ehang 184 allows your imagination to perceive a thought of flying cars in the near future. As a drone is pre-programed, there isn’t a need to fly it if it was possible. Marcio Alaor BMG states that the drone is manufactured by the Ehang Chinese company and at this time has only flown about 23 minutes at one time.

The Ehang Chinese company continues to work on the invention with the biggest concern being security. Marcio Alaor, the Banco BMG executive says that the Chinese company has plans to ensure security by setting a control center that will be able to take control of the drone if they need to.

The Chevrolet Bolt in 2017 was the attraction being the electric car in its completed version. They plan to put a selling price of $30,000 on this car. Ford and Volkswagen confirms that there will be an increase of electric vehicles in the future. Ford alone plans to place 13 hybrid cars for sale in 2020. With the reinvention of the classic Volkswagen, Kombi as an electric prototype. It’s hard to imagine not stopping for gas.

Cameras will be connected to all kinds of things. Connected to the refrigerator allows communication by sending you a picture of the inside of your refrigerator and you can see if you need milk or not. Samsung priced their refrigerator at $5,000.

With the first CES taking place in 1967 in the city of New York. Many electronic devices were presented. In 1970 the VCR was given to the world. There were compact disc players presented in 1981, with the DVD-digital versatile disk- being presented in 1996. the plasma television was at CES in 2001. The Blu-Ray DVD was at CES in 2003.

CES 2017 has set their date between January 5th through the 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada,
United States.


Source: Marcio Alaor BMG and

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Sanjay Shah Starts Autism Rocks

In the year 2011, Sanjay Shah and his wife had to take their youngest son, Nikhil in the hospital. The child had been vomiting now and then, and many doctors had not been able to give the right diagnosis. After several moving from one country to the other searching for answers, Nikhil was diagnosed with a serious condition known as autism. The condition is most of the times incurable, and the only way to manage it is through therapy. Because of had enough money and resources, Shah was able to hire the best doctors and nurses to give the boy the time of treatment and therapy he required to live a normal life. This experience left him with a great lesson. Although he was able to give his son the therapy required, he wanted to start a foundation to help children suffering from them medical condition.

Several years ago, Autism Rocks was started. The charitable organization raises money to fund research concerning autism. The organization also helps teens and children suffering from the condition to access the right facilities where they can get the support they need and also fund their therapies. Shah is currently retired at only forty-three years, and most of all his charitable donations are given to Autism Rocks.
Before Nikhil got ill, Shah was also involved in philanthropic activities. He would spare some amount of money and send it to the children in India. He had sponsored the children who received these funds for over ten years. At this time, he thought that this was the only channel he could use to help someone. The experience with Nikhil changed him completely, and he decided that they would only support the autism children.

Sanjay Shah is also the founder of Solo Capital, a boutique financial company that is found in the United Kingdom. This organization was started in the year 2011 in September. Since its foundation, the company has done very well, giving their founder enough money to take over many companies and also start others. The company was also incorporated in the year 2011, and the England regulation regulates it. It headquarters are found in London. Apart from the office located in London, Solo Capital has more offices in different cities in the nation. The company has managed to take over a company known as Old Lane Park, a very popular natural resources firm that is also based in the United Kingdom.

The company was started in a tiny rented room on the outskirts of London few years ago. Its founder, Sanjay Shah had just left his job as an accountant in a bank in London. It has grown significantly, and currently, it has big and better offices.

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Netflix’s Promising Future According To Marcio Alaor

Netflix, that publicly traded company with a significant market capitalization in the video streaming business is going to yield great gains in terms of consumer base and profit for the year 2016, says BMG executive vice president Marcio Alaor. The reports have proven to be among the most promising investments after a stagnant outcome for the company. Fortunately, the information collected by Marcio Alaor and his team have showed how Netflix has successfully invested in this business.

Marcio Alaor is dedicated to helping others gain insight into what is going on around the world with regards to big players in the technology industry. As the executive of BMG Group, he has guided countless individuals in their quest to capture the success of investment as well. Now with an insight into Netflix, he is all set to do the same. Throughout his reports, Marcio Alaor points out the proven strategies that Netflix has taken and all the systems involved in the progress and development of the company. For example, Netflix is set to expand in more than 130 countries for the year 2016, which is more than double of what it has achieved so far since its inception. Certain countries such as North Korea, Crimea and Syria have placed restrictions on the company but other than that, it is all set for the expansion across the globe. Its plan of expanding in China is on hold as of now. The biggest achievement, however, is its presence in India which has promised to fetch a large consumer base by the end of this year.

Topics touched upon by Marcio Alaor about Netflix include its growth trends and market secrets positioned for progress in the coming year. Along the way, Marcio indicates that Netflix is going to increase at the rate of 24% each year from 2016 to 2020. This is particularly important for other companies and investors who are planning to partner with this company and are looking to grow their portfolios by matching their technology with that of Netflix’s. Investors who have partnered with Netflix early on have profited handsomely so far. By following Marcio Alaor’s reports, those companies that are planning to play a role in investment can have a huge edge over other investors and are in a better position to understand market trends and potential growth.

Marcio Alaor is the executive vice president of BMG Group, a major sponsor of Brazilian football and provider of uniforms to over 40 clubs. He is the driving force behind this company and is recognized as one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of the 21st century. Marcio Alaor also plays an active role in the investment research activities at the company he adores.

Charles Koch Talks Reform For Our Broken Criminal Justice System

What’s at stake with our current shattered criminal justice system? Most people turn to the government to answer this complex question, yet Charles Koch believes the government is the problem. The latest numbers from the Bureau of Justice claim one in every 110 adults is incarcerated, and since 1980, the prison population has quadrupled. Yet, liberals say those numbers are a reflection of the poor, and uneducated, representing low level offenses instead of actual dangerous offenders.

According to a Newsweek article, Charles Koch, and brother David are campaigning for a balance between the defense of society through enforcement, and respect for individual freedom. Koch says “big government” has conspicuously broken this balance, sacrificing our liberty and freedom, and now the very foundations of our society are being challenged. Is this the liberty our forefathers had in mind, or is an ideological vision of justice too soft? Liberals say spending $250 billion per year on a failing criminal justice system is too wasteful, and we must rethink our failing system, but also change the behavior of lawmakers. Currently, judges have little to no discretion in leniency for certain crimes, and that must change.

What Led Charles Koch to Re-examine Reforms?

The 1995 Texas case against Koch Petroleum Group became the ultimate wakeup call for the Koch brothers. The Department of Justice prosecuted the case, in which all charges were dropped six years later, and many view as a waste of money and miscarriage of justice. Since the 90’s, Texas has passed several reforms to their criminal justice system.

Charles Koch heads up a leading privately-held company, Koch Industries, based in Wichita, Kansas. It is the second largest private company in the world with annual revenues estimated at more than $115 billion. His father, Fred Koch, founded Koch Industries, specializing in oil refining and chemicals. His sons inherited Koch Industries when their father died in 1967. The Koch brothers successfully expanded into petroleum products (polymers, textile fibers, fertilizers), equipment and technologies industry (maintenance, pollution control) to commercial services, and in various other consumer areas (forest and livestock products). They also produce several retail brands such as Stainmaster (carpets), Lycra (fiber), Quilted Northern (paper towel) and Dixie cups.

“My general idea is to minimize big government and maximize individual freedoms. Rewarding failure has become too costly” says Koch.

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Understanding the Stock Market in 2016

Joe Sowin, head of global equity trading at Highland Capital Management, believes that the fact that stocks closed higher for the week ending January 22,2016, is to cover short covering. The market, which hit its low for the week on Wednesday, January 20, 2016, rebounded on the strength of oil. Oil finished up 9 percent for the year at $32.19 a barrel. Joe says he is watching the corporate fundamental earning reports to see if he thinks stocks may go even higher in the near future. On January 28, 2016, NASDAQ is set to release its quarterly earnings statement.

 When Saudi Arabia chose to not put taps on the world’s oil as prices slid from over $100 a barrel to under $29 dollars a barrel, stocks took a nose dive as well according to the investors at Highland Capital Management. The decision by the Saudi government was an attempt to end shale oil production in the United States. The decision by Saudi Arabia was also an attempt to shame Russian officials. Despite layoffs caused by the low oil prices in the United States, production in the US and Russia has not significantly declined. This has forced Saudi Arabia to impose bans against betting against its currency.
There is one thing that is quite evident during these rocky times for investors. They need an outstanding management company who has the experts to understand the volatile market. Jim Dondero, president of Highland Capital Management, is a man that people can trust. He has over 30 years of experience that he is anxious to put to use for investors. His areas of specialization include distressed loans, and finding credit oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors around the world. If the price of oil has your business depressed, then give Jim a call today.
Jim is also very anxious to help stock market investors understand what the future may hold. While many experts are suggesting that investors withdraw from the market and go to cash investments right now, Jim knows that is not the right solution for everyone. Therefore, discuss the details of your situation with this wise investor before making any radical moves. His location in Dallas, Texas, often allows him to hear things in the oil market before other advisors. Follow Jim on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the happenings in the financial world.

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Said The Central Bank Should Not Raise Interest Rates In 2016

The Brazilian stock market took another blow when crude oil dropped below $28 a barrel recently. Oil producer Petroleo Brasileiro SA stock dropped 7.7 percent, and that drop and the drop in raw-material stocks made the stock market close at the lowest level since 1999, according to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães. Guimarães said the stock market drop adds fuel to the fire created by the International Monetary Fund’s forecast that Brazil’s recession will continue and even get worse in 2016.

Guimarães was interviewed by recently, and he talked about Brazil’s economic issues as well as his football sponsorships. BMG Bank is currently sponsoring eight Series A Football Clubs and one tennis player, and Guimarães wants to add more players and more sports to his successful sponsorship and advertising campaign. also posted a piece on Ricardo Guimarães recently, and that article claimed that even though the country is going through a difficult recession, the mining entrepreneur and bank executive plans to increase the number of clubs and players the bank is sponsoring. According to, BMG Bank is currently sponsoring the Atlético MG Club, America MG, the Coritiba Club, the Sao Paulo Club, Cruzeiro, Flamengo and Vasco Clubs as well as the Atletico GO Club.

According to another article posted by, the Brazilian government doesn’t have a solid recovery plan for the economy even though China has released their new gross domestic product rate for the next five years. Guimarães believes that forecast is high, but he thinks the central bank must hold interest rates where they are in order for the economy to rebound in 2016. The central bank wants to the keep inflation rate down, but raising the benchmark interest higher than the current 14.25 percent would have a dramatic impact on middle-class Brazilians, according to Mr. Guimarães. Bank interest rates are too high now, and another rate increase would hurt banks that offer consumer payroll loans.

Brazilian payroll loans are in demand in Brazil even though interest rates are high. Middle-class workers can secure bank loans using their income as collateral, and that has helped the money-strapped middle-class survive the two-year-long recession. The IMF says Brazil’s economy won’t recover until 2018, but some economists and Ricardo Guimarães think Brazil will show signs of a recovery in 2016, according to an article posted by That article lists Guimarães as one of the entrepreneurs that will help Brazil get back on track. According to the article, most Brazilian entrepreneurs don’t have the proactive gene that makes good entrepreneurs great, and Ricardo agrees with’s assessment of the creative business minds that can help get Brazil’s economy moving again.