Mikhail Blagosklonny Scientist, Doctor and Cancer Fighter

The Russian scientist Mikhail Blagosklonny a native of St. Petersburg and earned a university education in that Russian city.He is focused on helping fight cancer and using his knowledge to change the treatment that is currently used in treatment of the disease. This is the professional credited with advocating for rampaycin. It is known as an anti-cancer drug along with some interesting properties. This is an anticancer drug with properties for an anti-aging drug. He realized while working on cancer treatments during the early 2000’s the drug had some properties that could slow tumor growth. Mr. Blagosklonny is at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo where he continues to focus on the study of cancer and aging.The goal he has set is to figure out how to treat cancer in a manner that is not painful or expensive. He believes in the future the luxury type of care available that only people with money can afford instead it will be a cost effective treatment that will be easy on the body. This will not be like current treatments, but instead a way to eliminate cancer cells while the normal cells are unharmed.

This would be a total change in the way cancer is treated and the harsh effects on the body. His interests in the research involve the cellular and molecular biology, signal transduction, cell cycle, cellular senescence, and clinical investigations for anti-cancer therapeutics.Mikhail Blagosklonny was so confident in the use of rapamycin that he took it himself saying it is more dangerous not to take it. Then compared what would be dangerous that included overeating, smoking or driving without using a seatbelt. Since this time the drug is credited with having shown to improve the immunity in older adults, which also gave it the anti-aging label.St. Petersburg, Russia. He was appointed an associate professor at the New York Medical College in Valhalla. Mr. Blagosklonny worked at the Ordway Research Institute in Albany as a senior scientist and later took a position as professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

After taking this position he said that the future of cancer research will be in the hands of future scientists and medical professionals. This will include the future treatment of cancer patients and how cells are looked at by scientists.Mikhail Blagosklonny, M.D., has nearly two hundred research articles book chapters published in this field. Cell Cycle is a publication the doctor serves as an editor of the publication, though it is just one of several. He is active in these publications to bring more information to the medical community about cancer. He serves as an associate editor of several other medical publications that he serves as editor or associate editor. Some of the publications he serves as associate editor include Autophagy International Journal of Cancer, and the American Journal of Pathology. He believes this is research that may change the way the disease is looked at by medical professionals and the treatments they have available.

Eric Lefkofsky Takes a Stab at Cancer

Eric Lefofsky was one of the founders of Groupon. He knows what success looks like and has done a lot for the business world with the success that he has created with ideas like Groupon. He also knows what it is like to make sure that he is relaxing and enjoying his time with the family that he built for himself. The idea behind that is that Mr. Eric did not think that he would have that much time with his family. In fact, he was worried that the time would go away because of the cancer diagnosis that his wife received after he had retired. He wanted to do more with the cancer industry and wanted people to know that they would have a solution no matter what. Because of this, Eric Lefkofsky worked to fight cancer and even came up with solutions that people may not have known about in the past.

The idea behind the business is that Eric is going to help families. He was very successful when he was helping people with Groupon and saving money for them. It was something that he was confident in and something that he was comfortable with so that he could make sure that things were going the right way for him and his family. He also knew that the business would help those who were less fortunate than him. Eric wanted everyone to have the same options that his wife did when she was diagnosed and knew that creating a business out of it was the right way to ensure that everyone would be comfortable. Eric Lefkofsky on Facebook.

Eric also wanted to do something to actually help eliminate cancer. He decided that having a geneticist work for him would be the best option possible and made the choice to have one as part of the company. This helped him to come up with cures for cancer because the geneticist knew what he was doing. It was a great way for the company to get better and be better with all of the options that they had to help people who had cancer.