Chris Burch’s Nihi Sumba Island Resort

Chris Burch’s Nihi Sumba Island is his vision of what a five-star resort experience should be. He is the creative director of Tory Burch, and he has adapted his eye for clothing design to hotels. This article explains how Chris Bruch has brought a bit more sunshine to Indonesia with his new resort.


What Is Sumba Island?

Sumba Island is one of the minor islands of the Indonesian archipelago, and it has a wonderful view of the Indian Ocean. There is open space on the beach of the Nihi Sumba Resort, and Chris found this place to be the most magical location he had ever seen. Growing his resort here allowed him to be as creative as he liked.


The Resort’s Style

Chris Burch is known for his design prowess, and he brought his style to the resort. The resort is beautiful, and it provides the luxury experience that any traveler would prefer.

Chris engaged with professional hoteliers to build this place from the ground up, and his hotel partners ensured the finest experience for all his guests. Chris Burch believes that every guest must have an experience that is unrivaled, and the resort allows for many lovely pictures that guests will not get elsewhere.


The Tranquillity Of The Resort

Nihi Sumba is a peaceful place that is far quieter than any other resort visitors may find. Visitors who come to the resort will quite enjoy the beaches, and they have tranquil views of the ocean that may help them relax for the first time all year. Chris Burch fell in love with this place because of the experience he had on the water, and his resort is built in a spot that he found most enlightening.


Chris Burch Improves His Legacy

Chris Burch’s legacy for design has only been enhanced by this gorgeous resort. He is known for the clothing and accessories his company produces, and he has proven that he knows how to make a hotel feel exquisite. His guests are often taken aback by how beautiful the hotel is, and the experience is one that is made better by his employees.

Chris Burch’s Nihi Sumba Island Resort is a hidden location in Indonesia that everyone must see at least once in their life. It has a glorious view of the ocean, and it looks as beautiful on the inside as it does on the outside, see (