Roberto Santiago Innovative Abilities have Maintained Manaira Shopping Mall at the Top Three Decades Later

Roberto Santiago is one individual who has greatly contributed to the economic growth in Brazil. His innovative shopping malls namely Manaira Shopping Mall and Mangaira Shopping Mall have attracted investors to the country who have brought with them development. His contribution is also regarding providing jobs to a large number of people in the country. It is true that the entertainment and recreational experience in the country has revolutionized with the development of his shopping malls. Shoppers too have had the privilege to enjoy an unprecedented experience in the country. Roberto has banked on his training in business administration at the University Centre of Joao Pessoa and X0Marist College to reach to where he is today. Too strong are his malls economically that they were able to continue thriving amidst the economic crisis manifested in the country in 2015.


Business Ventures


Roberto Santiago jumped into the real estate development sector 30 years ago. He had spotted a land in his hometown of Joao Pessoa and saw an opportunity there. He soon started working on the undeveloped piece of land, delivering his first top-notch shopping mall two years later. The mall named Manaira took over the market almost immediately. His interests in the development of shopping malls continued years later, launching his next mall, Mangaira four years ago in the same location. Real estate was not the first business Roberto Santiago ventured in. His passion in business manifested as soon as he joined the corporate world. He was keen to learn everything about running a business while working at Café Santa Rosa, a company that manufactured décor items. After acquiring the necessary skills, he started his décor items firm named Cartonnage Company. He used cartons and cardboards to come up with décor items. The capital to venture in real estate was earned from this business.


Unprecedented Experience


Manaira Shopping Mall has redefined the entertainment and recreational experience for families in Brazil since its launching in 1989. Roberto Santiago has also worked in renovations and improvements over the years to ensure that it stays modernized. Eight years ago, he created the Domus Hall in the rooftop that brought a fresh experience in meetings, conferences, and concerts among other events. It is designed to offer the much-needed privacy that such occasions call for. The mall has also renovated in the area of food stores and eateries to include those with affordable food choices for the residents. Shoppers visiting the mall get the privilege to get everything under one roof. The mall houses a gym, gaming area, food court and a movie theatre. There are also rental spaces and retail stores that offer an array of products such as books, sportswear, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and furniture among others.


Samuel Strauch Makes Real Estate Dreams Come True

Many people go out to start a search concerning a home purchase. However, a lot of people do not understand all the various factors that go into purchasing a home. When many people look to purchase a home, they focus in on one or two major points that are important to them.

These points vary between people, but a few things that are common involve price and size. The price of a home should be an important consideration for people because it gives them an idea of what they can afford. This also relates to the size of homes because home size tends to be reflected in the price of a home.

Although price and home size are very important considerations, people should not block out all the other factors that go into making a home purchase decision. One of the other factors that many people overlook while searching for a home is location. In the real estate industry, location is probably the most important consideration that determines price and value.

In addition, location impacts many things related to a homebuyer. Things such as how long they will have to drive to and from work everyday, the quality of the school systems in the area, and the crime rate in the area are all very important things that people should check before making a home purchase decision.

Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent who helps people to see the entire picture of purchasing a home. Samuel Strauch is licensed in the state of Florida regarding real estate, and he helps people in many areas around the state.

One of the areas where Samuel Strauch has been very helpful is Miami. Samuel Strauch has a lot of experience in helping people find the right home to match their particular needs.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Master Mind behind Tempus

Tempus, a data based cancer fighting team, is pairing up with the University of Chicago to better treat patients with breast cancer. The partnership was announced on March 16th, 2017. The primary goal is to better assist breast cancer specialists with creating custom treatment protocols by analyzing molecular sequencing and other data sources. The Tempus company will provide data from roughly 1,000 individuals with breast cancer and provide this information to researchers so that they may discover patterns that will help them estimate how an individual will react to treatment.Tempus and the University of Chicago have high hopes that the operation will result in more effective treatment for individual patients.

Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, the dean for global health at the University has recognized the scarcity of data on the several millions of patients plagued with breast cancer. This holds true despite breast cancer being the most common form of the disease. He has stated that this causes doctors to administer general treatment methods due to a lack of specific genetic information. This causes treatments to become less effective. Tempus will assist these professionals in making more targeted treatment plans in hopes of obtaining a better outcome.The University of Chicago is Tempus’ most recent partnership. It is currently working with a few other university medical centers across the nation such as the University of Chicago and Penn medicine. The Mayo Clinic has also teamed up with the company. Tempus was founded just 2 years ago in 2015 and is currently based right in Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky is the master mind behind Tempus. He is also the co-founder of the online coupon company Groupon, Lightbank and Drivin. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991 and received his Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School.In 2006, Lefkofsky and his wife launched a charity trust, the Lefkofsky Foundation, to help fund scientific and educational organizations around the globe. With the primary focus being children, it has helped over 50 organizations to date. Currently Eric Lefkofsky has a net worth of almost 2 billion dollars. He is on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital as well and continues to play an active role in philanthropy and other business ventures.


Using Wikipedia to Build Trust with Consumers

Whether you operate primarily online or locally, building trust with consumers via the internet is a daunting, yet necessary task. It’s certainly a much easier task when meeting customers face-to-face. However, the reality is that the first time many consumers will interact with businesses is through the internet. Most people will search for businesses online before choosing where to go. Therefore, as daunting as it may be it’s important to build that trust with consumers before they step into your shop.

So how does one build trust with the online community? One tool that savvy businesses are using is Wikipedia. Wikipedia establishes your business online and allows consumers to gain information on what to expect from your company. You may want to provide information on the history of your business, accomplishments, and even some insight into what makes your business different from others in your industry. It is important to include an honest, non-biased summary of your business that does not pressure consumers to make a purchase.

You may consider hiring writers to create a Wikipedia page for you. Experienced writers can ensure that your page gives the right tone to establish trust with consumers. You want to be sure that you are working with someone who has experience writing a Wikipedia page and not just blog pages or advertisements. One place you can find these types of writers are at Get Your Wiki. These Wikipedia experts make it quick and easy to establish your Wikipedia page and begin building trust with the online community. You may also consider Get Your Wiki if you don’t feel you have the time to build your Wikipedia page on your own. Your Wikipedia page may be the first contact consumers have with your business, you want to ensure that it is a good first impression.

Jim Hunt Rides The Wealth Wave

Jim Hunt is a businessman. For those readers who are still unfamiliar with the name Jim Hunt, fret not. Here is some additional information on the subject in question:

Jim Hunt is the VTA Publications Ltd. adviser. He is also an investor. Perhaps more importantly, he is the creator of Wealth Wave.

Wealth Wave is an investment strategy where anyone can actually make money from the stock market when it’s falling. The VTA Publications man once referred to it as “riding the wealth wave”. He believes it is much like the sport of surfing where you try to catch the perfect wave and ride it to success.

Jim Hunt assists his customers in the investment process via e-mail, phone and the Wealth Wave-related series of DVD training videos and webinars. He believes the secret here is to use the signals that have a track record of success. Be prepared to act when you notice stocks that are about to fall and the market about to drop.

Both he and the VTA Publications organization begin the process with demonstrating how the stock market operates. They provide clients with unlimited assistance and are prepared to put their various resources at the clientele’s disposal. VTA offers a wealth of cutting-edge investment information. They employ experienced industry professionals to show each customer how to increase their income in the stock market by learning to anticipate the perfect moment to trade or sell. Essentially, they specialize in spread betting.

Founded in 2012, the publisher of “distant learning courses, VTA is also a special events organizer. They have thousands of clients around the world who use the company’s data services and products. They also provide their customers with free classes and articles that are also available online.

The company is reportedly said to excel in the areas of finance and economics. The goal of the business to to find the top people in their fields from across the globe, in hopes of adding their expertise to the company’s simple-to-use instructional material. VTA also books related events to aid their customers in becoming successful.

Online Reputation Management: Take Your Time, It’s Worth It

Online reputation management goes well beyond making sure what people read about you on popular review sites and blog posts. This is only part of the battle.

I know you might cringe at the idea of reading online reviews about how you Brand Yourself at first, but once you take the time to read the reviews people have taken the time to write about you, you’ll find it’s not so bad. In all honesty, reviews can be helpful in building your online reputation. Whether the reviews are good or bad you can learn from both sides. Besides, having only positive reviews looks a bit suspicious, leading some people to believe they are fake.

According to a blog on The Huffington Post, one of the main things that can hurt a person’s online reputation is the “illusion of privacy.” The assumption that anything you put online will stay hidden and private is a very risky ideal. So it’s very important to choose the words you use in communication wisely, and pay close attention to the type of photo, video, and other content you may post.

Monitoring tools can aid you substantially. Anyone who owns a company has googled it more times than they can think, in the hopes of finding new mentions of their brand. With that being said, the hard truth is you can’t google search your company every hour of the day. For this reason, Trackur, Reputology, and are great tools to invest in. They allow you to follow brand mentions more efficiently.

Google alerts are another great monitoring tool. Google alerts offers a free way to find out whenever another website mentions your brand, product, or service. Something that will really catch your eye if you are on a tight budget. You can also choose the way you receive alerts. You can receive them daily or as they happen.

The biggest advice I can give to someone about online reputation management is to remain patient. While it may seem time consuming building your online reputation, the time you invest is definitely worth it. Time is money so you should see it as an investment in your business.