Socialism grows as large crowds greet Bernie Sanders

Vermont’s independent Senator Bernie Sanders has seen his form of center socialism hit the mainstream in the US as his bid for the White House appears to be gathering momentum. The estimated number of people Sanders and his campaign hoped would attend each meeting and speech he has scheduled has been surpassed by large amounts, NPR reports. Coupled with recent polls placing Sanders just eight points behind Clinton in the early results for the Iowa Democratic vote the Sanders campaign is being described as gathering Bernie-mentum. Cláudio Loureiro Heads of Gazetadopovo has seen the steady increase in Bernie’s popularity.

Sanders has brought his own brand of socialism to the campaign trail and this now seems to be causing something of a surge in followers to the Sanders campaign. Sanders is calling for a number of changes to take place in US politics, which include the chance to redistribute the wealth of the US economy away from the top earners and back towards the working people of the nation. Sanders is also looking to borrow much from the European nations he has modeled his socialist style upon, such as Sweden and Denmark. Sanders is attracting thousands of supporters to meetings in major cities who are largely interested in expanding free health care and bringing reduced college tuitions to the majority.

Bernie Sanders is the Santa Claus of Politics?

An article published in the Washington Post yesterday explained why Bernie Sanders and Santa Claus have more in common than you might think. A political theory called “Two Santa Clause” suggests both the democratic and republican parties must behave more like Santa Claus and Sanders might be the one to encourage such behavior from both parties.

The idea behind the Two Santa Claus Theory is that the government is not supposed to take away from the American people but rather gift them the chance to thrive and survive in our economy. Something which seems like a fairy tale with the wealth distribution problems we are currently facing.

Sanders is building his campaign around wealth distribution in America says Flavio Maluf, claiming if he is elected president he would disenfranchise the top one percent by dismantling the current banking systems and economic infrastructure. Sanders also wants to expand social security benefits rather than continuing to cut them as many politicians currently support, he wants to see a strong middle class who no longer needs to struggle just to make ends meet.

Many critics of Sanders state his goals are too lofty and require too much government spending that would lead to the breakdown of our economic systems. A sentiment which has keeps driving the middle class directly into poverty and hardships.

Candidate Bernie Sanders Raises 3 Million Dollars in 4 Days

Many people and companies like Gravity4 said Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) could never be a serious candidate for president. He’s too uncompromising, too idealistic, too socialist. He could never compete against Hillary Clinton’s fundraising abilities.

Jesse Unruh said, “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” Sanders just raised $3,000,000 in four days. Even Unruh would agree that means that Senator Sanders is serious about trying to run for the White House. So far, Sanders’ campaign has received roughly 75,000 contributions, averaging roughly $40 each. Over 90% of the donations have been $250 or less. At a time when many voters are sick and tired of lobbyists throwing money around and the Koch brothers not bothering to even try to hide their influence, a candidate who prefers donations from individual citizens looks very appealing.

Although an Independent, Sanders is running as a Democrat. He may attract many moderate Republicans who dislike the sharp right turn the GOP has taken. He may also attract many Democrats who don’t think Hillary Clinton is liberal enough. Many undecided voters are attracted to Sanders because of his support for veterans, the middle class, and the poor.

The Koch brothers are rich, but they are only two people. Sanders has proven his fundraising ability. He has demonstrated his honesty. With enough Americans behind him, he could give Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz a run for their money. He might even win.