Natural lip balm

Evolution of Smooth is a Beauty Company where they produce all types of natural beauty products including natural lip care products for instance lip balms, see their profile on Linked In. The lip balm produced at Evolution of Smooth is natural, and it is designed in such a way that it always keeps your lips moist. At Evolution of Smooth, their lip balm products are made up of premium ingredients with beautiful colors, invigorating fragrances, and delicious flavors. However, they not only produce lip balm, but also they produces other beauty products such as hand and body lotion, and shaving cream products. Their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist examined, gluten-free, and wrapped with healthy vitamins and natural skin-conditioning petroleums.

The products of Evolution of Smooth are available internationally. Their major retailers include Target, Wal-Mart, Ulta, Amazon, Perfumania, Boots, Douglas, and Selfridges. Their products are also available on luckyvitamin and on Amazon [].Their products are protected by intellectual property rights everywhere in the world. The company was set up with an aim of ensuring people remain beautiful using the natural products.

Often some people suffers from dry, chapped lips during the cold and dry seasons. This is as a result of lack of moisture on the lips, caused by the skin and lips losing their ability to absorb moisture. To curb this problem lip balm was invested in helping individuals with this problem to keep their lips skin in good shape. There are many types of lip balms, but not all of them are effective to help your lips remain moist. There are some varieties of lip balm which has already been proven not to have any effect on our lips, but surprisingly they are still popular. Lip balm produced at the evolution of smooth are pleasantly flavored and crammed with antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, calming shea butter, and jojoba oil. Their lip balms are Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and paraben and petrolatum free for soft, smooth, and beautiful lips. The EOS lip balms are made with different flavors such as strawberry, sorbet, passion fruits, blueberry acacia, and other more. Visit their Facebook page to view the gallery of their products.


Enjoy The Benefits of Wen Conditioner?

If you’ve seen the commercials for WEN shampoo and conditioner, you may be curious about how effective the products actually are. Emily McClure from Bustle tried Sephora‘s Fig conditioner for seven days, and she discovered that the product may actually be beneficial.
On the first day of the experiment, Emily noticed that she had to use a lot of the conditioner in order for it to truly saturate her hair. However, she said that her hair immediately felt thicker. She spent the next few days using the conditioner each morning, and says that her hair was well moisturized and much less frizzy.

McClure didn’t have time to wash her hair on the fourth day, so she rushed out of the house and added some curls to her hair to give it more volume. Since the Wen conditioner was still doing a great job of moisturizing her hair, the curls soon fell, but her hair still looked healthy.

At the end of the week, it was clear that the conditioner was still working, since Emily’s friend commented on how shiny her hair was. McClure stated that she would definitely recommend to purchase Wen conditioner on the Guthy-Renker online store for women who wash and style their hair every day, as well as women with naturally thin hair.

Visit, Wen’s official website.

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