Brad Reifler Teaches Proper Investment Strategy

Many people entering the world of finance and investing are finding that it is more competitive than ever and becoming successful in the field is quite difficult compared to the past, especially with more people attempting to enter the field. Persistence and the willingness to set goals for oneself is a must for anyone that expects to make it in the industry. Brad Reifler is the perfect example of what setting goals and being persistent about reaching them, which he has been doing for decades, building his experience in the correct techniques for good investments and success. Currently, Brad is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital LLC, and over the years he has founded a variety of different companies and sold them for a profit. Brad’s impressive track records shows that he knows what is needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Brad got started off in finances at quite a young age, and he was always spending his time trying to learn more about the field whenever he could. After spending years learning about investing and business, Brad took his knowledge and used it to start up his very own business, Reifler Trading, which was focused on futures investments. It wasn’t long before the company took off and became a success, bringing great results for everyone involved. After the company reached a point where Brad was happy with what it had achieved, he sold the company in 2000 to move on to new business opportunities.

After selling off his company, Brad had an idea for a new one already ready. He started up a firm that worked in the equity market and hedge funds, known as Pali Capital. For more than 13 years he managed the company as CEO creating a platform for success. Over the course of that time the company managed to gross over a billion dollars from its commissions, making Pali Capital one of Brad’s most successful businesses. When it comes to the world of investing and finance, Brad Reifler has the knowledge and expertise to help up and coming entrepreneurs get started making better investments and earning like a top investor.  Check him out on Twitter @BradleyR, or read the full article about Brad here:

Organo Gold Expands into Turkey For First Time

Bernardo Chua, founder and CEO of Organo Gold, has expanded the scope of his gourmet coffee company to the country of Turkey. It will be the 39th country in which Organo Gold will operate within.
Turkey is the country known for opening the first coffee house in the 15th century. There still is a market for quality coffee coffee in the country.

There are health benefits connected to Organo Gold. An ingredient known as ganoderma, which is a mushroom from ancient China that was dubbed the highest ranked herb. Ganodermma was said to help build a strong healthy body. The company’s product line in Turkey will include Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Latte, King of Coffee, and Espresso TRE.

About the expansion into Turkey Chua says it is a significant operational achievement. That it further builds on the company’s Global Footprint Initiative. Turkey will fall in linw with the company’s Asian, African, and European operations.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008. It is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company has has a product like of coffee, teas, and nutraceuticals. The company’s products are sold through an independent distributor network.

Bernardo Chua has had huge success heading the company, as GoLifePro writes, Organo Gold. The company has been one of the more successful multi-level marketing companies in the world.

Chua is from the Philippines. He has worked in multi-level marketing for years. He was an executive with Gano Excel. He helped the company expand into Hong Kong, Canada, and then the United States. He started the company that became Organo Gold in 2008.  Check out Bernardo’s Facebook, to see another side of the famous man.

Ricardo Gumaraes BMG Bank President

This is the most important history in the world of finance as well as the international competitons. MG Atlkectico relay paid a very big price just to set their foot on that competition. Whatever they never paid will have to be paid at the end of the matter. According to the sheets in balance in the previous past five years, the debt of the atletico has been on the increase from the sum of 265 million dollars in that year that ended in 2008 to an amount that is very perplexing of 424 million dollars in the year 2012. The period is conceding with that of the president of Andre kali whom among fans has an idle status. Many of them are currently credited with the Kali in the Atletico and will have to decide the date for the Libatadoes in Paragua in the later Wednesday.

There are numerous items and we will only lay a focus on the three main items that will be the building blocks that make up the possessive atletico-MG. To the fact that the IRS, which forms the latest type of the sheet in balance, the amount can be payable in terms of the Rupees dollars in 208 million dollars in amount. The Employees guarantee funds that will be added in addition to the 14 million dollars. Among other loans that have been rendered to the non financial as well as the financial institutions are a sum of 167 million rupees.

In the non financial institutions will be the former Ricardo Guimaraes who is the former president of the club. For the loans that were made to the atletico-MG in the times that they were representatives, guimaraes will be entitled to receive commission of up to 15 percent for every transfers that will be collected because he is the chief investor for that group. He is also the BMG Banco chairman as well as the legal owner of the rights in economics and the finishers that are owed by the Libertadores Copa.

Despite the fact that the cast has been able to appreciate from the previous year, due to the experienced runners up of the Brazil, the Atkletic-MG is experiencing the executive deficits in the Kalil management which is an addition of the debt that is growing. This past year, the club was able to spend a minimum of thirty three million dollars that were raised as an addition. The balance in the year 20123 was a negative of approximately thirty six million. The growth of the atletico in terms of revenue mitigates the current burden in terms of debts. BMG as one of the biggest intermediary has a close debt that is nearing 25%.

Kyle Bass Predicts Hard Times Ahead For Emerging Markets

Since his lucky breakthrough in 2008 Kyle Bass as reported on his blog, founder and owner Hayman Capital Management a hedge fund firm located in Dallas ha been a popular figure before the camera. He has always been appearing before different media houses to talk about various economic issues but time has not been very kind to him. It has made a lot of people doubt his analytical abilities. Time and again as Kyle Bass appeared before the media to give his predictions, they all went wrong.

Is Kyle Bass an economic gambler? Yes, he is. He is nicknamed an economic gambler because of his poor economic analysis skills and his habit of saying anything that could get him a seat before the camera. His gamble in economic and investment matters is cemented by the poor performance of his Hayman Capital Management. This business is struggling not to close down. Since the 2008 luck in his investment gamble, Kyle Bass has never made any other big profit.

Kyle Bass is back again before the camera and, this time, he was at Wall Street Week. He was there to discuss the impacts the economy will have on the emerging markets selloff. As expected, he had some prediction to leave us with. He says that currently most emerging markets are in the mid-fifth inning, and they are struggling due to harsh economic times. He predicts that times are going to get tougher as this emerging markets approach the last three innings. This last three innings will be even harder than this that have been experienced, and emerging markets should brace for impact.

Kyle Bass warns that the Brazilian economy would hardly recover is the country continues with its deep-rooted corruption. Economic corruption scandals like ‘Operation Car Wash’ where the country lost more than $2 billion from Petrobras will keep hurting the country until changes are made. He says that through total eradication of corruption the country will be able to put its economy back in place.

For the case of Russia, Kyle Bass says Putin is the root of their economic problems with his infamous global chess moves. He says that consistent international sanctions over Russia will always pull it back economically and until Putin is out they will still be in an economically boiling pot. India is partially on the right economic track. If the country is not careful to maintain the right track it will tumble into a deep pool of economic crisis.

Kyle Bass says China is the bringer of the current economic crisis. The main problem being the banking-loss cycle that is similar to the one experience in the U.S. did during the Great Financial Crisis. He says that China should put in place good policies in place to gain back its economic state.

How OrganoGold Changes The World Of Coffee

For a perfect cup of coffee, you might not think that a mushroom known as Ganoderma can make for the best beverage but it actually can as far as OrganoGold is concerned. OrganoGold has been a trusted name in the coffee world for years with millions of people enjoying the products that this company makes. OrganoGold is a bit different just because of the fact that they use a highly sustainable mushroom for their main ingredient as compared to coffee beans that are often not part of the fair trade program. This is what makes OrganoGold a lot different and can be a staple for your cabinet in the kitchen.

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of the company and has made it his life mission to provide delicious coffee in a fair and ethical way. Because of this, he has discovered the fungus that is used in all of his products. You can check out more about Bernardo Chua by visiting their site or Wikipedia page. You will notice that the growth of the OrganoGold company has been made largely in part due to the fact that it uses an entirely different ingredient to make a delicious cup of coffee. You do not necessarily have to stick to coffee beans in order to have a cup that is entirely unique and delectable.

CrunchBase identifies that Bernardo Chua has worked in the coffee industry for years and has a lot of experience working with a variety of different products and ingredients. One thing that set his company apart from so many others is that it is organic and ethical so that you can feel good about the products you are choosing for yourself. Many coffee products out there use beans that are not necessarily organic and this can take a toll on your health over time. What Bernardo Chua has done with OrganoGold is make a company that he can stand behind and one that you can feel good about supporting each time you buy a healthy product from them.

OrganoGold may seem a bit different because of the fact that it uses a special mushroom as its main ingredient and you may even be a bit hesitant to try it out for yourself. What you might not realize is that the mushroom used in all OrganoGold products makes for delicious cups of beverages and you can customize the coffee with your own toppings. You will adore the fact that you have a brand new type of coffee to try and that you can feel confident in the way that the ingredients are being sourced. Be sure to check out more about OrganoGold if this is something that you would like to experience yourself.  Bernardo Chua has recently taken the company into Turkey for the first time, and that is just one sign of the good work he’s done throughout his career.

Rugged, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist – Andy Wirth


Entrepreneur and philanthropist Andy Wirth is the new board member of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Mr. Wirth’s career spans 25 years in the international resort business, and he is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The holding has two resorts in Olympic Valley, California, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. His efforts at Squaw Valley brought upgrades that took the failing resort from the bottom of the pile to place within the top 20 ski resorts in the world. 

In 2013, 49 year old Wirth suffered a skydiving accident leading to the loss of his arm. The arm was surgically reattached. Through his long recovery, he credits the music of Pearl Jam and a team of Navy Seals with keeping his moral up and his outlook hopeful. The accident hasn’t slowed the rugged gentleman down however, and he is up and running races, and going about both business and charitable duties without missing a step. 

Andy Wirth is the grandson of Theodore Wirth. Theodore Wirth is best known for his work in designing and building community parks across the nation. The younger Mr. Wirth was born in West Germany, and has degrees from Colorado State University and Edinburgh University. He worked at both Rocky Mountain National Park and the San Pedro Wilderness as ranger. He is the recipient of multiple community service awards, and he was named Citizen of the Year by U.S.A. Disabled Sports. His philanthropy supports many environmental organizations as well as the Humane Society of Tahoe. He is a member of the Tahoe Fund Founders Circle, and he acts as the chairman for the Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee. 

He is married to real estate lawyer Karen deRidder, and they have three children. They reside in Truckee, California.

Joseph Bismarck’s Health and Wellness Views Impact His Business

One of the topics I am very passionate about is health and wellness. I am always on the search for health and wellness articles and I have stumbled across this article about Joseph Bismark from the blog Left Handed – Right Mind. It starts off talking about his credentials and accomplishments. Then it goes into his views about health and wellness. 

One thing that I have read is that he has very strong beliefs in the importance in maintaining a health and wellness lifestyle. He works on behalf of a foundation which the Qi Group has established for a good chunk of his time. He helps to build entrepreneurship among independent marketers for QNet’s health and wellness product lines. Thanks to his contribution, the company has grown significantly in recent years. He has also inspired people to work together as a team. I’ve learned that Joseph Bismark has qualities such as a dynamic personality which is helpful to his success as a businessman. 

Another thing that I’ve learned from the article is that the company that he is working for is looking for ways to encourage recycling and conservation of energy. Joseph Bismark’s passion about health and wellness is a good match for the product lines of QNet.