Republicans Want Ban on Late-Term Abortions

The Republicans want to take things one step farther when it comes to banning abortions. There is a bill that has been introduced that would ban all late-term abortions. This is a good idea as details of the baby can be seen clearly on an ultrasound. Folks at Amen Clinics know that there is a lot of movement felt by the baby in the later stages of pregnancy. When you can see all of the features of a baby, then an abortion is in some ways murder and should be charged as such. However, it should still be left up to the woman to make the decisions in regards to an abortion. Money and time should be spent on educating women about their choices when it comes to adoption and raising a baby as a single parent instead of simply tossing in an abortion. Perhaps this will make women realize that there are other options out there and that there are people willing to help.