ClassDojo Has Released Growth Mindset Videos Along With Their Communication Platform

In most cases encouragement and confidence go hand in hand for students to be successful in a school atmosphere. Students, some more than others, have general fear of failure based from past experiences or negative criticism. ClassDojo has come up with a platform that helps students better develop their skills and unique traits, while giving them the tools that enable them to accomplish the goals that they set for themselves with enough effort and hard work. This company has created growth mindset videos that coincide with the student, teacher, and parent friendly app and website that is free and easy to use. When using this platform, keep in mind it is an educational tool built on the idea of broadening the communication between all three parties.

Since the platform has skyrocketed, it is currently actively used in every two out three schools within the United States. Its increasing popularity has ClassDojo and a research program at Stanford trying to build an addition called ClassDojoMonsters to work correspondingly with the original app. The purpose of this new addition to get their name out there as well as to teach their Growth Mindset videos, better yet to be understood. In these videos, each one of them is a single part of a series that expands into another part and so on, releasing the critical fundamentals of growth mindset one at a time. Stanford has stated they also have full intentions to monitor the all the videos from before, during, and after the process is completed.

These videos are a great addition to the original ClassDojo app that has already had such a vast improvement in the various ways students learn. The philosophy of the growth mindset and of ClassDojo are of the same, to improve the communication connection between students, teachers, and parents as well as for students to gain the skills and confidence that they need to succeed. Over the next few months, plenty more growth mindset videos will be surfacing. They are all produced and released regularly based on ClassDojo’s overall success.

If your not completely sold on the idea of ClassDojo yet, signing up is free and a simple invite from your child’s teacher is all it takes. After doing that, it you allows you, on a regular basis, to be completely connected to your child’s teacher and instructors. Every parent can monitor their child’s progress whenever they would like, and teachers have found this to be extremely helpful in countless situations. Students are regularly improving in various areas across the charts with the use of ClassDojo.


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Spring Cleaning Through Handy’s Platform Is The Best!

When you’re living alone in a city and working several hours each day, it’s easy to put off doing the simple things in life that keep your home clean. I have dishes piling up in the sink, and I have loads of laundry that seem impossible to get through. I love my job, and I love being at work. However, when I come home I would love to have a clean home to relax in. Also, I just realized that spring is here, which makes me think about getting some spring cleaning done.

I was talking to a friend at work last week about how my home is a mess, and my friend suggested that I hire a cleaning service. I thought it was a good idea because it would at least get me ahead of the mess in time for spring. Spring cleaning has always made me feel better after going through a harsh winter, and last winter was exceptionally harsh in my city. I wanted to get ahead of the mess, so I decided to take my friend’s advice by looking into a cleaning service.

After doing a search online for cleaning services in my area, I saw a few awful reviews on some of the local cleaning services. Then, I looked a little harder for a solution, and I found out about this service called Handy. Their platform is able to connect you with your own professional home cleaning service technician in a matter of minutes. The service people from Handy are well qualified, and they are screened before they are welcomed into Handy’s community.

I feel safe having one of the cleaning professionals from Handy’s platform come into my home. I even feel safe with the cleaning professional being there when I am not home. I am usually uncomfortable about having someone in my home when I am not present. However, the fact that Handy pre-screens their applicants before they welcome them into their community sets my mind at ease. This spring is going to be great. Thanks to Handy, I now have a clean home.

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Handy Made Me Trust Cleaning Companies Again

I was very fond of a cleaning service that I worked with, and they cleaned for me for over a year. One day, I got a new worker in my home from the same cleaning service, and I was suspicious, but because I trusted the company, I allowed the person in my home. I was upstairs in my room for a few hours and became suspicious because the person never let me know that they were finished, so when I came out, I came to find a lot of my things missing, broken, or taken apart. I was devastated.

After calling the police, I called the company with my concerns, and it turned out that the person had only started working for the company days ago, and they had stolen from several people, but because I had given the person ample time, they completely robbed me and destroyed my home. I fired the cleaning company and sued them because they weren’t even insured to replace my things. Although I won my case, it definitely turned me off of cleaning companies until I found out about Handy. I knew that I would need cleaners to come to my home regularly because my home was too big to clean by myself.

I did a lot of research on Handy before choosing to hire them, and unlike the previous cleaning company I worked with, the Handy workers would have insurance, they were background checked, and they were professionals that did cleaning all the time. I was very impressed with what I read, and I was even more impressed with the fact that Handy is a featured cleaning business all over the world and is very reliable. I decided to hire Handy cleaners to clean my home.

The Handy workers came earlier than scheduled, which is something I liked. The workers were courteous, they shook my hand, and they told me everything they had planned to do in the home. Although I sat around watching the workers, they were never distracted and continued doing exactly what they said they would do. They cleaned my home within two hours, and I honestly can say that no cleaning service has ever gotten my house so spotless. I chose to tip the workers, and I know for a fact that no other cleaning company will ever be able to come into my home except Handy’s company.

Skout Is One Of The Best Social Media Networks

Anyone who’s looking to date or even someone to socialize with will want to know the best application to download to their smartphone. A list has been created recently by Julie Spira, who creates a list every year of the top 10 dating applications. Of all the dating applications that showed up on the list published on TCPALM, Skout came up seventh on the list, but it’s still well known as an excellent dating network. Skout is slightly different from the dating sites on the list because of the fact that users can date as well as finding friends on the network.

Social media networks should be praised for the fact that they bring together people from all over the world. Although some may find some faults with social media networks, they also have to admit that these networks will help people to meet old friends, find family members, and even find long-lost relatives. Skout is no different than many other social media networks, except that it’s based on dating as well as socializing. Skout also offers other ways for people to communicate on its network as well as getting to know one another. Some people who use the Skout network will use it for things other than finding a date.

Some people have admitted that they’ve found exercise partners, study buddies, friends, and even business partners on the Skout network. There are many kinds of people that go to Skout, and some of them may be looking for another person to talk to, which can then lead to a friendship. One person may be looking for another person who has an interest in a certain type of movie genre, and then they may become friends after learning about each other’s interests. It’s even possible that a person can find a job or get a lead on a job by going to the Skout network.

Although Skout is basically meant for socializing and dating, it doesn’t have to end there. Many who talk on the Skout network will meet each other in person, and then they’ll exchange information to communicate in other ways. Some prefer not to talk to others outside of the Skout network, which is completely understandable. Anyone who chooses to meet someone outside of using the Skout network should use caution, even if they feel they know the person they are talking to very well. Skout allows adults as well as teenagers to use its network.

Skout is available for both adults and teenagers, but teenagers remain separate from the adults, and this is done for their protection. Many parents may sit and worry about what their children do when they’re on the Internet, even if they are as old as 17. The Skout network understands that teenagers should have their own space, so they stay separate from the adults in order to allow them to socialize with each other only. The Skout network is a great place for anyone, no matter what kind of socializing they want to do.