Michael Zomber Adds Unique Knife to His Collection of Antique Weapons


Michael Zomber has recently added a unique item to his personal collection of antique weapons. He acquired a Bowie knife that is believed to have been used to target John Brown, who was one of the most infamous abolitionists. According to Brown, the only effective way to repeal slavery was through a violent uprising against the government. Having such radical views, Brown was surely despised by many powerful individuals in the American South, where slavery dominated the economy.


Even though the Bowie knife that Michael Zomber acquired was not actually used to kill John Brown, such an artifact still holds a lot of historic value. For most of his life, Zomber has been an absolute American History buff. In particular, he is fascinated by the U.S. Civil War and the Antebellum era. In fact, Zomber has written several novels about this particular armed conflict that was fought to decide the fate of slavery in the United States. A Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me surely highlight Zomber’s fascination with one of the most violent periods of American history. Besides writing books on his nation’s history, Zomber has also appeared on TV shows about weapons. For example, he was featured as a guest historian on the History Channel’s Guns of the Famous and Million Dollar Guns. To the surprise of some of his American fans, Michael Zomber is also passionate about Asian history. In fact, he has written several books about Samurai culture. Additionally, he and his wife have produced a documentary about Japan’s traditional warriors.

After collecting weapons for more than four decades, Michael Zomber is still excited about getting his hands on new antique artifacts. The Bowie knife that he recently got has attractive craftsmanship that is simply not found on modern knives. For example, this particular knife includes a handle that is covered in nickel.

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