Find out how Wen Stands Up to the Pros

Wen by Chaz [] is a cutting edge hair care cleansing system that does not need to lather to work. Yet, it cleanses deep into the hair follicle and shaft. It leaves your hair shiny and manageable and is light as air. You won’t believe it can do what it does the way it does. It comes in a variety of scents. For this test, the variety used was Sephora Fig.
Recently, Bustle Magazine published a review made by Emily McClure who is a professional hair stylist. She tried the product for seven days and reported what she thought of the product. Needless to say, she was pleased. She has her own hair challenges and was happy to try yet another product. She thought well of the hype and decided to give it a go. Here’s what she found.

Emily used Wen as the instructions told her to. She didn’t at first agree with the amount, which was roughly 13-16 pumps of the foamy hair care system. She felt it to be a bit much for a medium hair length. She also has fine hair issues and it gets a bit oily. Wen also had to stand up to a lot of overuse of hair care product.
Needless to say after a few days of adjustment Wen by Chaz Dean won Emily over. She says it’s a great in between hair care system as well as for those with a dryer scalp, one that can be used everyday.

By the fourth day the hair care system adjusted to her body chemistry and she was able to style her hair as normal. Before that, some of her curls that already had an issue were struggling to stay up all day. But, the time the humidity got to it, it fell. But, it exceeded expectation.

Shea Butter Offers Some Incredible Benefits

Eugenia Shea is a rapidly growing international business with roots in Ghana, West Africa. It was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete. Naa-Sakle Akuete desired to produce high quality beauty products while at the same time fostering economic opportunity for females back in Ghana. She did this by forming Eu’Genia Shea, a beauty line company that focuses on the production of Shea Butter based moisturizers and cosmetic supplements in 2000.

Shea butter is different from other products because it is made from 95% Shea content with no chemicals or additives. All products go through rigorous testing to make sure that they exceed global standard as well as that of Eu’genia Shea. It is recognized throughout the globe as an exceptional moisturizer and smooth skin is just one of its many cosmetic benefits. Some of these benefits include ridding one’s skin of blemishes such as eczema, dermatitis, and wrinkles. Additionally Shea butter is second to none in concerns to its healing ability. Many who have used Shea butter to moisturize their skin after injury have found that it alleviates and brings their skin back to a smooth, vibrant feel.

Shea Butter is also known to to posses a significant amount of Vitamin E properties. Vitamin E possesses agents that go against aging and sun burn, while also being host to the micro-circulatory process, which is a process that increases blood supply to and from the skin.

By buying Eu’genia Shea’s Shea butter based products, one can be guaranteed two things: that their skin will receive a more rejuvenated and smooth feel, and that their money will be going to support the economic development of women in Africa.

Soap Divas Return To Television On POP Network

A new docu-drama series named Queens of Drama aired last year on the POP Network and the six women starring in the reality series are not new to the walk of fame. Big name soap celebrities from the past have banned together in order to write, cast, and produce a hit soap opera hoping the pilot series will be picked up by a big name TV network. Stars like Lindsey Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, and Donna Mills grace the screen in order to show the true hard work and talent it takes to create a long running soap opera, and these Daytime Emmy Award nominees and winners definitely have the experience.

Among their history these six women are first and foremost actresses, and they entire series focuses on them wanting to get back in front of the camera. These women aren’t waiting until their pilot airs to start acting though as its been confirmed the reality series is soft scripted, and the women are playing over dramatized versions of themselves to boost ratings and keep the drama juicy. FamousBirthdays says Crystal Hunt is seen as the catty woman who often sends scathing yet passive-aggressive insults to her former costar Lindsey Hartley throughout the first season. She’s also a bit of an instigator and when Marcil anoints herself leader and pulls in Donna Mills without the girls consent. Mills then pulls in Hunter Tylo which causes Hunt to call her former costar Joan Collins to help reign in Marcil.

Though Hunt may play a diva on Queens of Drama the American actress has had outstanding success in soap operas throughout her career. Her most notable role was Lizzie Spaulding on The Guiding Light, and she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of the troubled teenager from 2003-2006. Afterwards Hunt was cast in One Life To Live as Stacy Morasco from 2009-2010. Morasco’s character was conniving and selfish however her early demise showed heavy character development when she dove into a frozen lake to save her sister and newborn.

Before appearing on the new reality series for POP Hunt produced her very first feature film, Talbot County, with a fellow friend in 2015. Hunt has also starred in various movies like Magic Mike XXL and Sydney White between her roles as Lizzie Spaulding and Stacy Morasco.  See another dimension of her artistry on her photography website, or look at Crystal’s acting reel on YouTube to see the star put through her paces.

California Entrepreneur John Textor

Movie special effects have long fascinated people. Those who go to movies love the chance to be able to watch the screen as things happen there that are utterly unexpected. Many people are enchanted when they see something on the screen that amazes and delights them in some way. In recent years, movie special effects have become increasingly more sophisticated as directors and movie studios have started to respond to the needs of their clients and help them be even more enthralled when they enter the local movie theater.

One move executive who has done much to help continue to delight movie goers is John Textor. Textor has helped take charge of special effects in some of the recent decade’s most memorable movies. His work on movies such as Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button has been much noted and widely admired. Those who have been lucky to witness his work have been pleased as they are dazzled by when watching such movies. Textor is a graduate of prestigious Wesleyan University, where he did well academically. After leaving the college in the late 1980’s, he worked in various industries and then decided to make the world of movies and business his chosen career.

Since then, Textor has assumed various important leadership roles at companies that are devoted to helping making the movie going experience a better one for their clients. His work has focused on helping providing companies that make movies with the right help as they look to make ever more impressive special effects for the movies they are creating. In 2006, Textor became chairman as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Digital Domain in 2006. He was also appointed the head of the parent company of Digital Domain, a company called Digital Domain Media Group. Since that time he has helped do much to lead the companies that he heads through both the acquisition as well as the important reconstruction of the Digital Domain as it was transformed into the Digital Domain Media Group. At present, Textor has helped build on his work in this area as Executive Chairman of the company known as Pulse Evolution Corporation. He hopes to continue to work to explore new ways to help make movie going an even more delightful experience via the use of highly imaginative and very impressive special effects.

Beneful Dog Food a Flagship of the Purina Product Line

Healthier, happier dogs require proper diets and nutrition. Beneful dog food has been designed to meet the growth and nutritional needs of canines from the puppy stages to their senior years. It’s easy to discover a specific Beneful formula that is ideal for any pet, even those dogs that are extremely active and require extra dietary supplements to meet their energy needs. Each Beneful product has been formulated to deliver the special combination of nutrients dogs need throughout their changing life-stages.

The Beneful product line debuted in 2001 with a commitment to healthy canine nutrition and a promise of quality ingredients. With Purina as the parent company consumers realized that this was going to be a product that could deliver on those claims of nutritional goodness for their pets.

It was not only the nutritional value that set Beneful dog food apart from similar products. The dog food initially stood out because of its colorful visual appearance that was certainly pleasing to the eyes of most pet lovers. Those small bites of food provided dogs with tasty meals that contained a mixture brown, yellow and green morsels. The specialized blend of vegetables, protein and healthy grains ensured that canines were receiving the optimal nutrition they required.

What a lovely bowl of food to give to any four-legged best friend. After all, if humans can enjoy food with the eyes as well as the taste buds then our canine buddies should surely have the opportunity to do the same. From the very first moment it was easy to see that Beneful was devoted to delivering the highest quality dog food at affordable prices.

The full line of Beneful dog food products are designed to fuel the energy and nutritional needs of canines. To help encourage healthy appetites this food provides dogs with an interesting assortment of flavors and a variety of dog-friendly textures. The variety stimulates a dog to explore the food and this makes it easy to provide all pets with balanced nutrition each and every day.

Based on veterinary science and years of independent research the Beneful formula provides rich protein compounds, essential vitamins/minerals, heat-healthy fatty acids and easily- digestible grains. The unique combination of ingredients also provides ample servings of helpful phytonutrients and antioxidants. These important compounds help canines by promoting the building of lean muscle, boosting natural immunity and fueling daily energy demands.

It all begins with the use of premium ingredients. Purina then utilizes stringent quality control during the production process of all Beneful products to ensure the safety and quality of all pet foods and dog treats. The end results are superior blends of healthy dog food that pets are eager to eat.

Investor and Attorney Sam Tabar

The current world of investment keeps changing every other day. There is continued need for the investment funds to provide confidence to the investors. It is something that would only be possible when investment firms hire professional and competent employees. One such investment expert is Sam Tabar. Sam is a New York-based Attorney and accomplished investor. However, Sam is widely known as an enterprising capital strategist. He executives work with the highest degree of quality and excellence. It is the determination, which has kept him advantaged among many New York attorneys. Under normal circumstances, a majority of the lawyers and investment managers provide clients with the bare minimum quality.

Sam has been privileged to work with established firms in the bid to improve his skills and reputation as an investor. He started at as an associate in Skadden, before making the decision to move to capital strategy and business development. It is where he gained more experience that makes him marketable. Sam served at SPARX Group as Managing Director, and Co-Head in-charge of Business Development. A few years later, Sam was offered a position as a director of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch. Additionally, he headed the regional strategy formation. It came as an appreciation for the good work and the exploits, which he had performed in his last duty station. It was a rewarding job offer for Sam.

Additionally, Tabar was an individual that was always curious and ready to learn new concepts. His courage enabled him forge forward without fear. After working as an investor for a period, Sam took a leap of faith and changed careers. He left the investment industry and went to become a lawyer in the investment industry. He joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate, and performed extremely well. It is important that he moved from being an investment adviser to being a lead counsel in the same industry. His prior experience in the field played a fundamental role in the success. He was adding new experience while undertaking the new duties. After many years of service to the company, the diligent efforts led him to better careers. In March 2014, Sam left Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP to pursue other interests.

Sam is a skill of mastering languages, and the abilities have propelled him to greater heights. It is one of the attributes that made it easy for him to interact constructively with a majority of the people. His command of English and French is said to be exquisite. It was also interesting he speaks Japanese fluently. Some of his hobbies included hosting events and traveling. The contribution Sam has made on business world is admirable. His work as an attorney continues to attract attention of many clients in New York.

Newark CEDC, its Growth and Impact in Newark and New Jersey

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation CEDC was founded as Brick City Development Corporation BCDC in 2007. It was however reorganized and renamed to community economic development corporation in 2014.

CEDC identifies itself with the promotion of small and upcoming businesses in the city of Newark and its environs. Newark CEDC helps grow small enterprises and also has an orientation towards the growth and expansion of the city’s real estate.

There have been significant changes in the organization’s leadership, especially after the renaming. All this are aimed at making sure CEDC achieves its goals and serving the local community in a better way.

Among the changes in the organization’s leadership is those in the financial department that is the most vital nerve for the success of CEDC. Some of the changes here include the appointment of Kevin Seawright as the Chief Financial Officer of the community Economic Development Corporation.

Seawright is a project management and accounting professional with Masters in Accounting from Almeda University. He has well over 13 years of experience in projects and financial management and has had a significant impact in most of the organizations he has worked with.

In his accountancy career, Kevin has worked with many enterprises ranging from real estate, educational departments, and even the local government. From his pool of experience, we believe our organization can draw a lifetime stream of accountancy skills.

In a move aimed at cost cutting and better services to its beneficiaries, the corporation moved its offices from 744 Broad Street to 111 Mulberry Street. The company has also cut down on the number of its board members from 11 to nine people.

The organization has also set out on a path towards independence by cutting off political ties with its leadership. This has been done through the enacting of by-laws that prohibit city officials from chairing the organization’s board. This reduces politicization of the body.

Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin Rises Through The Rich List

Success on Wall Street is something Kenneth Griffin on wallstreetjournal knows much about, but understanding how to use the wealth and respect that goes hand in hand with financial success is something the founder of Citadel LLC can teach many about. The Citadel group of hedge funds has been a major success over the course of its more than 20 year history and proven the trust and ambition shown in founder Kenneth Griffin was not misplaced. Griffin himself has seen his position in the US financial industry grow over the course of the life of Citadel LLC, which itself has developed since being founded in 1990 into a $26 billion financial giant.

Kenneth Griffin has found himself finally breaking into the top 100 richest people in the US, as estimated by Forbes Magazine, after many years hovering around the 100 position on the list. The personal wealth of Griffin has grown with the development of his Citadel hedge fund to reach a reported $5.5 billion in 2014 and has allowed Griffin to develop a philanthropic side to his life that includes major donations to many groups and organizations close to his heart. In recent years, Kenneth griffin has provided funds to support a number of political campaigns for those in his native Chicago as he has backed many causes that have improved the lives of people in the US. Alongside this politically motivated giving he has also looked to help those looking to follow in his footsteps by attending Harvard University. In particular, the Harvard graduate has offered around $150 million to his alma mater to provide financial aid to those struggling to fund their studies.

The Citadel LLC hedge fund group was initially established by Kenneth Griffin with the assistance of his mentor and first employer, Frank Meyer of Glenwood Partners. The initial investment in the hedge fund is reported to have been just $4.6 million, but the success of the investments made and assets managed has seen the estimated wealth of the group grow to more than $26 billion. Kenneth Griffin has always been regarded as having the midas touch when it comes to investing and this was proven when just eight years after establishing Citadel the company was reported to be managing over $2 billion in assets. Following on from the philanthropic nature of Kenneth Griffin, Citadel itself has become a major donor for many charities in Chicago ad across the US; Citadel assisted Chicago food banks in 2015 to such a high level that the company became the largest donor to the charitable organization in its history.

Highland Capital Management In-depth

Highland Capital Management is a firm based in Dallas, Texas that deals in managing hedge funds, structuring investments and distressing investment funds. Also, this firm which announced the completion of its CLO value funds I in 2014 February 4th, has invested in global public equity, fixed income and hedging markets with particular focus on leveraging loans, high yield bonds and structured products.

In 2015 May 15th, the firm which was founded in 1993, appointed Jim Dondero, who co-founded it with Mr. Mark Kiyoshi Okada, and Arthur Laffer as also part of the board of directors with Mr. Laffer being the Chairman of the Compensation Committee while Mr. Dondero as the Chairman of the Board. The company, which is an employee owned investment, has up to $21 billion in under their asset management currently.

Mr. James Dondero, a co-founder of the company with over 30 years of credit markets experience who also resides in Dallas, Texas, is currently overseeing Highland’s investment strategies for both retail and institutionalized products given that he is also the chairman of the board. Previously, Mr. Dandero had worked as the Chief Investment officer of Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary. Between the years of 1989 and 1993, he helped grow the business’s worth to over $2billion through high yield loans, leveraged bank loans, investment grade corporate and many others.

He also single-handedly managed over $1 billion in fixed income funds for American Express from the year 1985 to 1989. He then comfortably achieved that milestone with a BS in Commerce (accounting and finance) from University of Virginia under his belt. He also currently serves in three other companies among them American Banknote Corporation and CCS Medical and Nexbank.

With excellently smart people working across almost all the ranks in the company, with three top-notch principles including experienced, bold and disciplined, Highland Capital management has made notable strides in constantly availing funds and keeping it afloat in the market. This includes asset allocation funds, equity funds income funds, alternative funds and exchange traded funds. This is almost always availed through bonds or if not, then other debt instrument are availed.

These excellent management capabilities saw three investors join the company as insurers. Jefferson Pilot Corp was part of them. Also, they were named by Pensions and Investments, a newspaper, in 2014 as one of the best places to work in money management. The newspaper ran the survey result in its December 8th issue.

The company’ Excellency is also reflected through the community charitable works and education activities it takes part in. also, it donates up to $300 to its employees own cause. In order to better their lives or grow their other inventive and innovative side.

Pay Less With FreedomPop for Your Cellphone Services

On its bid to globalize the mobile business FreedomPop took another interesting turn that wasn’t expected by anyone. The company has increased its services on free voice, data bundles and text messages. The company has also increased its additional services and surprisingly freedom pop has been able to rise up another$30 million through funding. This money is expected to help in the process of expanding the business as said by the co-founder and the CEO Stephen Stokol. He also said that FreedomPop will be able to grow its business as a single entity. The company expects to raise another $50-$100 million in the next one year.

“It is not a good idea to sell the company as at now, may after achieving its target in the next one year” Stokol said in aninterview.
The Los Angeles based wireless company is setting up another branch in the United Kingdom offering sim services only as for now. FreedomPop offers 200 free text messages 200 free mobile data and 200 minutes free calls. This is the same as what you might find in the UK mobile plan as per now. There is also emphasis on free international calls to about 60 countries. The FreedomPop users are also allowed to have some monthly subscriptions. Apart from having these services in UK, they also plan to extend to Spain,France and twenty more countries in the Europe.

Currently the company has more than 1million users in the United States of America. The company also seems to be doing well financially this is accredited to the strategic planning in addition to investment. FreedomPop also sell a number of mobile phones as well as dongles. There is likelihood that a new investor would be announced soon .the investor is expected to bump around $5 million.

The freemium model used by FreedomPop is not in any way similar to the average cut-prices of MVNO. Most MVNO’s if not essentially purchase bulk messages and mobile data and therein divide them into smaller margins. The difference with freedomPop is that purchases the mobile data only and uses it to solely provide other services too. FreedomPop negotiates the prices of tiers used and in turns pays for what their operators have used.

This is a new trend that is slowly gaining momentum from the competitors who are trying to come up with the same idea. One thing that keeps FreedomPop at the top of its game is an excellent management team.