How to protect children from sexual abuse, by Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is an advocate dedicated to making our country free of sex predators and institutions that perpetrate such activities. He goes beyond his normal duties to provide insights and pieces of advice on issues sexual, including tips on how to prevent the vulnerable part of society, children, from sexual abuse.

Sexual predators lurk on every platform, online or offline, and it is the responsibility of parents to make sure their kids do not fall for them. Children are vulnerable to such crimes, and at times they may not be aware that they have been abused hence choose to let the vice continue, or feel guilty of having let it happen in the first place and never speak about it to anyone. Jeff postulates that communication with children is key to make them aware of such sexual predators, and he goes ahead to list several ways in which the message can be passed on better.

Mind the child’s age

Children of different ages take in information depending on their level of understanding and the way the parent communicates. Communication should start at an early age and simple language should be used to make the young ones understand body parts that are private and not allow anyone to touch them inappropriately.

No is also an answer

The child should know that ‘no’ for an answer is acceptable when they feel uncomfortable around a person and they should not accept anything they do not feel like taking part in.

Use examples

When you use illustrations of real-life situations or people that the kids should be wary off, they are more prone to take your message. Make them aware of tell-tale signs that should make them resist any advances towards them.

Continuous conversation

Make the talk about sex a continuous topic as they grow older and keep such communication as open as open so that you can be aware of any change in their lives if any.

Parents should always be wary of all types of adults in their kids’ lives and watch out for signs of sexual abuse in their kids going by any change in their usual trends. Vigilance is continuous.

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