The Executive profile of Philanthropist Betsy DeVos

Elisabeth Betsy DeVos is a renown American business lady and philanthropist. DeVos was born on the 8th of January 1958 and grew up in Holland, Michigan. Her initial names were Elisabeth Prince daughter to Elsa Prince and the billionaire industrialist, Edgar Prince. Her parent Edgar was the founder of Prince Corporation, an automobile outlet in Holland Michigan that offered enormous employment to the town residents. Betsy DeVos attended a Holland Christian school for her high school studies and later joined Calvin College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and political science. While in Calvin College, Betsy was involved in campus politics where she led her fellow students in different sectors.

Betsy DeVos came from one of the wealthiest families in Holland Michigan. She was later married to Richard Marvin Dick junior, who is also a multi-billionaire and an heir of the Amway Fortune, a family company. Richard ran the company from 1983 to 2002 amassing a lot of wealth and putting the company on a billionaire’s status. Dick DeVos Betsy’s husband is a major donor to the Conservative party campaigns, and he was the Republican party’s nominee for the governor of Michigan in 2006. Betsy and Dick DeVos have four grown children, two daughters and two sons namely; Rick, Elisa, Andrea, and Ryan.

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In the 2004 Bush re-election campaign, DeVos raised one hundred and fifty thousand dollars by herself. Betsy and Dick DeVos have funded various campaigns, political parties, committees and selected individuals. She is also the chairperson of the Windquest Group that invests in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. The DeVos also have a family foundation that is non-profit, which they founded in 1989. The organization has made over 11.6 million dollars in charity in sectors like education, art, criminal justice and the entire community. The couple’s full life contributions to charity are approximated to be one hundred and thirty-nine million dollars.

Elisabeth Prince or Betsy DeVos has served as the precinct delegate of the Michigan Republican Party since 1982. She also served as the Republican National Committeewoman from 1992 to 1997. From 1996-2000, she was the chairman of the MRP. Betsy is also a former Michigan Republic state senator and was elected as the party’s chairman without opposition in 2013. She was recently nominated for the secretary of education position, and she said that she would be delighted to make the ministry great again. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Koch to decide how to handle Trump Emergence

The emergence of Donald Trump came as a surprise to many people and Charles Koch was no exception. While Trump has long entertained the possibility of running for President few took him seriously. When Trump first came to the Koch brothers, Charles and David Koch, for their support they rebuffed him due to sharing different beliefs than he did. Trump then engaged in a Twitter barrage against the brothers criticizing their outsized role in the political game.

The Koch brothers have long been big donors to the Republican Party. Their fortune derives from Koch Industries which was founded by their father, Fred, and which is diversified but has a strong focus on the energy market. As Koch Industries earns just about $120 billion in revenue each year the Koch brothers have deep pockets to fund the candidates of their choice. During the 2012 presidential election they donated $400 million towards their attempted overthrow of Barack Obama. That failed attempt did not dissuade them in 2016 and they raised $900 million towards the 2016 campaign. Trump has put a damper on those plans.

Now that Trump has emerged as a more serious contender for the Republican nomination and has not only seized but also maintained, the lead in the Republican primary, all bets are on the table for what the Koch brothers may do. While it is quite clear that the Koch brothers would never actually support Trump, it is less clear the actions that they will take in the upcoming election. Representatives for the Koch brothers indicate that everything is currently on the table. Including potentially not spending or donating money during this election cycle and carrying the money that was raised into the next major race. The Super Pacs that the Koch brothers control may simple cede the Presidency to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders and try to work on getting some smaller races won by like minded candidates.

Although Charles Koch hesitated to create anti Trump ads in the past, partly due to some in their network of supporters being pro Trump and possibly offended by these ads, that too is currently on the table for the Koch brothers. Still the rise of Trump and his potential success of the Trump movement has shown the Koch may not have moved fast enough to support a candidate, partly as none captured the beliefs and ideals that Charles holds dearly.

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Democrats Agree to Hold Four More Debates

Blog writer Jon Urbana reported in The Washington Post yesterday afternoon that the two remaining national contenders for the Democratic Party nomination, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have agreed to conduct four more televised debates. He wrote that the first of these events will involve a debate broadcast by MSNBC tonight, February 4, 2016 in New Hampshire. The candidates will address issues at the University of New Hampshire at Durham beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

The remaining three political debates between the two primary candidates will occur in Flint, Michigan in March; in Pennsylvania in April; and in California in May. The Democratic Party had previously not scheduled as many debates as the Republican Party.

Some media commentators speculated that the schedule change reflects a longer, more drawn-out match during the race for the Democratic Party nomination. MSNBC will provide a live stream of tonight’s debate at the University of New Hampshire.

On Saturday, before the recent Iowa caucuses, press releases had indicated that the debate on the 4th of February might not take place. Now, it will evidently proceed.

Last night the two political candidates participated in a townhall forum broadcast by CNN. They appeared separately on stage and responded to a series of pre-screened questions from New Hampshire voters.

George Soros’ Talk on the Down Fall of the European Union.

George Soros is a known philanthropist and the head and founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Societies Foundations. Through the open societies, Mr. Soros give scholarships to thousands of students across the world. George Soros fled Budapest, Hungary as a young a man in search of greener pasture. He fled during the World War II oppression.

George got the rare opportunity to attend the prestigious London School of Economics. After graduation Soros opened several banks across the United States and London. He decided to settle in the United States where he expanded his businesses. This man Soros has authored several books like “The tragedy of the European Union (2004). He writes articles on topics that range from society, politics and economics.

George Soros has been on the front to criticize the European Union on CNBC following the recent refugee crisis. In an interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz of the German Magazine, Wirtschafts, Soros forecasted the fall of the European Union. According to George, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who become the leader of European Union right after President Putin attacked Ukraine; is the somehow the face freedom.

Angela had foreseen that the asylum situation could bring down the European Union. The crisis would lead to the collapse of the Schengen system of the open border and then destroy the common market. Soros says that Angela had a plan to calm the public, but it was poorly prepared. Without a better plan, the crisis is getting worse, and Europe, Germany and her position are being aggression.

George agrees that Ms. Merkel took a big risk and acted without a plan on the refugee situation. The authorities in European countries are faced with several problems, and they continue to create others instead of solving one at a time. Mr. Soros thinks that the Germans are the one who have the power to bring an end to the immigrant problem. The European Union requires cleansing. Germans through Merkel have assumed the position of hegemony, and they have to make up their minds to act or not to.
Merkel made a proposal to make a European crisis policy, where every year up to a million refugees will be allowed in European countries. For this, George gives her credit but maintains that no European asylum policy has been made. The authorities should be held responsible. The EU requires a detailed and robust program to attend to the problem.

George Soros: MarketWatch Insider On The Asylum Chaos Plan

“We are the dominant power. And that imposes on us a responsibility to be actually concerned with the well being of the world.” – Soros via Wikiquote


Soros says that the European Union needs to accept the responsibility bestowed on them for the lack of a standard policy of asylum that has led to the growth of this year’s refugee influx into a political crisis from a manageable problem. Ever state member in the union has focused on their selfish interests. They frequently act in opposition to the interest of others. This has precipitated panic among all the asylum seekers, the authorities and the general public who are solely responsible for law and order. The primary victims are the asylum seekers.

The EU need to develop a comprehensive plan to respond to the occurred crisis. A plan that will reassert effective governance over the asylum seekers flows so as to take place in the overlay, safe, and a place that will reflect the European capacity to absorb them. For it to be comprehensive, the plan must extend beyond the European borders. It is less expensive and less disruptive to maintain the potential asylum seekers who are near their location presently.

Syria is the origin of their current crisis. The Syrian fate is to be their priority. But other migrants and asylum seekers must never be forgotten as well. A global response should accompany the plan as well, under the UN authority involving its member states. The Syrian crisis burden will be distributed over many states to establish a global standard for dealing with problems of forced migration.

The components of the comprehensive plan include that the EU must first accept a minimum of one million asylum seekers annually. It should secondly lead the global effort to provide adequate funding to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The EU asylum migration agency should immediately be built. Safe channels must be established for the refuge seekers. They EU must take up and put together millions of asylum seekers every year. This information can be found on MarketWatch.

George Soros is the chairperson and founder of Open Societies Foundations that is a network of projects, partners and organizations in more than one hundred nations worldwide. He has a strong commitment to the idea where governments are accountable; rights are respected and where no single entity is a monopoly on the truth. This brings out the foundation as one of the rarest philanthropic efforts in history.

George began his philanthropic efforts in 1979. He started by giving scholarships to South Africans. He helped undermine communism in the Eastern bloc in the 1980sby providing Xerox machines to be used in copying banned texts as well as supporting cultural exchanges in the West. After the fall of the Berlin wall, he created the University of Central Europe to promote critical thinking. Through the open source foundations, he has expanded his philanthropy to Asia, Africa and the US. Open Societies Foundations.

Bobby Jindal Rubbing Republicans Wrong Way

The number of Republican individuals running for president is seemingly growing by the day. One individual who has been in the mix almost since the beginning is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Republicans have typically been pro gun and the majority of party members want it to be easier for individuals who hold weapons. However, Bobby Jindal recently came out against this and has stated that there needs to be stricter, tougher gun laws in the states but, Shaygan Kheradpir is very much surprised by Jindals statements though.

In a statement Jindal made with on Face the Nation this past Sunday, he indicated that every state in the country needs to strengthen gun laws and that not everyone should have the right to own or buy a gun simply because they are a citizen.

His statements are seemingly out of nowhere though, as not only is he a conservative candidate running for president, but he also has an A+ rating from the national Rifle Association. Due to this, it might be the least likely candidate to have this kind of a stance. However, Bobby has also indicated that this is not the first time he has signed laws or voted for potential laws to mandate stricter requirements. In 2013, he signed a law in Louisiana that required local courts to report any sort of change in a person’s eligibility to buy and own a gun. This includes mental health disorders, where if someone is diagnosed to have a mental health condition and owns a gun, they need to return the firearm to the state.

Chris Christie Turns on Common Core

It may be further evidence that the Common Core education initiative, started by individual states, has in fact been hijacked by an intrusive federal government. It may be the realities of being a second-tier presidential candidate in a desperate need to shift right in order to attract the party’s conservative base. Regardless of whatever are the true motivations behind the move, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has reversed his support of Common Core and announced plans to withdraw his state from the controversial curriculum. The announcement was made on Thursday in a speech the governor delivered before one of the party’s most generous donors, Sheldon Adelson.

Sam Tabar agrees that it is well known that Christie has an image problem as being disloyal. In the crucial final weeks of the 2012 presidential campaign, Christie snubbed GOP nominee Mitt Romney and actively invited President Obama to tour his state after a devastating hurricane. He went so far as to warmly embrace the president in a hug which image made national headlines. The following year, he praised the Common Core standards as a point where he and the president are closely aligned. Now, Christie is intent on a presidential run and finds conservatives to be put off by his candidacy. For his part, Christie claims his decision to oppose Common Core is based on a statewide study that found the new curriculum confusing and dysfunctional. Pundits believe he is shifting right in a bid to win more of his party’s support.

Karl Rove’s Political Fortunes Wane

The fortunes of Karl Rove have seen better days. The political guru once held a prestigious position as a chief of staff in the White House and was dubbed “The Architect” for his success in election. Now, all indications are his star has fallen greatly and his super PAC no longer wields the influence it once possessed.

The PAC, named Crossroads, is in a bit of a bind with the Internal Revenue Service. The non-profit wing of the organization is being audited. That alone is going to keep people wary about donating money. Possibly worse, money is not flowing into the coffers of the PAC as it once did. The audit alone is not the sole reason or even the main reason. A lot of former donors simply do not like to do business with Rove. A sentiment is emerging that his ability to succeed in elections is over-rated.

Also, there is a lot of competition on the political landscape according to Adam Sender. More and more super PACs are arriving on the political scene. Some are grass roots organizations and others are highly corporate in nature. No matter what the structure of the PAC is, the fact remains one PAC can draw away money that was originally intended for another. Rove, it seems, is emerging as a loser in the battle of PAC money-raising.

While it is still early to count Rove out, the future looks like it belongs to new blood and fresher faces.

Obama puts his foot down for the People

Monday president Obama used executive order to issue a statement disallowing the federal government program to provide local police force with military type weapons. Obama stated that “There is a fine line between our military and our police force, we want people to look at police as guardians not warriors.”
According to Igor Cornelsen the Federal Government is no longer allowed to provide armored vehicles, tanks (or anything that has tracks), weaponized aircraft, ammo and firearms bigger than a .50 caliber, bayonets and grenade launchers. Obama feels that if we want the people to respect the police force and act like civil humans, then we need to stop coming at them with military grade weapons like they are the bad guys. This measure will take place immediately and any of the violating items will be removed as soon as possible. Other items are also included in this ban including weaponized hummers, manned aircraft, drones or special firearms.
Overall this is a very important step in Obama career and a good productive step forward for America and its crime. We as a nation need to come to grips that the police are on our side and the police need to stick to what they know and what they have been trained to do. This bond between law enforcement and citizens is crucial to the survival of America and putting an end to these racial acts on both sides of the straw.

Loretta Lynch Finally Starts Her New Job

Finally, after 180 days, in spite of her extraordinary qualification, Loretta Lynch was sworn in as the 83rd U.S. attorney general. Many Republicans voted against her confirmation because they were angered about President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Jaime Garcia Dias stood firmly on the other side, however, the confirmation ultimately passed with a 55 to 43 vote count. Ms. Lynch is ready to defend the President’s action on immigration as the U.S. attorney general.

Lynch is the first African-American woman to become the U.S. attorney general. Before spending many months testifying before the US Senate regarding her nomination, Lynch was the U.S attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Some of her priorities have been identified as: strengthening victim’s rights, ending slavery connected to sex trafficking and fighting crime overall.

There is a great amount of speculation given the increasing pressure to address excessive use of force by local police officers on what type of action Lynch will take, if any, on the most current conflict in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lynch was sworn in by Vice President Biden with her hand on a bible held by her father, a Baptist minister.