The Highly Successful Career Journey Of Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe Agency. This is a highly successful and reputed advertising agency that was known as Borghi Lowe earlier.He is known for the high-profile and exclusive campaigns created by him that are still being remembered by all.Jose Borghi was not sure about what career he should pursue. This was when his sister invited him to see a performance at the Castro Neves Theater. It was here that he decided to make his final decision. This was a presentation that showed all those commercials that had received a lot of recognition at the Cannes Film Festival. This was when Jose Borghi got inspired as he decided to opt for advertising as a career. Even then, he did not predict that he will win a Cannes award someday.

Jose Borghi was born in PresidentePrudente. He did his graduation in advertising from PUC-Campinas. Then he worked in a few leading ad agencies. After that, he decided to open his own agency. This was named BorghiErh.It was a successful ad agency that was soon bought by Lowe. Its name was changed to Borghi Lowe. All this took place in 2006. The agency has only grown since then. This agency has created an influence in the domestic market and the international market too. Recently the firm merged with Lowe & Partners along with the Mullen Group.

Jose Borghi has managed to be persistent even in adverse situations. He knows what he wants, and then he goes after it. He never waits for anything to come to him by luck or by a stroke of fate.Hence Jose Borghi likes to handle important accounts on his own. This is why he has handled accounts like Fiat, Charlie, and the Down Syndrome Associate himself. Other big campaigns include Honda and so on. Read full article : Here.

Eucatex Group and Flavio Maluf – A Winning Combination to Give New Definition to Success

Established in 1951, the Eucatex Group started out a producer and marketer of liners and insulation. They stood out by crafting them from eucalyptus wood fibers which are a unique kind of wood. The company also produced different types of paints. They predominantly made products for home though made some for industries as well. More than half a century past, the company is still running strong and today exports its environmentally friendly products to different countries outside Brazil.


Today, the company has two branches of operation. The first is the construction segment where it produces modular partitions, doors, paints and laminate floors. The second segment is that of furniture where it provides wood fiber plates, MDP and Tamburato. All products are made from eucalyptus wood and are environmentally labeled safe and green. It is the largest producer of eucalyptus furniture products.


Quite a bit of share and credit for the growth of the company can be attributed to Flavio Maluf, the CEO, and president of Eucatex Group. He joined his family business in 1987 by starting to operate in the company’s trade area. Only after a decade was spent in the sales department did Flavio head to the company’s industrial department. He first became the Executive partner of the company before rising to its President position.


It was only under Flavio’s presidency that the company started modernizing itself. Flavio guided the company to open its branches across Brazil and even export outside. Its products are presently being exported to 37 countries outside Brazil. It has apparently made a significant difference in the growth and net profits of the company. It can only be attributed to Falvio’s brilliance that the company’s earnings grew by 30% to stand at R$ 10.7 in 2014. Under his brilliant leadership, the company looks poised to scale new heights of success.