Millennial Entrepreneur Billy McFarland Is Creating VIP Experiences For Generation

The generation that marketers have dubbed as millennials tend to pursue leisure and build their lives in ways that seem almost antithetical to the generations that came before them.

For instance, rather than settling down in one profession and one position for decades at a time, young people often find themselves transitioning from one position and one profession to the next, often due to market forces that have changed the way that the world conceives of work.

Rather than spend years climbing a corporate ladder some millennials are opting to take a chance on themselves and their ideas by starting companies where they can bring a dream to fruition and run a company on their terms.

Other young people are opting not to spend their money on items traditionally seen as assets like cars and mortgages, but instead spend their money on experiences like concerts and vacations to locales half-way across the world. According to Business Insider, young entrepreneur named Billy McFarland is arguably the quintessential millennial story as he works to provide VIP experiences aimed at millennial professionals through a company that he founded at the age of 23.

McFarland is the founder of Magnises, a company launched in 2014, that provides discounts to some of the most high-end restaurants and hotels in the country and easy access to swanky clubs and events. McFarland’s company has adopted the idea of the Black card, a luxury credit card known to come with fancy perks, and made it available to professionals that are willing to shell out $250 a year for membership.

Young professionals can apply for the Magnises card, which is more of a membership card than a credit card though it can be linked to a credit card, and when they are approved they will be given a black steel card that they can use to get into clubs and to get into events like parties held at Magnises’ sophisticated penthouse.

The card recently debuted a slew of new features that are aimed at meeting the needs of young professionals. For instance, Magnises card holders can now get access to a co-working space in New York City for just under $100 a month. Magnises members that have an active nightlife can take advantage of what is known as the company’s ClubPass. For a monthly fee of $65 ClubPass won’t have to worry about whether or not they will be able to get into some of the city’s most upscale nightclubs.

New Treatements For Sleep Apnea Announced By Avi Weisfogel

During these tough times, many families find it difficult to afford dental care. Food and housing come before dental or medical care and people are suffering. One bad tooth can wreck an individuals day with pain and the inability to eat properly. The same bad tooth can cause infections and sickness if left untreated. Teeth may seem like the easy thing to do without but they are not. Avi Weisfogel is trying to help the situation by volunteering his time to collect money to provide free dentistry. He is also working on the Operation Smile bus that travels throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas. Operation smile is a nonprofit organization that provides free or cheap dental care to people that can no afford to go to the dentist. They do things like cleft palate repair surgery, facial deformity surgeries, dental cleanings, and teeth repair. Avi is hoping more dentists and medical personnel will see the necessity and become more involved in this event.


Avi Weisfogel is a dentist from New Jersey. He graduated with a BA in psychology and Biology from Rutgers University. After Rutgers, Avi went on to earn his Doctorate in Dental Science from NYU. Avi Weisfogel is responsible for helping people to learn about the dental care and what to look for when diagnosing sleep apnea. He Own Dental Sleep Masters and Old Bridge Dental. He is holding seminars and lectures to discuss the importance of sleep apnea treatments and diagnosing sleep disorders. In a recent article, Avi discussed the recent advancements in treating sleep apnea. Most people hate the large mask and will not take the treatment. Now there are new smaller treatments and minimal surgical procedures that can reduce the risk of sleep apnea for good. Avi is working hard to help with solutions and procedures that will treat this problem and allow people the opportunity to comfortably seek treatments.


Sleep Apnea is a very disturbing disorder that more people know. It causes so much damage to the body. Sleep apnea stops a person from breathing while they sleep. It can kill if left untreated. A person can have sleep apnea if they have a multitude of dental issues. Sleep Apnea is serious and can affect a person’s heart, weight, and mental acuity. It is important to get tested and treated now.

An Honest Company Has The Best Policies

If there is a company that is very frustrating and scary at the same time, it is a company that declares that is never wrong, or at least a company that is never aware of its shortcomings. For one thing, this stunts the growth of the company in important ways. This also causes customers to want to walk away from the company. As a result, the company will lose a lot of revenue because of the lack of honesty about its own shortcomings. Customers love a company that is in touch with reality. Therefore, it is important for a company to admit to its mistakes.

According to, there is always going to be something that doesn’t work exactly right with the customer. As a result, the customer will go to the company with his concern. While the company is to provide assurance to the customer, he is not supposed to deny that there is any problem. The best thing to do is for him to acknowledge where he went wrong and assure the customer that this problem will be fixed. This is a great compromise and balance. This maintains the trust of the customer and will reduce the likelihood of customer complaints.

When a business owner can admit where he went wrong, he can also correct his mistakes and make sure that he does not repeat them. One common idea is that while it is okay to make mistakes, it is not as good to repeat the same mistakes. This is especially true when it comes to business. When the business owner is making the same mistakes over and over, then it is going to affect the image of the company to the customer. While the customer is not looking for a perfect company, he does want a company that is going to learn from his mistakes.


What Securus Is

Securus is a company that deals with communications and security for law enforcement and prisons. They make it possible for inmates to keep in contact with their friends and their families so that they can maintain some kind of connection with the outside world. With the help of Securus technologies, inmates are allowed the privilege of visitation as well as telephone communications. Securus is also very good at the work that it provides for people. For one thing, they not only make sure that they provide a possibility for inmates to communicate with their family, they also do the best they can in order to make it work in the best way possible.


 Securus has not only provided some great technologies or prisons, they have also managed to keep up with the times so that people can get the best services available. For instance, Securus has decided to go mobile in order to keep up with the changing world. This is actually very helpful for people that are interested in keeping in contact with their loved ones from their homes. The technology that is offered with this program will keep the inmates encouraged as they serve their time. It also reminds the inmates that they have someone that cares for them even though they are doing a lot of time.


Securus is now available for people with mobile phones. Among the things that are offered to people is the chance for them to work on their education while in prison. The devices that are set up in the prison allow for inmates to learn some skills that could translate into the real world after they get out of prison. Also the professionals have come with some of the best ideas that they ll of them have been given BICSI certification for the skills that they have shown.


Michael Zomber Adds Unique Knife to His Collection of Antique Weapons


Michael Zomber has recently added a unique item to his personal collection of antique weapons. He acquired a Bowie knife that is believed to have been used to target John Brown, who was one of the most infamous abolitionists. According to Brown, the only effective way to repeal slavery was through a violent uprising against the government. Having such radical views, Brown was surely despised by many powerful individuals in the American South, where slavery dominated the economy.


Even though the Bowie knife that Michael Zomber acquired was not actually used to kill John Brown, such an artifact still holds a lot of historic value. For most of his life, Zomber has been an absolute American History buff. In particular, he is fascinated by the U.S. Civil War and the Antebellum era. In fact, Zomber has written several novels about this particular armed conflict that was fought to decide the fate of slavery in the United States. A Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me surely highlight Zomber’s fascination with one of the most violent periods of American history. Besides writing books on his nation’s history, Zomber has also appeared on TV shows about weapons. For example, he was featured as a guest historian on the History Channel’s Guns of the Famous and Million Dollar Guns. To the surprise of some of his American fans, Michael Zomber is also passionate about Asian history. In fact, he has written several books about Samurai culture. Additionally, he and his wife have produced a documentary about Japan’s traditional warriors.

After collecting weapons for more than four decades, Michael Zomber is still excited about getting his hands on new antique artifacts. The Bowie knife that he recently got has attractive craftsmanship that is simply not found on modern knives. For example, this particular knife includes a handle that is covered in nickel.

Check out Mike’s IMDb page, as he has a few more screenplays planned.  Or see what he’s been up to on Facebook.

Entrepreneur Don Ressler is “JustFab”

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur. Ressler has started several successful companies. His first company was He then worked with partners and groups to develop other successful companies. Ressler continued to work and partner with other professionals for several years. At some point, Don Ressler headed into the direct online distribution of products and found bigger success here. Alleviating the middle man and it’s cost was brilliant.

Sticking with this concept, Ressler founded his third company JustFab. This company designed and retailed athletic wear. With enormous success, they later branched out to create children’s athletic wear as well. Then they took their products to Europe.

Designing affordable active wear that not only allows for comfort, but also looks good was not an easy task. Fabric chooses and color pallets were worked on and changed numerous times so that the intended audience would want this line of clothing. Making them affordable was the most important issue. Clothing for work and clothing for active wear on have always been separate and an additional cost. Now. with JustFab, you can purchase clothing that can take on the office as well as your workout. Being affordable makes this line of clothing extra special. Most athletic wear is very expensive and cannot double for work. If you have not gone online to check out this line of active wear, you really need to. It fits every woman’s schedule and business. Dress it up or dress it down. Be creative. Mix and match pieces and find more outfits than you actually need. JustFab also has a huge variety of footwear as well. It has all you need to look good and feel good throughout your day.

With JustFab’s success, they are now looking at finding new ways to market and sell this product on
. They even branched out to create Fabletics. This company is designed with just active wear. You can find attractive athletic wear that moves and breathes while you exercise and workout. With these two companies linked, you can cover all your shopping needs with just a click of one button. Go online and check out these companies. They are designed for today’s active, hardworking woman.

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DEVCO’s Financial Misunderstandings

Back in 2005, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority acquired a $20 million loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Just recently they failed to pay $1 million installment on that loan. This doesn’t come as a shock to some considering the Improvement Authority has racked up nearly $7 million in missed payments over the last five years. Senate President Stephen Sweeney touted the corporation, calling them a paragon of what can be done with public dollars when funneled through private firms.

The corporations involved are headed by attorney Christopher Palandino, who was also the person that arranged for the $20 million loan. According to him, he says that the loan will be paid but it will take a few more years. The 235-room Heldrich has been struggling to attract guest since it opened in 2007. The hotel is actually so cash-strapped that it’s used over $700,000 of its own money to pay the bills and other expenses. Despite these struggles, the hotel has performed anemically over the years. Its senior bondholders have been paid with 5% interest. For more information, refer to the original article written on Press of Atlantic City.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation is a private, nonprofit urban real estate development company. It is recognized as a powerful engine by the New York Times. It specializes in strategic alliances and strong partnerships that lead to innovative project financing structures. The talent demonstrated by Devco has earned it a diverse array of awards. Since its founding, the company has dealt with $1.6 billion of investments in the New Brunswick area. Even when times are challenging, the city’s redevelopment industry stands strong because of the DEVCO’s unique and experienced approach to solving problems. DEVCO is truly focused on the future.


Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Says He’s Fortunate

CEO and Chairman of Squaw Valley Resort Holdings Andy Wirth considers himself a lucky man. The avid sportsman and businessman almost lost everything just a few short years ago.

While skydiving with some friends back in 2013, the winds blew him a great distance from his mark and he ended up landing in a vineyard full of sharp poles. The end result was his arm was got stuck on one of the poles after a hard landing and ripped off.

According to KCWR, Andy Wirth was able to stop the blood loss by putting pressure on the wound. He was taken to the local hospital where surgeons re-attached his arm.

The road to recovery was a long and arduous process. He had to go through hundreds of hours of physical and occupational therapy. While going through his recovery, Wirth befriended a group of Navy Seals. It was through this friendship that he started a fund to support wounded seals and their loved ones.

Today, Andy Wirth’s arm has regained about 70 percent of its function. He currently participates in Ironman competitions and marathons. Wirth says he no longer does skydiving because of the risks. “My family is extremely afraid for me after the accident,” said Wirth.

Andy Wirth says he feels extremely lucky and blessed. “Things could have turned out much differently.”

Wirth has also resumed his role in the capacity of CEO. He took over as CEO of Squaw Valley Resort Holdings in 2010. The resort was on his last leg before Wirth turned it around and made it into one of the top ski resorts in the U.S.

The property underwent a complete overhaul. The facilities and staff are now top notch. “We have the best food, activities and service in the industry,” said Wirth

A graduate of Colorado State University, Wirth previously worked as a park ranger and has over 25 years experience at Steamboat Springs Resort.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Wants To Improve His Home State

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has been serving in the assembly in Guarico of Venezuela for a while because he believes that his only option for saving his community is becoming a much more active member of the government. He wants to help improve the crime and unemployment in the state, but he wants to get other people to be involved, too. He knows that he can convince regular people who work and own businesses in the state to help.

He has been working on trying to get American companies to come to the state, and he wants to be sure that he has a lot of people with him in this endeavor. He has businesses in Guarico that he wants to see survive, and he wants to take the government out of the hands of the people who are there as a career. He wants to stop people from just sitting in the halls of power and not doing much. He sits at home and sees how his state is deteriorating, and he will do more because he knows exactly what it takes to help the people around him.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to be sure that jobs are returning to the state, and he wants to stop the unnecessary violence and other crime that happens in the state. Manuel knows that there are ways to make a real change without causing an upheaval, and he believes that it can be done with the right laws that will encourage businesses and young people to do the right thing.

Venezuela cannot return to its former glory unless it has people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez in government. He and his colleagues have a chance to change the way the country operates. Bringing businesses and better behavior back to Venezuela will make a large change to the population.

Jim Hunt Rides The Wealth Wave

Jim Hunt is a businessman. For those readers who are still unfamiliar with the name Jim Hunt, fret not. Here is some additional information on the subject in question:

Jim Hunt is the VTA Publications Ltd. adviser. He is also an investor. Perhaps more importantly, he is the creator of Wealth Wave.

Wealth Wave is an investment strategy where anyone can actually make money from the stock market when it’s falling. The VTA Publications man once referred to it as “riding the wealth wave”. He believes it is much like the sport of surfing where you try to catch the perfect wave and ride it to success.

Jim Hunt assists his customers in the investment process via e-mail, phone and the Wealth Wave-related series of DVD training videos and webinars. He believes the secret here is to use the signals that have a track record of success. Be prepared to act when you notice stocks that are about to fall and the market about to drop.

Both he and the VTA Publications organization begin the process with demonstrating how the stock market operates. They provide clients with unlimited assistance and are prepared to put their various resources at the clientele’s disposal. VTA offers a wealth of cutting-edge investment information. They employ experienced industry professionals to show each customer how to increase their income in the stock market by learning to anticipate the perfect moment to trade or sell. Essentially, they specialize in spread betting.

Founded in 2012, the publisher of “distant learning courses, VTA is also a special events organizer. They have thousands of clients around the world who use the company’s data services and products. They also provide their customers with free classes and articles that are also available online.

The company is reportedly said to excel in the areas of finance and economics. The goal of the business to to find the top people in their fields from across the globe, in hopes of adding their expertise to the company’s simple-to-use instructional material. VTA also books related events to aid their customers in becoming successful.