The Paradigm of Paragon: Jeff Aronin

Paragon Biosciences is a company that was founded in 2010, with the idea that caring for patients and people could attract companies to fund research to approve life-changing medications for those who need them. This company is run by Mr. Jeff Aronin, a man of great achievement and innovation, who is trying to change the way that healthcare is viewed all around the world. He has been active in the company, and in bettering the world through biological medication for over twenty years. In 2017, he even won the Weizmann Leadership Award for his ability to rally people to this wonderful cause.


Paragon Biosciences follows a three-step pattern to create a successful approach to having new, helpful medicines approved faster.


To begin, the company evaluates a patient and their immediate needs. These needs, according to the Paragon Biosciences’ website, range from narcolepsy, to impending dermatological issues being faced by a large amount of the world population today.


From there, the company identifies and creates medications to assist the needs of their patients. This phase itself is split into a pre-clinical phase, three sub-phases, and then registration for what is assumed to be a clinical trial. Once the medication is tested, phased, and ready to be approved, it is sent to the third and final step.


The final step in the process, and the one that Mr. Aronin himself takes great pride in, would be attracting the funds to help mass amounts of people in an above-average amount of time. This process is done because Mr. Aronin believes that “with 6,000 diseases that have no treatment,” there is no time like the present to begin fighting to fund medication that could bring along advanced treatments, and someday even cures to certain diseases. Once a medication has a sponsor, it can be sent to the FDA more quickly than a traditional company could send the information and get approved much faster.


Overall, Paragon Bioscience and Jeff Aronin are dedicated to finding treatments that suit the individual needs of people and are fighting to get these treatments funded and approved as fast as possible.


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Business Owner Glen Wakeman Lays Out Three Easy To Follow Rules About Running A Company

Glen Wakeman is a Southern Florida businessman and a graduate of the University of Chicago. He operates a blog where he doles out information to help other entrepreneurs succeed in business. One recent post of his talked about some annoying sayings which are also speaking the truth. Some examples of these are “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “The devil is in the details”.

The takeaway that Glen Wakeman wanted to express to his readers was that the little things really do matter when you are running a business. An attention to details goes a long way in building the foundation of a company and provides a way to have big success. In his blog posting he laid out three rules to follow to achieve this success.

The first rule is to develop a culture of commitment at your company. Everyone should honor their obligations as this will develop a culture of trust, integrity, and ownership. He also wrote that little misses should not be ignored. A form is only done when it is 100 percent done, for instance. He also wrote that the business owner shouldn’t overreact, though. If someone is late to work, for example, you shouldn’t explode in anger at them. You can’t let it pass but you do need to be respectful of the other person.

Glen Wakeman began his professional career in 1985. He worked for over 20 years for GE Money. He worked around the world fir this company and eventually became the chief executive officer of their Latin American operations. The first company he launched was Nova Four. As the principal of this company he provides consulting services to other companies where he provides his professional advice to them on myriad issues. He also provides funding to businesses which are in the development stage.

He also started another company in November 2015. This business, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, provides an online platform where people can quickly and easily build a business plan. Glen Wakeman says it has been his observation that most businesses fail because the person behind it didn’t take the time to put together a solid plan for how to grow the company.

Perry Mandera’s Phenomenal Career Journey

Perry Mandera is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of The Custom Companies Incorporation. His career in the logistics and transportation domain has been long and holistic. Mandera has more than 40 years of experience in offering shipping services to clients mainly based in Illinois and in the United States of America at large. His professional experience started when he was serving as a marine in the armed forces. During this time, he supervised the transportation of troops as well as supplies. This role made him realize the impact of the shipping services and he decided to pursue it on a different level.


Perry Mandera left the armed forces but his passion toward service did not end there. He joined politics and decided to run for office. Mr. Mandera was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman to represent the 26th ward in Chicago and served for one term, four years. He was the youngest committeeman with a Republican ticket at that time. Moreover, Perry Mandera is a philanthropist and he has played active roles in charitable work throughout his life. He always finds ways to help the needy and the underprivileged people in the community. He donates money and other resources to organizations seeking to help the less fortunate people in the society. Mr. Mandera has been particularly keen in assisting needy children through financial donations as well as giving them material support in form of clothes and transportation.


Mandera’s excellence in the shipping industry has earned him several accolades. The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) named him as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” in 2000. These awards have been due to his incorporation of new technologies into his business. Apart from using logistics, his company also employs the services of house programmers who customize software to meet the needs of the clients.


Perry Mandera identified that his religious background has helped him in navigating through the business world as it has helped him to make decisions in his business and personal life as well. His experiences have also been a source of inspiration. Mr. Mandera has learned a lot through his mistakes and experiences in his career.

Jorge Moll Seeks to Understand Group Social Behaviors

Dr. Jorge Moll is currently the President of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), which is located in Rio de Janeiro. He also is a member of the governing board and a senior researcher. Dr. Jorge Moll has an extensive background in Neuroscience. In 1994 he obtained his medical degree from the Federal University located in Rio de Janeiro. He subsequently completed his residency at Federal University as well. In 2004, Dr. Moll obtained another doctoral degree, this time in Experimental Pathophysiology. Stanford University awarded Dr. Jorge Moll the Visiting Scholar Award in 2015. In 2008, he was elected as an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. In 2012, Dr. Moll was elected to the board of the International Neuroethics Society. The National Institute of Health awarded him the Research Fellow Accolade for his work from 2004 to 2007.


Recently, the IDOR published a study looking at what makes people so passionate about their sports teams. The study was published in Nature’s Scientific Reports journal and looks at the need humans have for belonging to a group. The study looks at fans of soccer and examined MRI’s to understand their social behavior and ingroup attachment. Dr. Jorge Moll was interested in this research because he knows that humans attachments to being a part of cultural groups are a necessity to the survival of the human race.


This research utilized 27 soccer fans of various Brazilian soccer teams. During MRI brain scans, the research subjects had to answer the question of who they would donate money to, given the choice of other fans of their own favorite soccer team, non-fans of their favorite soccer team, or to keep the money for themselves. As can be expected, many of the subjects chose to gift themselves money. Nonetheless, out of the other two choices, they would give more money to fans of their favorite soccer team.


The understanding of the neural mechanisms relating to group behavior and belonging to a group could be very important to addressing various clinical problems. These problems include antisocial behaviors.

Sujit Choudhry talks on Today’s Political Climate

Sujit Choudhry has conducted several investigations on the way politics are held nowadays. His exploration concentrates on various issues in politics and also in comparative constitutional laws. It talks on the subject of constitutional design.

The design aims at conducting peaceful democratic politics rather than the usual violent conflicts. His research also speaks on federalism, semi-presidential, constitutional courts and transitional justice, minority and group rights, decentralization and even secession.  Learn more about Sujit and his works, click on

Sujit has widely written on Canadian constitutional law ( Recently, Sujit Choudhry has written a book chapter that is concentrating on a particular tweet of Eric Holder. Eric was the former Attorney General under the leadership of President Obama. The tweet was broadcasted to Holder’s supporters in December 2017.

Eric had mentioned that anything that would terminate the working of Robert Mueller would be termed as an absolute red line. He also said that in case of anything, then the citizens should hold peaceful demonstrations.

Sujit Choudhry clarifies that the Attorney General based his publication on two critical concepts. Firstly, he has left the American people to decide on whether the officials have transgressed the so-called constitution boundary or at any instance abused their authority. Secondly, he based his argument on the constitutional limit.

According to Choudhry, the resolving of the issue will primarily depend on the people’s reaction. This will depend on the upholding or reversing of the constitution boundary. Sujit also explains that the tweet also focuses on the constitutional self-enforcement.

Constitutions govern the appropriateness of individuals behavior on the public authority by concentrating on central points. The primary points are also the constitutional rules. Violation of this rules does not give the court a warrant to label them.

Sujit Choudhry mentioned the other principal point as the term limit of the president. He also said that an excellent example of a more general category known as the autogolpe or the self-coup is disregarding the term limits.

According to Sujit Choudhry, the red lines mentioned by Eric can be an example of democratic failure if they are viewed in some specific context. Sujit stated that democratic backsliding is a threat to constitutional democracy.

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The Future is Bright; Graham Edwards Makes Jump from CEO to Chairman of Telereal Trillium

It has been 17 years since Graham Edwards lead the negotiations to acquire the London-based company, Telereal, and merge it with his former company, British Telecomholdings. In 2001, Edwards became CEO of what is now Telereal Trillium, one of United Kingdom’s largest property management firms. Recently, Graham Edwards with continuing success as CEO has made the tremendously well-earned accomplishment of being named Chairman. The move has been in talks for quite some time and with Edward’s legacy of success, the time was right to make it official. Telereal Trillium has always had stakeholders, and the companies they serve, in mind whenever making a business decision. Making Graham Edwards Chairman is no exception. Russell Gurnhill has been named Edward’s successor to the role of CEO. Telereal Trillium has an outstanding market share with over 8,000 properties in its portfolio and boasts 1 percent of the total workforce in Britain with over 7,000 employees.

Graham Edwards had success in every role that he has been awarded over the years. After graduating from the prestigious Cambridge University, where he studied Economics, Edwards went on to become Fund Manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management. After Merrill, Graham Edwards became a pivotal piece in the company, British Telecomholdings (BT). Edwards served as head of finance for BT where he eventually leads the charge in merging with Telereal to form a powerhouse firm in the property management and investment industry.

Even with all the success, Graham Edwards has had in his ventures, he still finds time to serve his communities. He is a member of many committees and boards such as One Voice Europe, Portland Trust, and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Graham Edwards understands that when company morale is high, there is no limit to what workers are capable of. He has been a major advocate in donation matching. Donation matching promotes giving back to the community by having employees make a donation to a charity and Telereal Trillium will match it to a limit of £2000. With Graham Edwards’ leadership, it seems that Telereal Trillium has a solid footing in the property management industry for years to come.

Sujit Choudhry: Comparative Constitutional Law Adept

Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of Center for Constitutional Transitions ( He is recognized for his extensive knowledge of comparative constitutional law and politics. He is a law professor for I. Michael Hayman, University of California in Berkeley. He has been a constitutional adviser for almost twenty years. Sujit Choudhry is an expert in helping in public dialogue sessions alongside civil society groups, leading stakeholders, detailed consolations, and civil servant training among other things. He is currently the member of United Nations Mediation Roster. He is also a consultant for World ban Institute at World Bank as well as United Nations Development Program.

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Sujit Choudhry has been a valuable advisor to many foreign dignitaries while building their constitutions. They include Yemen, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Nepal, and Libya. He was invited to be a consultant at World Bank Institute by the United Nations Development Program. He is recognized internationally for his authority in comparative constitutional law as well as politics. His major research focus lies in issues on such areas. Sujit combines his knowledge and his findings in research in building the constitutional processes. He has published over ninety articles that are under his records. Other are in book chapters, reports, and papers. Sujit has authored many books that include Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas among others. He serves as a member of the International Society of Law executive committee.

In a recent piece, Sujit Choudhry addressed the tweet from Eric Holder. Eric is a former attorney general who served under President Obama. The tweet was a publication to his followers in 2017 regarding the potentiality of termination of Robert Mueller, a White House Special counsel, check He said that the attempt was a red line. Eric continued to say that in case such a thing happens when the peaceful demonstrations would proceed. That is to say, that in case he was removed or altered with then the individuals in the community had the choice to make between peaceful demos or any other method to be heard. He insisted that it was necessary that the people be listened to. According to Sujit, a statement that had two concepts in it and he discusses these concepts in his entire views.

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Jorge Moll : Giving is Important for Humans

During the holiday, people get tired because of the shopping activities they have to engage in. There are people who love shopping, but it can sometimes become a terrifying affair. Jorge Moll, one of the world’s leading neuroscientist, all these shopping activities are worth it. Holiday shopping can impact the people who are giving in so many ways. According to Jorge Moll, the shopping will help the recipients and givers live a better life afterwards. The health and happiness of the two groups changes soon after this generous activity. The strength of a community also changes because of giving.

Jorge Moll believes that it is not a must to shop so that you can get to enjoy the benefits of giving. After conducting several researches in the past, Jorge Moll realized that people do not have to go shopping so that they can enjoy these benefits. Giving for charities will have the same impact as those who go for their holiday shopping. Giving some of your time to the less fortunate communities in the world is also a great way of giving.

Jorge Moll believes that giving will have more benefits to the people taking part in the whole activity. First of all, this simple gesture will make you feel very happy. Some of the leading universities say that when you give money to someone, you uplift their spirit and both of you end up being happy. The great feeling will be reflected in your biology after a while. The brain triggers some pleasure that leaves a beautiful glow in the face of the people involved. Jorge Moll says that giving to the poor and other people in the society has a good impact to the health of the people.

In the past, the research conducted on various people shows that most of the people who enjoyed good health are very generous compared to those who are not. The sick and elderly will also feel better when they have decided to offer some of their belongings to the less fortunate (LinkedIn). Several leading professors say that giving is the best way of preventing health problems in people. Jorge Moll says that the people who enjoy giving rarely fall sick.


The Values Of IC System Have Made A Difference For Their Clients And Their Community

In 1938 Jack and Ruth Erickson founded an accounts receivable company called IC System. They wanted to provide customers with honest and ethical services. IC System has now been passed down through three new generations of the Erickson’s. The same principles of honesty continue to drive the business. IC System has always been innovative. They became the first business in accounts receivables to use computers instead of typewriters in 1968. Their compliance and regulatory standards ensure they are always on the cutting edge.

IC System has a reputation as one of the industry’s most secure collection firms due to their cutting edge collections tools. The firm is based near St. Paul, Minnesota and has the same ethics they did in 1938. Their clients benefit from an improved financial outcome and solutions both honest and ethical. The representatives are friendly and trained well to ensure an excellent customer relationship. Due to their approach the BBB Torch Award has nominated IC Solutions for three straight years. They simply want to be the most trusted and very best receivables management services for their clients (Twitter).

IC Systems adheres to their core values in the way their business is conducted. People are always treated with respect and dignity. The integrity of the company means they do what is right. The results achieved have always exceeded expectations. They have a better way to get things done and take pride in their actions. IC Systems employees have the ability to nominate their coworkers for outstanding demonstrations of the values of the company with the Core Values Award. This results in the recognition of the most outstanding of employees.

IC System believes they should give back to their community by the example they set. They started a charity in 1981 called the Employee Charitable Help Organization. They provide charitable efforts on a monthly basis while considering the urgent needs of their employees. IC System proudly supports many charities including St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities, Ronald McDonald House Charities, White Bear Lake Food Shelf, the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics Wisconsin, Arming Heroes, Toys for Tots, Relay for Life and the American Red Cross.

Graham Edwards Of Telereal Trillium Joins Another Public Interest Group

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) announced in November 2017 a new initiative they called New Generation. The goal of this initiative was to bring in new faces and perspectives to this organization. They have now completed this initiative and brought in a number of new people at the top levels of CPS. With about one year until Brexit occurs this organization needs to figure out how to help British voters in a Post-Brexit world.

There are four areas that CPS is aiming to address. These are taxes and how much it costs to live in Britain, housing and planning, the welfare of the public, and business and entrepreneurship.

One of the new faces Graham Edwards. Graham Edwards is going to be managing the housing and planning area. He will fill two positions which are CPS Research Fellow and leading their Housing Policy Group as its chairman. He has been the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium for the past several years. Under his leadership, this company has grown into being one of Britain’s biggest privately owned property firms. His job at CPS is to increase the number of homes being built and the number of people who own homes.

Graham Edwards is a graduate of the University of Cambridge. He earned his master of arts in economics there in 1987. Just recently Graham Edwards went back to school and earned another master’s in international relations and national security studies at King’s College London.

It was in 2001 that he became the CEO of Telereal Trillium (Glassdoor). Prior to that he worked for a number of different firm’s including Talisman Global Asset Management where he was the CIO. He also worked for Merrill Lynch Investment Management for a number of years.

In addition to these roles, Graham Edwards has been an active philanthropist. He has been on the board and/or committees of a number of public-interest groups over the years, like CPS. These other ones are the British Friends of Hebrew University, One Voice Europe, and Portland Trust. He uses the skills he has developed in the business world in order to provide guidance to these organizations.