David McDonald: From Iowa Farmboy To The OSI Group’s President

International food industry giant the OSI Group has grown significantly since hiring their now president and COO David McDonald 30 years ago. In that time, McDonald has proven to be a valuable asset to the company. The Iowa State University grad brought more than just his degree in animal science to the company. He has also displayed a wide ranging skillset that has helped the company improve systems, increase the variety of their product offerings and establish themselves as a food service industry leader in the creation, production and delivery of meat, fish, poultry, vegetable and dough products.

Although David McDonald spent his formative years on a farm in Iowa, he has displayed a worldliness and an understanding of international business that has made him an exceptional business executive. His ability to work productively with the OSI Group’s diverse staff as well as government agencies and local food supplies all around the world has been essential to the OSI Group’s successful growth and expansion. He has displayed an amazing knack for connecting with and understanding the needs of consumers from a variety of countries and cultures. That has helped his company’s products to enjoy global appeal.

Not only has McDonald risen through the ranks at the OSI Group, he has also held positions of power with the North American Meat Institute and many other organizations. A loving husband and father, McDonald has raised six children, made valuable contributions to his church and his community and received several awards for the assistance he has provided to the people and programs at Iowa State University. Amazingly, he has been able to do all of that while handling positions of increasing responsibility at the OSI Group. Hiring him has proven to be a wise move for the company.

One area in which David McDonald has been particularly impactful is in helping the OSI Group establish a growing presence in China over the past 20 years. With his help, the company has built 10 poultry processing facilities and is now China’s leading poultry processor. The OSI Group now also provides food products for fast food companies like McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and others doing business in China. David McDonald has also played a seminal role in the acquisition of Baho Foods, Flagship Europe and other companies that increased the OSI Group’s influence in Europe, Asia, Australia and North, Central and South America.

To know more visit @: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

The RealReal

Title:Pop Into Style At The RealReal’s Pop-Up Stores

The RealReal is Really Here to Stay!

Luxury clothing company TheRealReal has made headlines with its lucrative business model and compassion towards customers at the hands of CEO, Julie Wainwright. This media mogul has been prided as a successful startup businesswoman who knows what consumers are looking for.

This company, based in San Francisco, has seen upwards of six years worth of success. The resale business has amassed fans all over the globe and was estimated as worth $173 million in 2017. Specializing in authentic and high-quality merchandise, The RealReal received enough funding to open up their first brick-and-mortar store in New York City.

What’s Next For The RealReal?

Marketing director Alison Sommer recently announced that The RealReal will be bringing its success to pop-up stores around the country. The company tested out the idea in New York City in 2016 and brought in a whopping $2 million.

This consignment business estimates that pop-up stores will make up to six times the amount of profit as their online retailer. Online sales have grown to over 500% increase due to the success of previous pop-ups throughout the year.

What To Expect From The RealReal Pop-Ups?

The company hopes to bring high-end quality to customers who aren’t accustomed to pop-up sales. With the assistance of experts including jewelry specialists, The RealReal strives to educate customers with the proper knowledge to make a purchase.

VIP customers and cosigners may be able to attend workshops at private events to learn more about the history of fashion and resale. The RealReal plans to open pop-ups in Las Vegas and many other major cities by the end of the year.

Keep A Look Out For The RealReal Pop-Ups

With 7 million members internationally, The RealReal is expanding their business to a pop-up store near you. Fans and curious shoppers should keep a look out on the company’s popular social media networks to find the next big sale.

Dr Jennifer Walden: Doctor, Businesswomen, and Mother

Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD and LCC, is one of the only female board certified plastic surgeons. Based out of Texas, Dr. Walden is conscientious of a patient’s race, culture and ethnicity.

Dr. Walden believes that as one of the few women in her specific field, she needs to be able to speak up for herself, and never take “no” for an answer. Her all females staff of 16 strive to create a comfortable, nonjudgemental environment for their patients. She believes that more women need to realized that they are capable of both running a business and having a family, they just need to make some changes to their lifestyles.

After trying and failing to find an anonymous sperm donor, Dr. Walden turned to IVF treatments to get pregnant. She is now a single mother to twin boys, and says that they are her greatest blessings. Walden would like other busy mothers to know that it is completely possible to be a successful business woman and mother, at the same time.

Dr. Walden is committed to using the newest and best technology to ensure the safety and comfort of patients. She uses 3D imaging to give her patients a better idea of what they will look like after their surgery, as well as many other ground-breaking kinds of technology.

Along with being a doctor and mother, Dr. Walden is a member of several civic groups, including Austin’s center for Child Protecting. She is also a spokesperson to many well known medical aesthetic companies, such as Cynosure, Lumenis, and Smart Graft.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden decided to stay there to be close to family along with the fact that Austin is a booming city for business, which she wanted to grow.

General information: Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon, media commentator and academic. She has bee listed in Harper’s Bazaar as one of the top 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in America.

Lacey and Larkin expose the actions of Joe Arpaio

Lacey and Larkin are rights activists in the United States. The two come from the state of Arizona, which is one of the states that have been affected adversely by human violations acts in the country. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been trying to fight these injustices for a long time.

Until today, they have continued to be great servants of the people in trying to stop one of the most disgusting things that happen to human beings in this world. It is unfathomable that there are people who take pride in discriminating fellow human beings.

Violation of human rights needs to be condemned and eliminated from the face of the earth in all ways possible. As a people, we should reject those who engage in activities that amount to human rights violations.

Human rights are principles that should guide human beings interactions from wherever they are. Every human being in the world is protected by the human rights charter that was passed by the United Nations. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

It is one of the best laws that have been passed in the history of the world. Those who would like to enjoy the benefits of the human rights should make a point of sticking with the rules as they demand. Human rights charter makes it mandatory for every human being to treat their fellow human being with respect and the dignity they deserve.

In the current days, the issue of human rights violations has been a common concern. There are people who despite knowing the existence of laws that prohibit human rights abuses continue to engage in such activities. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

These are people who treat fellow human beings with disregard. One such people in the history of the United States is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is one officer who will go into the books of history for committing some grave actions in human rights abuses. Joe Arpaio was a sheriff of Maricopa Country until recently when he lost his seat.

Joe Arpaio gave the immigrant community living in his country a very hard time. He never allowed any person who did not have the necessary immigration documents to live in the country.

What was shocking was the manner in which he was treating those who did not have the documentation. He was cruel. He did not even take care in making sure that they followed the laws regarding immigration. For him, he was the law.

He could make his laws which he continued to apply in the manner which he wanted. Some of the things he did had no basis in common law. He engaged in racial profiling acts, beatings and torture of immigrants in the country and even at some point causing deaths of some immigrants in the country.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists who followed the actions of Joe closely and even published news about some actions in their media stations. They exposed the rogue behaviors he engaged in, and as a result, just action was finally taken against him.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are some of the people who have condemned vehemently the pardon given by President Trump to Joe Arpaio.

The Food Processing Global Leaders, OSI Group

OSI Group LLC is a successful company with over 100 years experience in food products supply. Initially, it was a family business and was called 0tto and Sons. Otto Kolchowsky built the company from a meat market and laid a foundation of what it is now. The company had a reputation for offering quality meat and continued to expand and in 1955, they became suppliers of beef patties to McDonald’s. The company’s headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois.


Secrets of being a successful global supplier

The award-winning company has over 65 facilities that are located in the Asia Pacific, North America, Western and Eastern Europe regions. OSI is striving to continuously improve through the innovative research and design facilities. The company’s team is committed to having sustainable relationships with its clients.

The food safety and quality assurance practices have seen the company retain and acquire customers due to the high-quality value-added food products. The company processes its products to meet the clients’ specific demands. With about 20,000 employees in more than 15 countries, the management has embraced the culture of working as a family, hence, retaining the employees for a long time which increases productivity.

OSI Products

Being one of the largest privately held food providers, OSI offers an unmatched food supply chain management ranging from sourcing, processing to distribution. The products include pork, poultry, beef, seafood, baked foods, and vegetables. The high-quality custom food products are used as appetizers, breakfast, snacks, entrees, lunch, side dish or desserts.

The company’s acquisitions

Through the years, the company has continued to expand through acquisitions enabling them to have a wider clientele. In December 2016, the company acquired Flagship Europe a company that was famous for the supply of pies, sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, frozen poultry and sous vide products. Following the acquisition, OSI Industries will have new customers and increased resources. It will also give the group a broader presence in Europe.

In mid-2016, the company acquired Tyson Food plant in Chicago. The plant previously served the hospitality industry offering products such as chicken cordon bleu, tempura chicken, omelets, and meatballs. The facility has enhanced the evolving needs of the customers and supports continued business growth. As part of the manufacturing network, the facility will enhance the evolving needs of clients.

The company supplies food products to food service and retail food brands. In 2016, the British Safety Council accorded the company with Globe of Honour Award for its excellence in safety, health, and environmental management.

Eric Lefkofsky-Fighting Cancer With Tempus

An astonishing amount of Americans have cancer or will get cancer in their lifetime-about 40 percent. Most people know at least one person who has cancer as well. About 14.5 million people living in the United States were battling cancer in 2014, according to the National Cancer Institute. That figure is most likely going to reach over 19 million by 2014.

Companies such as Tempus are making some impressive advances and are taking charge of data-enabled precision medicine. Tempus was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. When his wife got breast cancer, he soon realized that there is a lot to be desired when it comes to the collection of data and digital technology. There just is no efficient way to harness the information collected about patients and their treatments in place.

Tempus is helping to create a more efficient and effective way that cancer care is handled. Tempus created a platform that makes it possible to analyze molecular data and analytics software that is not only accessible but affordable as well. Tempus is also finding a better way to handle the way that sensitive information about cancer patients is collected and kept. Tempus has come up with software that can effectively handle progress notes and is able to process natural language, and it also has optical character recognition capabilities. Tempus is making it possible to help advance the treatment of cancer.

Genome sequencing is normally very expensive, but Tempus is helping to drive that cost down. Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus are enabling doctors to pair their cancer patients with the correct treatments more accurately. They are also making it possible to obtain information that is continuously updated and always available so that decisions on the spot can be made with much less risk.

Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder, and CEO of Tempus established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. He serves as a trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan and obtained his Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law School.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Social Media: www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

Doe Deere: Morning Routine

Whether you wake up in the morning, afternoon or evening – we all have a “morning routine“. For some, it includes immediately brushing their teeth and taking a shower. For others – well, they have got to get that workout in before anything else. Have you ever wondered what a morning routine looks like for wildly successful people? When you own a major company, what is the first thing you do in the morning?


Some may immediately be met with thoughts of being served breakfast in bed, other’s may be wondering if a CEO wakes up and immediately starts working. For Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of the highly successful beauty company – Lime Crime – her morning routine is far from either of these images. In fact, it’s so normal that you might feel like you could become the next CEO of a major brand with your get-up-and-go routine.


Doe Deere got her humbling start in Russia, but had later decided that was no longer the place for her to achieve her dreams. When she was 17 years old, she moved to New York City to achieve her vision of becoming a musician. This is where she met her future husband and business parter, Mark, where they learned the tools of the marketing trade as well as refining their cohesive business partnership.


So what does her morning routine look like? Well, much like most of our morning routines.


At 8:30 every single morning, Doe wakes up. She loves being a morning person and doesn’t even need an alarm clock anymore to do so. Upon waking up, it’s imperative for her to immediately drink a glass of water, which many say is a sure fire way to start a successful day. After, she does some morning stretches and completes one of the best parts of waking up – breakfast. Doe’s favorite breakfast foods are grits, yogurt, fruit, and orange juice. Now, she’s ready to check in with her company and Instagram.


Part two of her morning routine consists of what she’s most known for – her make up. Her current go-to look consists of foundation, brow filler, and blush. She often switched between a pink or red lip color which is then framed by her signature loose curls. The rest of her morning consists of spending time with her pet cats until she arrives at her office at 12 pm.


Follow Doe’s morning routine and you too, will be left feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/doe-deere#/entity

End Citizens United Energizes Conor Lamb’s Bid In Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District Race

     A special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb promises to highlight corruption and big money in politics associated with Saconne’s corporate donors. It also promises to highlight campaign finance laws, and the need for small individual donations in political campaigns, with the End Citizens United Pac now backing Lamb’s candidacy. Their network is comprised of small donations from individuals, such as union members.

End Citizens United backs candidates that support campaign finance reform. Their goal is to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that allowed big money corporate contributions to flow into political campaigns. End Citizens United believe corporate money contributes to political corruption, and doesn’t encourage a government working on behalf of the people. Lamb is against accepting donations from corporate executives, unlike Saccone who has the financial backing of corporate heavyweights.

Republican corporate donors include a high ticket $5000.000 ad campaign by the 45Committee. Saccone is also backed by End Spending, who promised $1 million in ad buys. He also received a direct endorsement from Donald Trump, who gave his support at a political rally. In a year when American citizens are less likely to vote for establishment politicians, and are energized by change, republican big money donors may not be enough to win the race.

For instance, in a little over a year voters across the nation have flipped one U.S. senate seat, one governor’s seat, and 34 state legislative seats. This may not bode well in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. Establishment politicians have also taken a back seat to honesty and a strong voice.

Lamb is a veteran of the marines, and a former federal prosecutor, and has campaigned across the 18th district in recent weeks. He’s been welcomed by huge crowds who recognize opportunities for change. Lamb is, however, battling against big money, and republican influence, which is one of the reasons for the End Citizen’s United backing. For instance, the Congressional Leadership Fund, a GOP super PAC, promises to open a field office in the 18th district. Vice President Mike Pence also said he plans to campaign.

The White House and big money interests, however, may not be enough to secure a republican win. Democrats have voted in high numbers in state elections, and are weary of corrupt practices. All reasons why Lamb, in the Congressional 18th District Special Election, may have more than an excellent chance of winning.

We’re proud to stand with Conor Lamb! He’s rejecting all corporate PAC money because his focus is on working families, not deep-pocketed mega-donors.

Geplaatst door End Citizens United op woensdag 31 januari 2018

Please go to https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/ for more.

How Nick Vertucci Turns Ideas into Actions

Some of you may have heard of Nick Vertucci and his real estate academy, the NV Real Estate. People are talking about it, but where he is now wasn’t a walk in the park, according to the man himself.

He came from a rather humble background. His family didn’t have enough growing up, and when his father died when he was 10, the real estate pro saw things even more difficult than it was before.

Nick Vertucci turned things around when he turned 18 and started selling computer accessories of the many kinds. He made his own business, and while things ran smoothly at first, he soon lost track, got wallowed in debts, and he found his career gone.

Losing his house in the process, Nick Vertucci never gave up. His strong will led him to real estate where he worked as an investor. He excelled in the industry and free himself from debt. It inspired him to launch his own real estate efforts — the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, also known as NVREA.

These days, Nick spends most of his time in his corporate office space, which is strategically attached to his home and another personal office. Describing his typical day, he says he’s on the phone a lot, walking in and out of the different departments of his corporate office in California.

He continues to exude positive energy each and every day and believes that real estate and entrepreneurship should be continued to push further. “I see an upward trend of entrepreneurship, which this country needs and I dig it,” Nick said in an interview.

Nick Vertucci sees himself as an extremely lucky man, having been at an all-time low at some point, but redeemed himself just in time before he lost all hope. Now, he helps a lot of people through NVREA, teaching enthusiasts how the real estate industry works and how to be successful in it.

Jeffry Schneider Starts Wellness Programs To Boost Employee Efficiency

Jeffry Schneider is a businessman, philanthropist and an adventurer who has built his own company. He has always been someone who has been fluent in his field, which is also why he has twenty-five years in the sector. Today, he leads the company from his position as CEO. Jeffry Schneider currently resides in Texas, which is also where his company is based.

Jeffry Schneider has always been someone who believes in offering the very best to his clients   The clients best interests are always first, and everything else follows. But to offer the best services to the customers, his employees must always be functioning at their very best, and be motivated. To boost the overall performance of his employees, Jeffry Schneider decided to implement wellness programs that he encourages all his employees to take part in.

Wellness programs aren’t something exclusive to Jeffry Schneider. In fact, most of the top companies in the world encourage wellness programs, which is said to affect the overall efficiency of people working in the company. There are several reasons why wellness programs are a good idea, with almost little to no cons. One of the reasons why companies like Jeffry Schneider’s implement wellness programs is to break the monotony in the workplace. Often, the work employees do can get repetitive, over time, this can take a toll on productivity. Engaging in wellness activities acts as an excellent motivational refresher helping employees stimulate their minds so that they can perform better.

According to a report published by AFLAC in 2012, employees who participated in workplace wellness programs tend to be happier, and happier employees tend to perform better at their jobs. More satisfied employees also make the client’s interactions a lot more fruitful, thereby bringing more business to the company. Companies that have wellness programs have an overall better work environment. People want to join a place that gives them a holistic experience, rather than making them sit at their desk and work their job without any breaks, which is why Jeffry Schneider wanted to incorporate wellness programs into his company.

One of the most significant impacts that wellness programs have on employees is that it helps them build their bonds with each other. Wellness programs and team building exercises always encourage employees to work together towards a fun goal, thereby helping them get along better with one another. This translates well into the workplace and the work that people do because it helps them work more efficiently with one another.

One of the biggest things that wellness programs can aid in is combating stress. In many industries, the work that one does can be stressful. Our lives today are more hectic than they have ever been, with no chance of slowing down on the horizon. Because of this hectic life that people lead, having wellness programs is a good stress buster, to help people cope with a busy lifestyle, enabling them to perform better at the workplace.

Implementing these has been incredibly beneficial to the company that Jeffry Schneider leads. The company now stands as an example for others to emulate who want to improve the efficiency of their company.