Clinton Names Former Goldman Sachs Partner as Her Campaign CFO

On Friday, Hillary Clinton named her campaign’s chief financial officer (CFO). The person she tapped is Gary Gensler, a former partner of Goldman Sachs. In all fairness, Gensler did work as a Wall Street regulator during the Obama administration specifically targeting reform of the derivatives market. This is the largely unregulated market which was the epicenter of the 2008 banking crisis. The move to name Gensler may be part of a strategy by Mrs. Clinton’s to distance herself from the trove of Wall Street money she has been receiving. Now, there is no question that big investment banks are eager to funnel more money into her campaign.

PR Newswire reports that at the same time, Mrs. Clinton needs to secure her party’s liberal base in order to win the nomination and prevail in the general election. The trouble is the party’s liberal base loathes Wall Street specifically investment banks. While she did name a former Wall Street regulator as her campaign CFO, he still is a Wall Street investment banker. As such, he represents the same type person as Antonio Weiss. President Obama nominated Weiss to a post at the Treasury Department, but Senator Elizabeth Warren blocked his nomination because of his prior Wall Street ties. Warren wants people with “Main Street” experience to regulate “Wall Street”. If Clinton is trying to prove her candidacy is not going to be business as usual, she did not help her case by naming the same type of person as President Obama did.

Changes in wifi usage are simple to make with Freedom Pop

FreedomPop may not yet be a household name, but this late entrant into the providing of data and calls over a series of wifi networks found across the US and Canada is hoping to become one of the top carriers with users across North America. The company was only founded in 2011 and initially provided cell phone communications for users across North America using network space rented from major networks and carriers. The latest news of new network coverage comes as the company unveils a series of low cost data plans, which allow calls, texts, email and Internet use for far lower than premium LTE services.

Alongside the latest advances in cell phone technology FreedomPop has partnered with a number of major network providers and retailers to provide a large network of LTE hotspots that cover the majority of the country. The only people that can give a FreedomPop review are those based around major metropolitan areas, but this will expand across a larger area of the US and Canada in the coming months to create a major network based upon wifi calls and data usage. The move to using wifi hotspots should not cause a major change for the majority of customers as the latest research suggests the use of data is primarily based on wifi hotspots offered by networks and retailers across the US.

FreedomPop will be allowing its customers to use some of the largest and most prestigious 4G LTE networks in the US, although the majority of network providers are being kept a closely guarded secret by the company. The company has revealed they are using some of the hotspots of major retail and fast food chains, which would also mean FreedomPop users will be using the networks created by Google and AT&T when they choose to connect to the Internet or make a call.

Ryan Renolds Involved In Hit And Run

Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds was recently involved in a hit and run. The actor was in Canada shooting a new film, and during his stay, he was struck by a vehicle. It appears that Reynolds was outside of his vehicle when he got struck by the car. Luckily, Ryan Reynolds is okay. However, it is unknown as of right now who struck the actor, but it was reported that it was a member of the paparazzi.

Ryan Reynolds has since joked about the incident, but Marcio Alaor BMG said that he did admit that he was a bit shaken up. Female fans were saddened when they heard the news, because Ryan Reynolds is one of their favorite actors to look at. Reynolds has become a box office sensation in the last few years. The actor’s first major role was ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’ more than a decade ago. However, Ryan Reynolds has since gone on to star alongside female superstar Sandra Bullock. Also, Reynolds was given the part of the Green Lantern, and he played that role superbly.

It is a strange day when you hear about paparazzi members hitting celebrities with their vehicles. Usually, the paparazzi take pictures of celebrities, and not strike them with their cars. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds is fine, and he will continue to star in several films. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Squids Turning Soldiers Invisible

Have you ever wanted to just be invisible for a day? Have you ever longed to go out and about without anyone seeing you? Soldiers would love to be invisible when they are on the battlefield. It could help them to stay safe when they are fighting the enemy. Is there a way for humans to be invisible? Can this ever be accomplished? If so, how?

It seems that scientists have an idea for just how they could help human beings be invisible. That’s right, scientists are actually working on something that may allow soldiers to be invisible when they are on the battlefield. This could make soldiers safer than they ever were before, and it could help great things happen. Can this be done, though, and how are the scientists working to bring this about?

Scientists are using a component from squid in their fight to develop an invisibility formula. If the scientists get things right the world could be in for a change. This could become a big deal if you ask Ricardo Tosto. Will it work, though, or are the scientists trying to do the impossible? Pay attention to Twitter and news outlets on there.

It Took All 7 Of Her Children Getting Whooping Cough To Change This Anti-Vaxxers Mind

A mother of seven from Ottawa, Canada, Tara Hill has turned her back on the anti-vaxxers movement. The irony is she is only doing it now from quarantine, as all seven of her children have whooping cough . They may also have infected Hill’s 5 month old niece who is too young to be vaccinated.

Hill was a staunch believer in the anti-vaxxer movement up until her brother-in-law brought the whooping cough into her nearly vaccine free household. Hill reported how she watched as her youngest child coughed so hard that it was almost like choking. When her mother told her she hadn’t seen anything like since Hill was a child, something finally clicked for her. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG was definitely touched by it all.

Tara Hill did a search of several medical websites and discovered the symptoms her children were displaying – all her children- were that of whooping cough. She stated how she feared the, Big Pharma , and struggled with her fears of them, but has now reversed her beliefs to save her family.

The anti-vaxxer movement started and took hold when a pastor, Terri Pearsons, from Eagle Mountain International Church criticized the vaccines while their church was facing an outbreak of measles. The congregation listened to the pastor and the accusations that vaccines were the blame for autism and began refusing vaccinations. With their refusal, measles quickly spread throughout the congregation, staff and day care.

Even in the face of un-vaccinated children becoming sick and the report of diseases spreading, some parents still hold to the belief that it is their right not to vaccinate.

How Image Recognition technology is changing the world

Technology has been improving day by day. Technological advancements have led to an improvement in the living standards of human beings. Different software have been produced.

Among them is the image recognition software. This is a software capable of identifying an object in digital image. Although the software has been there, there have been a lot of advancements that have made it possible for the software to be used in divergent areas.


In businesses

The new technology has highly been utilized by business people to connect with their customers. Retailers take photos of the products they have and post them for potential buyers to see them and make requests. Buyers usually take photographs of the products they need usually clothes and shoes and then search for the possible match of the product online. Each product is accompanied by its price such that those willing to buy will only have to click the ‘Buy Now’ button if they are satisfied with the product.

Slyce has been the leading provider of image recognition services, effectively connecting business people and their customers. The display of the products makes it easier for every person searching for the product online to see it.

Through the technological advancement by slice, business activities have improved. Retailers have accumulated a lot of cash as a result of increase in sales while customers have been able to access the product they need with a lot of ease.

In the security field

The technology has fast been incorporated in the security field where they act as CCTV cameras. The software is installed in computers and used to monitor everything happening in a company or institution.

Every person in who gets into the company or the institution can be identified by the software. This helps to maintain security of the whole area as well as ensuring that there are no illegal activities like theft and shoplifting happening in a company.

In health

Medical practitioners highly make use of this technology when carrying out x-rays for their patients. Image recognition software is installed in hospital computers and used to identify different cells and tumors in the body. This has made it easier for doctors to offer treatment to their patients in the right manner.

In industries

The technology is used in the automatic inspection of manufacturing processes. The computers are fitted in such a way that they can survey the whole production process and feed the data to the required devices. This has made factories to reduce on their operating cost since the number of supervisors in such an industry is reduced. The technology is very effective since it is accurate unless altered with. Therefore, industries get rid of losses caused by technological problems within their production systems.

In mathematics

Image recognition has also been highly used in data analysis. Data is put in a form where interpreting it is easy. Level of accuracy in data analysis is very high and therefore the data processed is accurate. This helps avoid the chances of using the wrong data for decision making.

In conclusion, image recognition technology has been used across different fields. Its application has led to various improvements in the field. There is still much that is being done to enhance the technology to improve its efficiency.

Royal Family Looking for Housekeeper

Duchess Kate and Prince William are looking for a housekeeper . They have published the announcement in ‘The Lady’, but the news quickly took off and is now all over the internet.

The duties, as specified in the announcement, will be to take care of the order inside the Norfolk house, Sandringham Estate. The chosen one should manage the cleaning of the whole house, maintaining the clothing, cleaning silver and glassware, go shopping for food, and deal with deliveries. Eventually, the housekeeper will have to deal with the babies and the dogs of the family, which is something Sergio Cortes wouldn’t be entirely happy with.

The most important qualities are loyalty and discretion. The right person has not been found yet. The royal couple are looking for an experienced housekeeper who will stay at their place during the work period and they will eventually accommodate and find a job for the partner as well.

The job has received lots of quotes from many experienced workers in the country have started pouring in the comments of the articles announcing the job. In the meanwhile, Prince William is busy with air pilot duty which he has recently passed the exams for. The operational shifts as an air ambulance pilot will start in the summer.

Harry Reid Justifies Bearing False Witness About Mitt Romney Back in 2012

Harry Reid, a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is quite likely what is known as an “endowed” member of the church. This means he has been to the LDS temple for a set of esoteric teachings and rites which only members complying with strict gospels standards are allowed to perform. In fact, not anyone can enter an LDS temple. It takes passing a “worthiness” interview with a Bishop and Stake President. The latter is the Mormon equivalent of an Archbishop. One of the questions asked during the worthiness interview is if the member is honest in all their business dealings.

Ironically, Reid still affirms he is proud of a false accusation he made of fellow Mormon Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign. Reid, who at the time was the Senate Majority Leader, claimed that Romney had not paid any income taxes over the prior decade. The remark was designed to cast Romney as a wealthy elite capable of dodging the very tax compliance rank and file citizens are forced to abide. Needless to say, the accusation was false. Biblically speaking, it was nothing short of “bearing false witness against” his neighbor.

Religious principles aside, Reid recently affirmed he is at peace with having made the false statement stated Zeca Oliviera . According to Fluminense, He believes his remark helped deny Romney a victory in the presidential election. As such, it justifies his accusation. Reid is set to retire from the senate in 2016.

Indiana Govenor Signs Religious Freedom Bill

Critics say Indiana’s new law on religious freedom can allow companies to reject homosexual clients on behalf of their beliefs, and has provoked the anger of a whole lot of big-name companies.

Republican governor, Mike Pence, ratified the law on Thursday during a closed-door ceremony where religious Catholics, Orthodox Jews and conservative groups participated.

“It is extremely important to protect religious freedom in Indiana,” said Pence.

“Many people of faith feel that their religious freedom is being attacked by government action. It was important to pass this law to protect churches and Christian business people from those want to punish because of biblical beliefs,” he added.

Fersen Lambranho has read that the law, which comes into force on July 1, makes no mention of gays and Pence says that if the law was discriminatory, he would not have ever signed.

Homosexual activists claim that the religious freedom law enables companies to oppose homosexuality.

“It definitively says that your religion says it is possible to discriminate against people,” said Sarah Warbelow, legal director at Human Rights Campaign, the largest US association to defend gay rights.

Indiana joins another thirty states have provisions that defends religious freedom and conscience.

Arizona Senate Bill Would Keep Names Of Police Officers Who Use Deadly Force Secret

Critics Say Senate Bill 1445 Is An Attack On Government Transparency

The news is filled with stories of police officers using excessive force. Police departments operate above the law. No one is policing the police, and it shows. But the public is becoming more aware that some cops have power complexes that give them the right to do what they want, especially if they are in a tense situation.

State legislators should be finding ways to stop police brutality, but Arizona Legislators are introducing bills that will keep police missteps secret. Senate Bill 1445, which could pass any day, is designed to keep police officers names secret for 60 days. That is a step backwards according to critics that say cops need to be more transparent not more secretive.

The bill is written so law enforcement agencies cannot release names of officers involved in a death or serious physical injury. From what Zeca Oliveira has learned, if an officer is killed, the policeman’s name can also be withheld unless the family agrees to release the name. Proponents say the bill will protect the welfare of police, but most people think the bill allows police to prepare their defense without the Press pushing them for information.