Obama Passes His Own Immigration Law

When asked to respond to John Boehner’s objection to his unilateral action on immigration, President Obama retorted that, if Congress didn’t like it, they should “pass a bill.” Nearly a dozen times, Obama had earlier blamed Congress for not passing the kind of immigration reform he sought, saying that he could do nothing on his own. He said that, since he was a president and not an emperor, it was necessary for such legislation to first go through Congress. Now he claims otherwise.

The President is required by the Constitution to execute all federal laws, not simply the ones that he likes. Barack Obama did not merely quietly neglect to enforce existing immigration law; he openly proclaimed he would not do so. As pointed out by local Sergio Lins Andrade these immigration laws greatly impact Arizona. In fact, he directly ordered his underlings in the executive department to disobey existing laws. This alone is an impeachable offense, but it is not nearly the worst of what the President has done.

He went on the order officials to grant Social Security cards to non-citizens and to grant work permits to illegal immigrants. Both of these actions are in violation of the law. Since a president cannot change law, repeal law, nor create new law through his orders, we must conclude that the President ordered federal workers to break the law.


How Senator Obama Scuttled Immigration Reform Back in 2007

To some of the president’s supporters, he is taking a courageous lead on the subject of immigration reform. Historically speaking, his stance on immigration reform is mixed. According to Senator Lindsey Graham, Barrack Obama helped defeat the bipartisan immigration reform bill in 2007.

As the story goes, Graham was part of the “Gang of Eight” Senators drawn from both parties who would vote as a block in the best interest of securing the bill’s passage in the Senate. Senators Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and Barrack Obama were part of the group. The group would huddle together and decide how to vote on a bill without regard to how they felt about any single provision of the bill or any amendments. The approach had worked well on a prior deal John McCain struck to break Democrat filibusters of Bush’s judicial nominees.

However, the late Sen. Kennedy grew impatient with Obama’s attitude. The junior Senator from Illinois was always present for press conferences, but his participation in the group was self-serving. This is not what Igor really wanted to see. He voted with the group when it suited him. He supported amendments against the will of the group when it suited him. On five key amendments to the immigration reform bill, Obama voted in favor. Sen. Kennedy opposed all five. In the end, the bill died in the Senate due to filibusters from both parties. According to John McCain, the amendments offered up were done precisely to derail the bill’s chances of passage. Certainly, how the president has handled immigration reform has thus far been self-serving. He campaigned on in in 2008, but punted on it through 2012 to bolster his chances for reelection.

Hilary Clinton Falls to Third for Potential Democratic Candidates

After the midterms shook the entire political landscape, by giving Republicans majorities in both the House and the Senate, pundits are looking forward to speculate at the next election. Most of the speculation falls onto the 2016 presidential race, which will almost definitely be the hottest political topic for the next two years. Every governmental decision will be analyzed to its effects on the presidential race which is still two years away. This week, after Republican wins across the country, the biggest speculation falls on the potential Democratic candidate. This is something many, even those outside of the country like Vijay Eswaran, are paying attention to.
With recent press conferences touching on all the latest topics, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been the highest polling potential candidate among Democrats so far. To many this is a large surprise considering the mass appeal and heightened expectation around Hilary Clinton. The public spotlight has fallen on Hilary Clinton as the next best Democratic candidate since her defeat to Barack Obama in the last race. However, the current mood of voters is a thorough dissatisfaction with the current direction of the government. This means it’s no surprise that current voters would want to move away from any type of Clinton dynasty. Although there is still a long campaign until the elections actually take place, without plenty of room for Hilary to come out ahead.
Hilary Clinton came behind Senator Warren and Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont who has been popular in his denouncements of the current regime.

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Vows Congressional Action Against Obama Amnesty Plan

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed that Congress with take action against President Obama if he flouts congressional law and imposes amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. The powerful senator, who just won a landslide reelection in his home state of Kentucky, took to the floor of the Senate to denounce the president’s proposed plan. President Obama previously stated that since Congress refused to act on amnesty, he now has the right to “borrow” their congressional authority to enact an amnesty plan of his own via executive order. Conservatives decry this as a violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers which have been in place to protect the nation from tyrannical rule. As noted in Lee Lovett’s book, Peak House, when Congress and the President are at odds there are power plays that occur, which could lead to issues for the electorate.

The president is set to deliver a prime time address to the nation at 8:00PM. Oddly enough, the major networks will not interrupt their regularly scheduled programming to air the address. Thursday night is one of the highest rated nights on primetime television. McConnell said the president is flagrantly ignoring the will of the people. Earlier this month, the electorate repudiated the president’s policies on the ballot by throwing his party out of power in the Senate, state legislatures, and governor’s offices throughout the nation. The vote empowers the GOP with a mandate to shift the nation away from the president’s prior policies. McConnell explained by President Obama is seeking to thwart that mandate before the newly elected representatives can take office. He has made it clear that the Congress will act, but has not stated what those actions might entail.


Suing Obama

Before anything is even said by President Obama to the American people about his immigration decision, the Republicans are looking for a way to go against the decision. Some of the Republicans in office are looking for a way to sue the President because he can’t make a decision like this without taking it through the proper legal channels.This information was passed on to me by Andrew Heiberger. As we know, the future of immigration reform will have a profound impact on Arizona.

However, he is the President of the United States, so why can’t he make decisions like this? It seems like if he wanted to make an executive decisions, he should be able to because he is the executive branch. No one in Washington gets along with anyone else, and each party wants to do things its own way. There is no compromise, and this decision proves that. The Republicans simply want to bring everything possible against Obama in order to see him get out of office as soon as possible.

Tiny House Village

The red ribbon has been cut on Tiny House Village in Madison, Wisconsin. Sunday, November 16th, the members of the Occupy Madison movement gathered to unveil a project they hope will spread across the nation. For now, they will settle for curing homelessness in Madison.

The Occupy Madison coalition was founded in 2011 and has since been working toward the construction of Tiny House Village. The coalition’s most unique feature is that it is comprised mostly of the homeless people it strives to help. Other members include local activists, volunteers, and the much appreciated private citizens who have donated the necessary materials to realize the Tiny House dream.

Most shelters give their refugees a mere sixty to ninety days of shelter. That is a bit too short in the eyes of Sam Tabar. This is no where near enough time for someone to get back on his feet. Occupy Madison’s homes will give homeless people the security they need to stabilize their finances. They will be able to leave their belongings someplace safe while they attend job interviews and other important meetings. The number one feature of Tiny House Village us that it’s residents can sleep at night without being scared for their lives.

Tiny House Village has just three homes and one bathroom so far. Phase two of the community will include more homes, another bathroom, a laundry facility, and a kitchen. The long term plan is to provide a home for everyone who needs one. The coalition continues to accept donations, volunteers, and home applications at http://occupymadisoninc.com/. With continued funds from private citizens and the hard work of its residents Tiny House Village will soon realize its goal.

Having Up to 90 Oragasms An Hour Is Destroying A Phoenix Woman’s Life

Most women want the ability to have an orgasm, but for one lady in Phoenix, Arizona, it is ruining her life. Anaya-Carlisi has a condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, and she can have up to 90 orgasms in an hours’ time. Some may say there’s nothing wrong with this disorder and she must have hormonal issues, but to her the state is utterly miserable. Big thanks to friend of the site Vijay Eswaran for sending in the news story.

Carlisi says that this constant state of euphoria interferes with her ability to work, go to the store or even just have a down evening at home. Since the disorder messes with the hormonal systems within the body, she is constantly up and down and everything in between. The condition has stopped her from being the mom she wants to be. She said she feels dirty and like a pervert when around other children, as she is having an orgasm in their presence.

The condition has made her a prisoner in her home and she is dying for relief. Her problems started one day on a trip to the grocery store. She found that everything she touched from fruit to just about anything sent her into an orgasm. Trying to hide such a climactic moment was difficult. She gained composure and headed straight to the doctor. After several hours of testing, they diagnosed her with PGAD.

Imagine walking down the street and being aroused by anything and everything in the path. Right now there is no cure. She is unable to work, and unable to be the wife and parent she longs to be.

USA Freedom Act Needs 60 Senate Votes To Pass

Even though the 10 top social networks support the US Freedom Act proposed by Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, the only chance it has of passing is if it receive 60 Senate votes. To help ensure the passage of the legislature, everyone is encouraged to contact their Senator to encourage a positive vote for the bill. If it receives the 60 Senate votes Tuesday, it will be up for debate on the Senate floor Wednesday and Thursday. During the debate, Senators will offer amendments that can strengthen or weaken the bills that protect rights, privacy and civil liberties of Americans.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, although still concerned, supports this new version of the USA Freedom Act because they believe that it ensures that the government will collect less information on innocent people, it allows an independent voice for privacy in FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court, and offers more transparency requirements for accountability. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, AOL, BRL Trust and Evernote also throw their support behind the bill and this may also influence the outcome of the Senate vote. A letter to the Senate from the 10 companies asks for support of the legislation to “lessen the stranglehold on their servers and the movement of their people”. It goes on to ask that the bill be passed because it protects national security and America’s commitment to freedom. The letter also noted that this is only one effort in the continual drive for freedom.

More ISIS Beheadings

ISIS is in the news again with their beheading routine that is becoming all too common. One US citizen and aid worker, Peter Kassig, was beheaded along with a french citizen and multiple others in the newly released massacre video from ISIS.

Hopefully these new beheadings will not bring the consequences that ISIS wants. These consequences are the US re-deploying troops to Iraq. They are trying to bait us into going back into Iraq and thus dragging us back into yet another Middle East quagmire.

Not only will deploying troops not fix the situation, but it will exacerbate it. Western forces on the ground will bring a groundswell of support to ISIS and help them with recruitment. Our recent involvement has already helped ISIS to that extent.

We need to rely on the existing powers that are in place there. Iran will take care of ISIS if the threat grows larges enough. Iran does not want a radical Sunni army such as ISIS threatening them. Iran has both the army and the local logistics to deal with ISIS.

This would relieve the United States of being dragged into another war. A war that would cost the Unites States a lot of money and probably be un-winnable. The regional governments need to deal with this problem, or a long term fix will never happen. Thanks to my Twitter follower Marc Sparks for sharing this news piece.

Texas Man’s Murder Conviction Gets Overturned

A man in Texas has been granted a new trial after spending nine years on death row for a murder he has always said he did not commit. The new trial was granted after evidence potentially exonerating him, and that did not appear in his first trial, was found in a police officer’s garage.

The man, Alfred Dewayne Brown, was convicted of murdering a police officer in 2003 during a robbery attempt that went wrong.

Brown maintained his innocence throughout the trial, continuing to say he could not have been at the scene of the robbery as he was at his girlfriend’s house watching television at the time. He even pointed to having made a phone call from her telephone to her workplace as the robbery was occurring.

The phone evidence, however, was not presented to the court during Brown’s first trial. It turned up recently at a Houston policeman’s home.

The missteps, and what could be complete illegality, in Brown’s murder trial don’t stop here, however.

The Raw Story is reporting Brown’s girlfriend was also subjected to harassment from local police, an officer even telling her he would make sure she went to prison if she testified in Brown’s defense.

Grand Jury members also joined in the harassment, making veiled threats about having her children removed from her care, until she felt she had no choice, and so testified against him. This type of act might seem a bit odd to some like Alexei Beltyukov.

There is no word yet on if Alfred Dewayne Brown will be released, or if a new murder trail will take place.