Ryan Seacrest Founded An Awesome Organization

Ryan Seacrest’s abode is a $75,000 per month townhouse in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He lives there because his lucrative career has led him to this part of the world. “’Live!’ With Kelly Rippa” is his newest host job. However, the real gold mine in Ryan Seacrest’s career was American Idol. American Idol stamped Ryan Seacrest’s voice into the minds of millions of Americans who watched the vastly popular show. The contestants on the show came from all over the United States. Each season, there was an initial audition round in which the show toured all around the United States and auditioned singers. In each round, singers were kicked out of the competition. When a small enough pool of singers remained, who would stay and who wouldn’t depended on how many votes came in from random callers. The show became really, really big, but toward the end it lost some steam.

Ryan Seacrest, a radio show host and a producer, is not just a host—he is also the founder of an organization called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. His foundation is about making the lives of sick children a thousand times better. Media centers are installed in medical centers that are dedicated to the care of sick children. These media centers are places where children are exposed to the wonders of communications and media. This is really amazing because it serves various purposes. One purpose is to make children’s days full of wholesome, enriching, interesting experiences that they may not have been exposed to, otherwise. Another purpose is to introduce children to the career field that is so close to the heart of Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest).

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation also gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to college students to pad their resumes and life experiences with work. College students man the media centers that are built by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. According to Business Of Fashion, this is a godsend for young people who are in college because, nowadays, college students and recent graduates are lucky with anything that they get—when it comes to work and experience.

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